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Psychic Mediumship

About Mediumship and Channeling

The way I experience mediumship is often during the process of getting ready for a client. By inviting in anything that’s relevant, the spirit of someone who has passed can make their presence known. It’s always for a reason that they’re there… they are relevant to ongoing circumstances,  or there’s something that can be healed; guilt can be relieved, misunderstandings cleared up, etc.  

An interesting phenomenon with mediumship is that when contact is made with somebody’s loved one, sometimes it comes with a more intense wave of love than my system can handle, and I have to recover a little.  I guess we learn to be more loving in the spirit world!  

Sometimes clients ask for a message from a loved one (human or animal), and  this also works as a way to connect with the spiritual world. .

There is also mediumship when a full trance medium “becomes” another entity – the medium goes into a trance and for instance, allows a consciousness with knowledge and healing to speak through them. I was taught for decades by such a spiritual medium, whose psychic development classes began with a fascinating sceance featuring his  spirit guides. We were given exercises to connect with our senses and the spiritual world, and taught metaphysical principles and  the building blocks of divination systems.

Channeling is the same process  that’s part of mediumship, where the normal ego-identity of the medium is surrendered to receive from other consciousnesses.  Channelers are receiving messages from a broader range of realms. One can be a channel for the sea or the winds; or the elements of fire, water, air, and earth,  a particular year – the possibilities are endless. Some modern classic metaphysical books of knowledge like the Course in Miracles and Ralph Blum’s Book of Runes, are examples of channeled material.  

The kind of messages received in channeling are determined by the intention set by the channel… they might have a shorthand prayer to raise their consciousness and vibration first, for instance asking for wisdom and truth and whatever is helpful to know. 

Are messages from animals mediumship or channeling? I don’t know, but I  was amused by the first dog that ever gave a message through me,  The owner expected to hear something loving from him , but instead,  in spirit he jumped at the opportunity to point out she hadn’t walked him enough when he was alive, and that there was still a dog at home who needed more time outside, and she should walk the dog that’s left a lot more often than she had been.

A Channeling Example: It’s the Winter Solstice, December 21st 2022, and this channeled message is about the year ahead.

New Year’s Day Wish 2023: “We are here”(the dispossessed),”…. beholden to all of you,  those who have little and much and those in between… and all of us being full of grace on this day of change, proclaim Money is Love. Sometimes we’re asked to give more and more freely than other times.”

Translation into plain English: People who are put out of familiar and stable surroundings due to 2023 events, require more help than usual from the people in more stable circumstances. Those in relative comfort are asked to be an agent of grace in 2023, and give more generously this year.

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