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About recent reviews: I have dozens of testimonials from clients who wrote me in the last few years, but I’ve stopped updating this page as most people now go directly to the review sites. (Google, Yelp, TripAdvisor, Facebook, etc.)

6/10/21 Yelp review: “I found Elissa on line, and saw her this morning. From the very first moments, I felt that I was in deeply intuitive hands. It was clear to me while I was waiting for my session that she was spending time readying herself to meet with me. I could smell incense burning in the other room. After bringing me into the room and seating me at the table, she declined any conversation at all, and being very no-nonsense and focused, she began channeling energy. She got right to the heart of the matter, and frankly, my reading was stunning. Even at the beginning, as she was finding her way into my “space”, I could tell she was getting at something very deep and important to me that was inarticulable. I wasn’t looking to test her for information about things I already know about, and she didn’t mess around with guessing. She just jumped right in and provided me with a great deal of perspective and reassurance about very specific subjects she had no knowledge of. This woman in Santa Fe is the real deal and I will definitely see her again.”

2/24/2021 Yelp review:
“I wasn’t sure what to expect, but after listening to Elissa for just a few minutes, I was simply amazed at how accurate she was. After giving me an overview of what she had felt before our meeting, she asked me to just think of something that I wanted clarification on and when I was ready to simply say “yes”. She told me things that were so spot on, that it was a little bit scary, but only a little bit….and I felt so completely calm after our session. Plus she tapes it, so I can go back and listen. I highly recommend Elissa and I will be calling her again.”

Reviews of LearnitLive classes online:

“Love her classes – she is so insightful and gives practical tips to apply in each and every class I have attended.”

“Elissa Heyman is a profoundly gifted person. It amazes me how she can answer a questions before you even ask it. I highly recommend her for workshops, classes, and private consultations.”

January 2017 from Facebook:

“Elissa is remarkable. I have worked with her for over 6 years and her readings are not only consistently accurate and thoughtful but also very helpful Even more important, Elissa possesses a deep wisdom about the world, people and human relationships which she infuses into everything she does. Her knowledge about astrology, Tarot, Native American traditions and numerology–to name but a few of her specialities–is impressive and inspiring. I like Elissa’s work so much that my husband and I went to Santa Fe just to attend one of her workshops on learning to listen to your own intuition. It was extremely interesting, fun and inspiring. I have worked with other psychic and spiritual counselors and she really is the BEST!” Sharon Saline, therapist

January 2017 from Google: “I like to periodically receive an intuitive reading as a way of strengthening the connection to my internal guidance. Through the years I’ve worked with many different readers, and Elissa stands out for her warmth of spirit and the depth of her abilities.

During my session, Elissa powered through a long list of my questions regarding work and creative development, and her answers opened my imagination to multiple new possibilities and perspectives. Along the way, she recommended a minor change in how my partner and I were sharing our living space, and it has already made a world of difference in our relationship.

The reading with Elissa was a thoroughly healing experience and a wonderful way to help me set my intentions for the New Year. I will look forward to sessions with her in the future.” CW, D.O.M., New Mexico

September 2016 from Google: I just had my first phone reading with Elissa. I cannot say how spot on she was without me speaking a word. She intuitively connected to my situation, my world and helped tremendously with her guidance.

I have some things now to work with, watch for and when it comes my way I will be prepared.
Thank you Elissa! – Shelley Yanak

July 2016 Google: “Elissa is one of the most talented readers i have ever spoke with. Completely profession and straightforward in her approach. The reading was very insightful and showed many truths that are now coming to pass in a relatively quick time period. I will for sure come back again for another reading.”

Letters of recommendation and reviews of private psychic counseling and healing sessions, in person and by phone:

December 2016: ” I just wanted to drop you a line and thank you for the reading and healing you did for me. I play my tape often and find so much important information which I was unable to absorb all at once. I must tell you that the depth of your reading is remarkable, and look forward to seeing you again.” C. Vargas, San Francisco

February 2016: “I have just come across a tape of a session with you from Nov 1980 in San Francisco! I listened to it and was amazed at how much your advice is still spot on for me. Very glad to have found your website by googling.” JC, London

From Yelp, January 2016:

In the same manner that one might keep on hand the phone numbers of a general physician, chiropractor, herbalist, dentist, and massage therapist for regular use, I have had Elissa Heyman’s phone number listed under “psychic reader” in all my contact references for years.

In my opinion, Ms. Heyman may certainly be counted as one of the best & most genuine spirit-healers of our time, and I consider her to be a clear and direct line to some of the most precise and beneficial spiritual help available. Whether I am in serious need of specific guidance on an issue or “general upkeep” – Some might refer to this as “aura-cleansing” or energy work – I call her.
Amazing. I have had other kinds of readings, energy-work from other practitioners, and do spirit-healing work on my own, for myself, as well…I really want to emphasize the positive difference I feel when working with Elissa in any way as opposed to navigating an “issue” without her extra insight!
In conjunction with Elissa’s newsletters and written forecasts (I receive them via E-mail) she provides intuitive guidance and a depth of information that is rarely available through the help of a single individual. As I tell anyone who asks my opinion of her skills, she is the REAL DEAL!
Don’t wonder, call her number!

Older testimonials

Elissa is very helpful, straight-forward, practical, insightful, smart and powerfully accurate. She is a one-of-a-kind. A very rare find. I highly recommend working with her. Ellie

“Elissa Heyman is one of the most effective, directive persons that it has been my pleasure to meet and talk to in depth; her insight and clarity can best be descried as true magic.” – Dave Warren and the Giant Camera (a.k.a. R. J. Mololepozy)

“Elissa Heyman integrates tarot card reading with palmistry analysis and delivers her reading in a positive, warm and analytical manner. My feelings about my present situation and my future were reconfirmed by her reading. Mary Cocciardi, co-author of The Psychic Yellow Pages

November 2015 phone client: “…also, I feel like we cleared that ball of anger that I have been carrying around. I have noticed that I am just feeling better and less angry. It’s wonderful. Thank you so much. I value our work and I will call again soon.”

Yelp review, January 2015:
Elissa is fabulous. Right away she dove into topics that I wasn’t even thinking about asking, due to not wanting them to be found. She brought my truths into the light and helped my process and release experiences that I had never expected to release (at least not without years of therapy). She provides a complete view of what you are needing to hear and know, and uses a full spectrum of methods to do so. I would recommend her to anyone. She is a true gem.

Santa Fe client: “Dear Elissa, I just wanted to send you a quick note to say “Thank You”! When I had a reading with you last year, you suggested I go into Real Estate. Well, I did! I got my license last June and it’s been going great and making great money! Yeah! Thanks for your insights. You really helped me start going in the right direction.” January 2015

YELP review, Philip S., July 2014:
I was in Santa Fe and was recommended to Elissa from some classmates. I found her frankly to be the best and most authentic reader I have met. In a one hour reading, she incorporated many modalities and allowed me to inquire as to the areas I had interest in. She also has many post-meeting tools, like her amazing brief and effective guided meditations. For the first time I can really redefine meditations. I can really implement these. It may sound odd to describe Elissa as a classy psychic. I do not mean to imply others are not, but Alissa is well educated and very experienced. Her reading was accurate, precise and also brought me new insights, which I had not considered to address my personal concerns. By phone or in person, I really recommend Elissa. I will be back, as Arnold says!

June 2014: What I can say about Elissa is she is for real! I wish I could give her more stars :). Elissa is an amazingly talented Psychic, gifted Healer, and fantastic communicator. She’s also really kind. I always feel really comfortable with her right away. Elissa connects to the Spirit with tarot and psychic insights, and gives you answers that are truthful and clear. She was highly recommended to me by a friend, and I still thank him to this day. A., France

June 2014: “Thanks so much for your email and your words of encouragement. You are doing wonderful work Elissa and helping a lot of people.” J., Chicago
Thank you so much for sharing your valuable information with me today. I truly appreciate it and am finally ready to move on with my life. I am very excited to hear the tape and start planning. Thank you again!” JM Iowa

May 2014: “I had an appointment with you last week. I just had a chance to listen to our recorded conversation. I want to thank you for your insight and advice. I have been seeking out help with the spiritual experiences I have had, and the conversation we shared has shed the most light into this mystery. It has also given me confidence to look closer at these experiences without letting fear get in my way. Thank you for your time. I hope our paths will cross again.” M.D., Texas

May 2014: “Thank you again for my reading last week! It was very enlightening. The peace I felt during your healing session with the feathers, sage, chanting, was just lovely. I am working to become more in my body as you said I needed to be. Also, after I left you I kept smelling the most beautiful lemony, citrus oil smell.”

Telephone Client, July 2013 “Thanks for the session. I cannot tell you how valuable the sessions and you are to me.” S. Doscher, Zurich, Switzerland

Google Review: June 2013 Quality: Excellent (9 other reviews on Google and Yahoo)

“A good friend of mine recommended that I contact Elissa to get some help with questions and concerns I was having about a health condition. I have consulted with Elissa twice now and I have found her to be very insightful, informative and direct. She offered me a way of understanding what is going on in my life that validated my own gut feelings and also provided me with a sense of optimism and hope. I felt very helped by her good work. Judith Goldman, San Francisco Bay Area”

I had a wonderful phone session with Elissa. She was recommended to me by someone who has worked closely with her for many years, and I was not disappointed. Elissa was warm, grounding, attuned both to me and my questions. Several weeks later, I am still mulling over our conversation and benefiting from her insight. I look forward to working with her again.

“Thanks Elissa. I’m really glad I went to see you. That was honestly one of the few times in my life I felt half way understood by another person. I’ve gained a lot of insight and confirmation of my own instincts from this.” A.Z., 2012

“My dearest One in Divine, Sat Nam. I have gratefully received your recent communication. Your words are powerful—they can heal and penetrate. This is a sacred gift. Treat it as such.” Yogi Bhajan, the late Sikh spiritual leader.

Hi Elissa, thank you again for the reading this past Friday. When I listened to the tape yesterday with a dear friend, I was struck by the precision of your language, your articulateness and intelligence. I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate what you are able to do, and how you do it, even when I don’t really seem to be getting it at the time. All the best, S. (Santa Fe, NM.)

“Twenty eight years ago Elissa provided me with guidance and spiritual support in my struggle to break free from alcohol and cocaine addiction. From then up to the present she has helped me in so many ways, always with practical advice, brilliant insights, and spiritual healing. I have lived in four countries on three continents yet Elissa has always been a primary resource for me, and she still is.” Terry Sellards, Communications Consultant, Newspaper Editor, Magazine Editor

…I’ve listened to the taping of our hour together twice now…and I find myself floating past the obstacles that seems so immovable prior. ..You have been an immense help and comfort.With gratitude..” Nicki, Oklahoma

“I want to thank your for your session recently, and also the ones in the past. I have re-listened to this summer’s and last summer’s tapes and find them very much related in my process. I am hearing things that didn’t stand out at the time but make so much sense in reflection. Thank you for your gifts and words of clarity and encouragement.” M., artist, Santa Fe, NM

“Elissa is the most accurate and specific psychic I have known and worked with” Marie Spengler, Stanford Research Institute, Palo Alto, Ca.

“For some reason I’m moved to convey to you that your expert guidance got me through my first four years in San Francisco—and what a job that was!! You moved or helped move me through, perhaps, the most difficult times of my life –and my gratitude will never end.” Bruce M, L.C.S.W.

“My listeners love Elissa’s psychic insights. She has the marvelous ability to deliver the truth with warmth and humor – a true communicator” C.J. Bronson, KNBR radio, San Francisco

“I thought you’d like to know how helpful was my session with you last month. With no effort, all my conflicting interests resolved into one clear priority. Within a week I was able–rather, eager–to express that in a job-seeking resume, and two weeks later I got the job!” Alan Y, musician

“While I’ve got pen in hand here, let me say that you’ve had an important influence in my life—as a psychic channel, a model of a strong woman, and as an intelligent and honest person who cares.” Jessie J., therapist

“I want to let you know how much I’ve appreciated your guidance over the past few years. So thank you, Elissa, for your love and support, wisdom and insight. You have helped make me stronger by sharing your talents with me. You help me to appreciate my life as the adventure I so want it to be.” Jim B., organizational management consultant

“I wanted to thank you for releasing something from by spirit. Your healing apparently helped to rid my psyche of some burden or negative load.” Tessie B., attorney

“I’ve been re-playing the tapes you made since I got back in touch with you early this year…just in case you were looking for feedback, I wanted to let you know that everything you addressed, advised me about, or predicted has come about in full detail. It was astonishing to listen to those recordings and understand now what was happening. Thanks for all your help through this rite of passage.” Trudy F, author

“My belated thanks for all the time and energy you expended on me during your recent trip to New York. That morning helped me to get through the following few weeks, and before long, what you predicted that day walked into my life. Your skills are astounding.” Jay T., financial advisor

“Thank heavens I have been guided to the wonderful gift you have. As a matter of fact, your gift appears to happen so naturally and easily that one finds themselves taking it for granted. As if one encountered this every day! So, thank you for being there when I needed you.” Patricia S., music teacher
My session with you was worth ten sessions with my therapist!.” Jayde, college student

“I also want to thank you for the work you are doing. I know for myself, eighty percent of the support I’ve received during the last five months came out of my readings with you.” Val S., Ph.D candidate

“My life has been in a continuous change. I don’t expect you to remember, just want to point out the precision of your readings, and that it has helped me going through these times by realizing what’s happening.” Renee, graphic artist

“Well, your love ritual is still working beautifully for us – I thank you again – we’re very happy.” Dyana and Tex

“Elissa Heyman is that rare psychic who is fully grounded in both ordinary and non-ordinary reality, functioning in both at high levels of sensitivity and clarity”.Ed Buryn, author and creator of the William Blake tarot deck
“Lisa the healing you gave me was powerful and that day you gave me some notes I’ve pondered into practice. Thank-you very uniquely. I appreciate the art and habits learned.” Karin B., spa director

“Elissa’s readings for me have been extraordinary, clearly revealing my inner guidance to me even at times of deep confusion and conflict in my life. As a life consultant her knowledge of human nature is exceeded only by her intuitive capacities. -Hal Zina Bennett, Ph.D, co-author of The Well Body Book

Horoscope and Newsletter reviews: (These are typical thank-you emails; I receive a number of them each month.)

My daily horoscopes: May 2016: “great and appropriate , you’re certainly spot on of late, you keep getting better! Thank you once again, Richard””Your horoscopes are sooooo accurate!” November 2015

“I look forward every month to your newsletter! Especially when I’m out of the country….you’d be surprised how many people wait for that email – I forward it to all my kids and they love it!” February 2015

Online newsletter subscriber: “I just found your website and I love it! Thank you for providing the information you do. It’s helpful, encouraging and I am excited to read more newsletters to come.” April 2013

Elissa Heyman, Psychic Counseling and Spiritual Healing, in person/by phone, Santa Fe, NM 87501, 505-982-3294. elissa@elissaheyman.com

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