Psychic Horoscopes and Tarot Messages for September 2023

Mercury Rx and Friends

General messages about what’s relevant and sticking out about September 2023 (six retrograde planets) are in the previous post.  For more insights and tips, here are September’s  psychic horoscopes and tarot messages:

Fire signs, Aries, Leo, Sagittarius: If offers and opportunities during Mercury retrograde seem to disappear, don’t worry, stay neutral, people might just be missing in action; they’ll get to it later. Be kind to yourself: give yourself a pass this month if you don’t get everything done like you planned. Working with groups or families or in projects can be tricky… try being a laid-back and gracious person in the midst of it all. TAROT: Six planets in retrograde is an omen that it’s not a straight line to a successful path of doing what you want. You’re still figuring out what works for you and what you want to be doing out in the world. There’s been thoughts about changing what you’re doing, and getting into something new.

Water signs, Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces: Back away from things that are not yours to do. Even when you’re accommodating as well as aware of your boundaries, it can be challenging to deal with people.  TAROT: It looks like you’re poised to empower yourself and work on what you want to, but it does look like life can get in the way of what you yourself want to do. Try to choose what gives you peace of mind to do.

Air signs, Gemini, Libra, Aquarius: It’s as if the winds are blowing in your life:  there’s a moving from one place to another,  a scattering –  but it is followed by a better idea and understanding of the direction you’re headed.  TAROT:  You can see in any area of your life where you’re not equipped or don’t have enough energy for something…this would be shown to you and it’s valuable information! You would want to suspend things by December that taxed you.

Earth signs, Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn: You might be a little tired the first couple of weeks of September. Don’t expect to rapidly move through your obligations and tasks. Take it easy!  Summer, the season to relax,  doesn’t officially end until September 23rd  TAROT: It’s a month of planning for new directions, and likely travel and surprises New directions can start now…lots of synergy and synchronicity with what’s new and exciting to you. The unknown holds the most promise. Whatever you have energy for, professionally and creatively,  is likely new to you.

All About Omen Walks

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(This post was inspired by the Air signs’ August 2023 message, which indicates they could have a hard time seeing what’s concrete and getting closure about their plans. If any of you try it, Air signs or no, let me know how it works for you! It can be done anywhere outside…p.s. I’m posting the Full Moon horoscopes and message for August a little later today, and the previous post has psychic horoscopes and August guidance from the stars as well.)

Have you ever paced around your house. wondering what to do? Try taking your questions outside! Go for an Omen Walk.  “Ask, and ye shall receive” is the operating principle in this game with the Universe…

It’s good to be a little restless to begin with, and have something you want to know, or want help with. Then, it’s good to get in the frame of mind where you’re open to following signs from a communicative Universe.

Here’s an example of a naturally occurring omen walk: you’re at the airport, and in an in-between moment in your life, you can either go down the hall to the left, and board a plane back to your boyfriend, or go right to take a family trip that your boyfriend isn’t invited to, a trip he asked you to skip. It feels like a momentous decision.

Suddenly the couple who just entered the left hall to back home, stop. The man puts down the luggage and starts berating the woman – now they’re both talking loudly.

Just then rounding the corner to the right is a mother jogging fast to catch a plane, pushing a giggling baby in a carriage. His arms are waving, and he’s clearly enjoying the wild ride. You go right.

To get ready for your walk, just get in mind that you’re out looking for omens. Of course, to do this you are temporarily seeing your environment as something you are in a relationship with, that can communicate with you, and you with it.

It’s your move first: you set an intention. What do you want to find out about? Get it in your mind, then let the thought go. Now, you’re just going to take a walk somewhere you feel like going, in the direction you feel like going.

You’re now just taking a walk, letting your mind wander, looking at what you’re passing by.

Once you ask the universe to show you something relevant to your direction, you don’t have to keep on asking. You just have to be in a receptive, playful state of mind. You are open to your first impressions and intuition.

Let’s say you’re thinking of taking a calculated risk with a big upgrade to your business. You want to know: is this the right direction to go in now? On your walk you pass the parking lot of a very fancy restaurant with an outdoor patio. All the cars are Mercedes and BMWs and Porsches…glasses are tinkling on the outdoor patio, and you feel uplifted and comfortable in this elegant and wealthy environment. “I can do this!” your good feelings signal, and you say that out loud to yourself.

Let’s say on your walk, your imagination comes up with a whole new tactic about marketing your business…it just enters your head. New ideas count as signs from the universe! Also, there can be a sudden new internal knowing about what you want.

Let’s say you feel stuck, and stagnant in what you’re doing. You have no new ideas about what direction to go in.  On your walk,  you keep on passing people taking out the trash, and garbage trucks picking it up. The first step, says Nature, is to clean things up and clear things out. You might feel a new ability to finally let go of something burdensome.

To sum up the general plan, after you’ve set an intention and set out in your preferred direction,  be on the look-out for the metaphorical, symbolic,  and literal ways the Universe seems to be giving you an answer.

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Elissa’s July 2023 Client Newsletter with Horoscopes and Santa Fe Art Scene

Dear Friends,

It’s Festival Time in Santa Fe!

There were just the lightest smattering of masked figures at this weekend’s International Folk Art Market – everyone and everything looked pre-pandemic normal. Lots of hugging going on: locals meeting, and artists from around the world who hadn’t seen each other for a year. The textiles on display were amazing: quite a few were selling a piece that they’d worked on for 6-8 months, costing thousands of dollars…I was so glad to read the market reaped a record amount of profits, and that Santa Fe is a place where those amazing works of art, as well as the hundreds of more affordable pieces, find buyers.

Market-goers put on their fanciest, artiest, and most colorful clothes, it was a pleasure to walk among them. The most outrageous person was a handsome slender man dressed so elegantly and tattooed from head to foot in black ink — he was covered with magical-looking symbols and arty designs.

It was much more comfortable strolling around in the shade of Railyard Park then up on Museum Hill where it’s been in past years. People who came up from Albuquerque on the RailRunner could just hop off the train and walk to the park. And when they got there the night, there was a truly international band to dance to on the grassy lawn in front of the stage. The funky trio “Degres” spoke French but sang in Creole. Uniquely, their music combined American blues and Caribbean rhythms, and shoppers and traditionally-garbed artists alike jumped up to dance.

The photo up top is another kind of art scene in Santa Fe, part of an exhibition called Going With the Flow.

It’s such a neat surprise if like me, you are just walking along a tree-lined path by your house, and suddenly there is this very well-made chair inside its perfectly shaped cocoon of branches, inviting you to sit down and expand your mind! These randomly-set meditation chairs are placed along the Santa Fe river like arty little change agents.

Speaking of consciousness, I’m thinking about different workshop formats in answer to peoples’ requests to explore their intuition. One is very short and in a game format. It’s a game that magicians might play, with the working title “Three Wishes.” The hour would also give people an experience of working in a sacred circle, where first the group as a whole and individuals are addressed with messages from spirit they’ve attracted. And then they’d be led to play with their wishes, their intuition, and their creative self!

I hope you’re cooking up something fun for yourself this Summer – enjoy the rest of July, and may you be cool and dry, wherever you are…

Love, Elissa

Itinerary: I’ll be in Santa Fe for in person psychic counseling and spiritual healing sessions through August.

If anyone reading has tried to email me or is waiting for a reply, I am still without access to my email as of July 11th. Please text 505-577-4012, or call 505-982-3294 to reach me. (NOW EMAIL IS WORKING!

July 2023 Horoscopes and Messages from the Stars

Personal Guidance: People take themselves in new directions in July 2023, while navigating personal and professional challenges.

Can you take the high road In relationships, can you let things go and let things flow, and see the opportunity in your circumstances? Key to success: Don’t look back. Don’t judge what’s been your past behavior, even five minutes ago. Keep in mind you have the choice to act on the version of yourself you want to be now. You can be growing in your preferred environment.

Personal and work projects can go great guns, sputter, and revive. Don’t give up!

The new moon in Cancer on July 17th can be a very emotionally up and down time. Expect also to be able to pull out of yourself deeper emotional truths, and more powerful creative acts.

July 20th when Mars in Virgo is opposite Saturn in Pisces, better order can be established. “The old” if it’s not structurally sound, can more easily slip away.

On July 22nd the sun enters Leo, followed by Venus in Leo retrograde until September 3rd: This spurs a lot of “bettering” activity, (something Leos will be doing a lot of in their birthday year): refining creative products and projects, improving wardrobes, and beautifying yourself and your environments. Venus retrograde is the polishing phase of shining. Self-discipline grows..

Creativity Pays Off: July 27th to the end of the month is favorable for writing projects and their success. Marketers gain followers telling stories, and putting themselves in the shoes of their target audience.

The fire signs, Aries, Leo, Sagittarius: There’s a tendency to overdo it, possibly spend too much, put too much on your plate, or in some way end up feeling responsible for more than is really comfortable. Especially listen to your body, and pull back if there are any signs of physical stress. Do things in small steps, steadily but conservatively taking care of business. Your money situation and material world circumstances in general improve and stay good for the next few months.

The water signs, Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces: Do you believe in past lives? Some of you might after this month, where in your dreams you can meet families as well as connections to past times. It can be a sign that new talents and abilities are ready to reveal themselves. In July, exploring means finding what doesn’t work as well as what does and both are important to know; don’t judge things as mistakes.

The air signs, Gemini, Libra, Aquarius: Something you’ve done before could be helpful now; you’ve built a strong creative foundation but need to parlay it into a sustaining future. This could be a good time for a writing project. You might be wondering about the best role and best location for yourself going forward… think of anything you’re dissatisfied with as motivation guiding you to a better place and better choices.

The earth signs, Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn: You have a focus on making more money, but what can help is accepting working in spurts and having a more balanced life, as well as making more use of technology in your professional life. There’s an organic development where synchronicities and beneficial people can move you along to a better, higher rung. However, you have to work for what you want and be willing to practice new habits.

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