Hot 8 Brass Band from New Orleans 7:30 pm Tonight on the Plaza in Santa Fe NM

NEW ORLEANS, LA – APRIL 22: The Hot 8 Brass Band performs on stage at the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival at Fair Grounds Race Course on April 22, 2016 in New Orleans, Louisiana. (Photo by Josh Brasted/WireImage)

A great opportunity to hear what JazzFest and New Orleans is all about!

Soriba Fofana entertains at 6:50 pm with West African drumming and dancing…two world class acts to celebrate Juneteenth, and all the entertainment is free… here’s an excerpt from my June newsletter about what’s poppin’ on the Plaza:

Dear Friends,

I’m feeling particularly lucky to live in Santa Fe this Summer, there are so many festivities! An awesome Juneteenth celebration on the Plaza kicks things off on the 15th, 3-9pm, headlined by  New Orleans’ own Hot 8 Brass Band. Bring your dancing shoes!

I’m also very happy with the ever-improving food offerings within walking distance of my Palace Ave. office. Lately I go to the  Burrito Company for their tasty small plate menu. I love the mushroom and cheese-filled street tacos – they also have the best horchata in town.

I hope your plans for this summer bring you exciting and wonderful experiences! You’ll be sure to have some if you’re coming this way – I can tell Santa Fe is really aiming to please this season.  I’m going to be right here enjoying all it’s got to offer, and gratefully, a lot of it is free.

Coming up for locals and visitors alike, I’ve added some new drop-in events as well as the three day Santa Fe Intuition Workshop in October. I hope to see some of you here!

Psychic Horoscopes and Tarot Messages for September 2023

Mercury Rx and Friends

General messages about what’s relevant and sticking out about September 2023 (six retrograde planets) are in the previous post.  For more insights and tips, here are September’s  psychic horoscopes and tarot messages:

Fire signs, Aries, Leo, Sagittarius: If offers and opportunities during Mercury retrograde seem to disappear, don’t worry, stay neutral, people might just be missing in action; they’ll get to it later. Be kind to yourself: give yourself a pass this month if you don’t get everything done like you planned. Working with groups or families or in projects can be tricky… try being a laid-back and gracious person in the midst of it all. TAROT: Six planets in retrograde is an omen that it’s not a straight line to a successful path of doing what you want. You’re still figuring out what works for you and what you want to be doing out in the world. There’s been thoughts about changing what you’re doing, and getting into something new.

Water signs, Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces: Back away from things that are not yours to do. Even when you’re accommodating as well as aware of your boundaries, it can be challenging to deal with people.  TAROT: It looks like you’re poised to empower yourself and work on what you want to, but it does look like life can get in the way of what you yourself want to do. Try to choose what gives you peace of mind to do.

Air signs, Gemini, Libra, Aquarius: It’s as if the winds are blowing in your life:  there’s a moving from one place to another,  a scattering –  but it is followed by a better idea and understanding of the direction you’re headed.  TAROT:  You can see in any area of your life where you’re not equipped or don’t have enough energy for something…this would be shown to you and it’s valuable information! You would want to suspend things by December that taxed you.

Earth signs, Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn: You might be a little tired the first couple of weeks of September. Don’t expect to rapidly move through your obligations and tasks. Take it easy!  Summer, the season to relax,  doesn’t officially end until September 23rd  TAROT: It’s a month of planning for new directions, and likely travel and surprises New directions can start now…lots of synergy and synchronicity with what’s new and exciting to you. The unknown holds the most promise. Whatever you have energy for, professionally and creatively,  is likely new to you.