April Fool’s Day Mercury Retrograde 2024

April Fool’s Day Mercury Retrograde

Mercury retrograde has a bad rep, but this one from today,  April 1st , 2024 until the 25th , might have you experiencing accidental happenings and synergies that turn out to be lucky.  You can do something now, perhaps, that things haven’t lined up to make possible, before now. Whatever is gained now if it agrees with your nature, can stabilize quickly.

Wednesday April 3rd in the morning sports a perfect environment for wishing big, wishing deep, and allowing your heart and its desires speak to  you.  Empty your mind of other peoples’ business, and let your inner self have the floor…maybe on a walk or a meditation or a mini-vision quest – one previous message about Spring 2024 is that it was psychologically healthy to be occupied with your own well-being now. A good thing to attend to on this day!

Interesting Shamanistic Technique to Bless Yourself

This interesting technique to bless your day is something I learned from a Peruvian shaman.  It’s a way to get present before you leave your house, and also a way of blessing your house and yourself before you go out into the world.

The catch: Remembering to do it as you’re walking out the door!

Technique: Before you open the door to go outside first thing in the morning, first stand to the side of the door, then open it and intend to let in good spirits, fresh air and light.

Intend the positive energy to clean and refresh your house from whatever happened in it the day before.

This puts you in the present; now wish yourself a good day, and walk out the door to see what life has in store!