2024 USA Psychic Pictograph’s Aerial Threat Explained?

2024 USA

I flipped on the tv today to hear General Wesley Clark talk about the new Russian weapon that knocks satellites out. He was very worried about it, and said the consequence to the U.S. is that a nuclear explosion in space causes a reaction on earth that blows up the whole electric grid. It could be directly over the U.S., meaning no power, transportation, communication, etc. It reminds me of a recent scary movie that President Obama was consulted for…

I wondered about the toxic energy like a sun showing up in the air in the U.S.A. 2024 pictograph because it looks like something big. Could it be a nuclear explosion in space, something that radiates out and has a big effect? To the side of it, it says, “the past is dead.” (From the January 2024 newsletter:)

“USA 2024 Pictograph: The country gets “redder” (although so far all predictions show the U.S. staying democratic). More youth are attracted to the Republican party. Unions get stronger. There’s more chaos to go because of political trials and election violence. Air quality is an issue, or some airborne threat.” 

Key in that explication is that it says it represents either a threat or an issue. That’s not the dangerous looking pictograph I imagine it would show, if America were in the dark.