Moon conjunct Pluto today and Intuition Class tonight in Santa Fe

Today the planets form an important conjunction of the moon with Pluto. This is the planetary aspect the great psychic Edgar Cayce was born with…it can give one a deep interest in metaphysics and spiritual realities, it can make a person take big risks because they’re willing to change, and as an aspect that affects today’s mood, it can also make a person highly emotional and make it hard to calm down!

It’s a great aspect for a metaphysical class, though. These are my plans in advance for tonight’s intuition class in downtown Santa Fe:

In general the planets suggest the theme of linking and connecting. If people happen to feel ungrounded, we might do a tree meditation that comes from the ancient Hebrews. We might try a breathing exercise that comes from creation myths of having the gods blow breath into clay (found in Native America, China, and Africa). These exercise help to get relaxed and receptive.

Being comfortable enough to open one’s aura (their personal energy field) is a big support for getting into an intuitive state at will. The tried and true way is through guided imagery. The meditation I have in mind begins with a story from the fabled land of Lemuria.

Another area to discuss about “linking” is the relationship between objects and power. What links up to make an object a “power object”? This can involve teaching a technique reading rocks (a stone you pick up on a walk, I’ll bring stones in case we want to do this). Another demonstration of empowering through linking with something is to learn to make an object like sweetgrass “sacred” and use it in a healing way.

However, what also dictates a circle is what shows up as natural themes because of who shows up—in the beginning I’ll read what the signs in our circle, discuss anything about intuition people want to bring up, and we’ll probably work with a tarot exercise at the end for the week ahead.

Hope to see you at 227 E. Palace, 6:30 pm., Suite T North in the Kruger Building. Please r.s.v.p. to