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Santa Fe Publications

Check out the weekly Santa Fe Reporter, free and published on Wednesdays.

The Pasatiempo  is the Friday pull-out magazine in the daily Santa Fe New Mexican. It lists many of the arts and entertainment for the week.

La Cieneguilla Petroglyph Site

When I first moved to Santa Fe in the eighties, I took frequent road trips to check out New Mexico and its ancientness. Somehow, I never came across a petroglyph site just a few miles south of Santa Fe, right off Airport Road, that boasts hundreds of petroglyphs in the basalt cliffs, especially of kokopellis and birds.

La Cieneguilla Petroglyph site is 3.5 miles south of 599, marked by a sign and a big parking lot. It’s a steep but short climb and the views are fantastic – 360 degrees! I’ve seen very little of the site so far, but came across a huge cave with a blackened roof from many fires, and a snake petroglyph on the wall outside. Very nice piece of real estate with views overlooking valleys and mountains.

New Mexico Finds:

Santa Fe: The good metaphysical/spiritual book and supply store is The Ark, on Romero Street. 505-988-3709. Nice garden, nice couches, great book and magazine selection, great free talks.
If you’re here in the summer, stop by the Plaza in the evening to dance and hear live music! The bandstand program is changing hands… you can find all the local events in the Santa Fe New Mexican’s Pasatiempo section on Fridays, and the free weekly The Santa Fe Reporter on Wednesdays.

Hikes in Town in Santa Fe

The Dale Ball Trail system has some great trails with mountain views; its at the end of the paved part of Canyon Road and there’s a parking area just where it Cerro Gordo begins. You can also walk up the dirt part of Canyon to the Audubon Society parking lot, where there are more trails.

Petroglyph Park in Albuquerque: The other day I ended up in an extraordinary place that everyone should know about who visits New Mexico, as it’s 25 minutes from the airport, yet centuries apart…what a great way to start a trip, by saying hello to the state’s  most ancient self.  The place to go is a side-entrance to the Petroglyph Park, found behind a Valvoline station at 9501 Golf Course Road NW. (And there’s a burrito place right there too.) Within moments from stepping through the entrance, the trail opens up to a timeless view of mesas and the high desert.  Big boulders on the right leading to a canyon in back are covered with petroglyphs, etched hundreds of years ago by indigenous people. I can’t imagine a quicker way to decompress… http://www.cabq.gov/openspace/petroglyph.html. 

Art Museum in Roswell NM

Roswell, New Mexico: Fabulous Modern Art Museum Alert:”…halfway between Marfa and Santa Fe is the Roswell Artist-in-Residence Program and their extremely interesting museum, the Anderson Museum of Contemporary Art.

Mexico Finds! Food and Mystery

Guanajuato’s Acambaro: The best fruit and nut type candy bars in the world are in Acambaro. They’ve been making “dulces regionales” since 1935 and the store is called “Salvador Tinajero” at #121 Avenida 1 de Mayo. It’s the most elegant little place with great snacks and candy. All over Acambaro there are bakeries saying they make the best bread in the world – I ran into an artist who has a bread museum on a street right off the plaza, and plans a restaurant/tourist attraction too- they’ve been making bread in Acambaro longer than most places on the planet. Be sure to go to the Dinosaur Museum there, filled with mysterious, playful, ancient clay and stone figurines that suggest people and dinosaurs lived together at one time.

Metaphysical Resources and Sites of Interest Around the Web

30 Tarot Practitioners Talk About Tarot Reading Spaces 

Redfin.com is a real estate company with an eclectic blog, and now it serves tarot readers! Check out the tarot professionals gathered from across North America, and their suggestions for setting up a space at home for reading the tarot at

Astrology and Practitioner Resources on the Web

“Welcome to the web’s best free horoscope sites!” says The Horoscope Junkie, and that sounds right once you log on and see the plethora of soothsayers, all for free. A wonderful site to peruse…

Another informative and worthwhile site about astrology used by professionals is Astro.  You can use this site to determine your Moon and Rising signs and get your chart done for free.

Eric Teissedre, my fascinating metaphysical teacher, has created a number of blogs. See them here.

The Best Psychic Directory is produced by Bob Olson and features “tried and tested” psychics and mediums, as well as a national state-by-state directory. There’s a lot of information at Best Psychic Directory for the novice and professional alike.

Elissa Heyman, Psychic Counseling and Spiritual Healing, in person/by phone, Santa Fe, NM 87501, 505-982-3294. elissa@elissaheyman.com

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