More on March 11th astrology, and a creative spirit’s message

I swear, a genie has been playing with my postings….the recent article quoting Eric Teissedre about Uranus going into Aries, had “Jupiter” going into Aries in the title, I just changed it.

Today is the day Uranus enters the sign, coinciding with a big Mars, (Aries’ ruling planet) event of the 8.9 Japanese earthquake March 11th, 2011.

Eric Teissedre had more to say about the astrogical climate on his March 4th ShamanInsight blog:

“The outer planets tend to reflect the masses at large. Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto are all on a cusp. Cusps create tension. There is a pull between two signs. This can show dramatic changes with leadership around the world. Uranus, which tends to be a physical planet, often showing revolution, war, and upheaval, is now entering Aries, which by its’ own nature, is very war-like. This explains the upheavals of the Mideast but also the tensions in the United States. Nothing political ever happens without there being a financial reflection.
These aspects can also affect business. There is a tremendous amount of change coming to the business world, with companies being taken over, struggles over rulership, and even a certain amount of revolution from the public in regards to being manipulated by business. I even perceive a certain amount of rebellion against technology, which in its’ own way, is constantly changing its’ rules. Some companies are being somewhat dictatorial.

Sounds like hellzapoppin’ out there…what about its effect as an energy, on making good things happen for oneself?

Another planetary aspect coming up, Neptune going into Pisces April 4th, must be mentioned because it is a potent medium for psychic and creative development, and it figures into this message about Uranus and Neptune changing signs: The energy can make people just take the bit between their teeth and run with it, run with what they want and make a dash for freedom.

Message from the Spirit of Creativity: “So, don’t disappoint yourself! If you have particular goals and dreams, stick to what you think will make them happen and don’t waste the volatility of the winds, which create such drama like today’s events, by gawking or dawdling. The trick is to stay focused on the Sun: what you want to grow; and to practice stilling yourself more than usual.”

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Here comes freedom-loving Uranus in Aries

Although it’s possible to give the whole sign of Leo, for instance, a psychic reading for the year, (see my January newsletter), I don’t really follow the stars and study what’s coming up in the way of planetary aspects. Tonight, on-it astrologer Eric Teissedre alerted me to the looming gravitational field of Uranus. Uranus is considered an “outer planet”, meaning its effects are more on the whole of society.

Uranus is going into Aries next month, March 11th. My ancient horoscope primer, “A to Z Horoscope Maker”, has a pretty benign interpretation of that. It says (if one’s born with Uranus in Aries), expect to have “…a love for independence and freedom, positiveness, force and impulse”.

Eric’s interpretation, albeit he’s talking about the effect of a planet’s movement on countries, not an individual, is a little more alarming. He writes: “You notice how political upheaval is starting with Uranus entering Aries? Well, it is there for 7 years, although the intensity is usually at the time of entering a sign, but oh boy, watch out!”

Maybe “this time it’s different”, and a new kind of revolution in national consciousness plus Facebook and Twitter, is not the bloody revolution of the past. Maybe the intense part just happened in Tahrir Square. It seem unlikely but maybe now, a Uranus in Aries revolution can be a non-violent one. Except those weapon-wielding camel riders suggest not…maybe the world doesn’t change that fast.

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