First the truth, then Uranus retrograde stirs the pot of class warfare

About visions: Ann Marie O’Dell, host of “Tarot Joy” whose show I’ll be on this Wednesday, asked me to think about specific times my visions without using tools, have come to pass. The vision that came to mind had two parts, one relevant two months later, the other coming to pass right now, ten years later.

In Summer 2001, what I was given didn’t make sense to me, it was so short and pronouncement-like: ” Everything changes”. But it was the truth. After 9-11, the cryptic message made sense.

The accompanying vision is what is coming true in peoples’ lives now, where all that’s false is being stripped away. It was of pilings underwater that supported a pier, and all our realities were suspended in the water in the bay. Everything threatened to break loose and float away unless it could stay moored to the pilings because it were the truth. All kinds of excess and lies and hyperbole somehow, unless something were moored to a foundation by the integrity of its being, would be changed.
Right now a lot of deceits are being exposed, and in peoples’ individual lives, they are going through whatever strips things down to a more truthful place. This is how growth happens… it is liberating! People are being themselves! And when they recover from going through the karmic washing machine so many go through, they’ll have a lot more energy.

Which brings me to action in the sky right now: Uranus, which highlights innovation, went retrograde last night. It means that first we liberate our own selves. We gain freedom by losing what isn’t essential. We can get fed up with our self-imposed prisons and go through a cathartic change that lead to reinvention.

Uranus retrograde is also an omen of the war between the rich and the poor in America, because it went retrograde July 9th when the war seriously kicked off as it appears the debt ceiling may not be raised. What does it mean? People react to the clear evidence that the corporate culture/people-in-power are willing to sacrifice them. Uranus going retrograde puts great pressure on freedom-seeking people. Percieved injustice gets hard to bear. In my Summer newsletter, I wrote it looked like the corporate/right appeared to be winning, it was their summer. In response, people are connecting who are emotionally in sync; a lot of power is organizing on an informal basis. The planets are perfect for the combination of wild, disciplined, and inventive people, either collectively or individually, to rise and shine in the not too distant future.

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