March 2022 Psychic Insights, Ukranian Spirit Message, Jupiter conjunct Neptune

March 2022 The Whole World is Affected (created March 7th)

Spirit Message from the Ukrainians: “Please help us. We’re martyrs. We’re dead, or we don’t come back for a long time. We need help now. Be careful what you wish for – is peace in your future? No. No peace, nowhere, it’s a dog eat dog world- the rulers win, the patriots die, the twisted metal of fate decorates the landscape with its hideous art.”  (March 6 message)

According to the March 2022 pictograph, it is a bloody month in Russia’s invasion of Ukraine,  one that gets more deadly towards the end. (A pictograph I doodled last week showed widespread fleeing from the south and east fanning out towards the borders in the north and west, and big attacks at the borders.) However, it looks like “bloody March” is contained to Ukraine in terms of people being slaughtered.  Then outside of that boundary, the area which symbolizes the rest of the world, it looks like Putin has plans to invade 3 other countries.

The stars are with Putin in this way: Neptune and Jupiter are conjunct in Pisces all month long, meaning deception is rife, secrets are many, and people can be fooled on a grand scale.

Re the use of nuclear weapons and the message, “The whole world is affected”: there was the sense of a small nuclear bomb, if there’s such a thing, in some way a limited nuclear bomb used on Ukraine, and it did more damage to the environment and earth ultimately, showing up as destructive effects in people years and years later. I didn’t get the impression that  the whole world was  involved in a nuclear war, but the whole world is changed by its wide-ranging consequences.

Calling All Artists! Although masters of deceit, hoaxes, scams, frauds, obsessive fixations, and all manner of get-rich-quick schemes flourish in this month’s energetic atmosphere, there are also positive consequences to Neptune and Jupiter conjunct in Pisces. For the individual artist or those seeking creative breakthroughs, new territory can be reached in creative realms, and capitalized on with this aspect.

Earthquakes: Another early March impression was the potential for impacting earthquakes, specifically in the Pacific Northwest and also the Southwest. It doesn’t mean they happen there in March, but maybe brewing.

Venus, Mars, and Pluto conjunct in Capricorn

The Psychic News on 2/22/22, the Conjunction of Mars, Venus and Pluto, and a Channeling on Best Practices

Ukraine Update February 26th: Paying a terrible price, Ukraine remains Democratic. 

Success Tips on 2/22/22:  This year full of Twos highlights collaboration and partnership as crucial to success in the material world. It’s especially valuable to master communication and networking skills, and the ability to delegate.

But also key to success is going on vacation! You need to be imaginative, and taking a break helps with that. Try to take a vacation where you can ignore your normal daily life completely.

The Venus-Mars Conjunction: Venus and Mars stay close together in February and early March, and in Capricorn create a long, fruitful time of getting a lot done out in the material world. It’s a time to improve the contributing structures to your foundation.

Plus Pluto: Their conjunction concludes with a cosmic threesome, when Pluto joins them exactly on March 3rd. On a mass consciousness scale, that’s a heavy and destructive situation being created i.e. the Russia/Ukraine conflict: Pluto’s way to rebirth is to blow up and tear down what exists. In peoples’ private lives, anything that needs to go to make your world a better place, gets a big push. People can tackle big things in March 2022, and move some long-standing mountains.

Potentially strengthening all kinds of partnerships, Mars conjunct Venus is about building things together, but the people involved should have equal abilities and be able to pull their own weight.

Prosperity: Mars and Venus in earthy, disciplined Capricorn create financial success when they build efficient systems step by step, and are always reaching higher.

Channeled message about how to handle uncertain times:

“The world is going to change a lot, all is well, but behold, the consequences of actions are everywhere to be seen. The writing is writ large.

Whether it’s your personal change or a whole continent’s,

be guided by your Star, and not your past,

or what put you where you are.”

DANGER!! Plus Mother Nature, Relationship Advice, and “Conversion to the Opposite””

Danger: A few times recently, I was shown  ”a lot of blood in the air”. In the past, it’s been the precursor to high-casualty events like the December 2005 tsunami and the Spring Equinox bombing of Baghdad in 2003.  It could be seen as a warning, if you live somewhere in Ukraine that is at risk of Russian invasion, or anywhere warfare could break out, that it’s time to get out, and out of range of any potentially imminent violence.

Mother Nature’s Messages: Watching Stephen Colbert’s January 28 2022 “Meanwhile” segment on Youtube, I was astonished to see his video of a  microscopic organism wriggling around after being frozen in Siberia’s permafrost for 24,000 years.  It reminds me of a message I never posted from December 2021’s Winter Solstice:

December Winter Solstice ’21 message from Mother Nature:  “People resort to violence,  Nature too.  The Western skies are red.  Ancient growth stirs, ready to seep into an unsuspecting future.  Better shape up!” Explication: People are violent, Nature is violent, and there are a lot of fires in the West (Colorado’s worst one ever was on New Years Eve). Ancient life forms thaw out, and we don’t suspect the impact they have. Nature warns we better do something about all these signs of imbalance.

Be A Light, and Help the “Conversion to the Opposite”:  Simplistic as it sounds, the one-word spiritual guidance I got about what would heal our greed-based, divided societies is,  “love”, granting us the will to work together.  The 2017 pictograph said “Very Divided, No Bridge Back”.   When things get unbearably extreme and bad for someone, it can cause them to convert to the opposite – do we have to wait for that to happen to us collectively? (Carl Jung called this conversion to the opposite enantiodromia,) Theoretically, another way people might come together besides over losing an unbearable amount, is the 100th Monkey phenomenon. If more individuals grow in their capacity to love and accept their own self and others,  enough open-hearted individuals could be “the 100th Monkey”  that triggers a more  mass rising of consciousness.

2022 and getting along with others for a long time:  Wonderful and practical as long-term relationships can be, people are a little touchy right now.  “Accepting” is the all-important way to be if you want to keep the harmony. People might act more erratically than usual this year – be patient.