Surprising Reading about the Obama Administration and the Economy

Yesterday I worked with a client who has been preoccupied with the destruction of the United States…they are pretty sure the Obama administration will ruin the economy and the lives of their children and grandchildren. They wanted to ask with the tarot if we will make it through intact as a country, with Obama as president.

To my surprise, it looked like something very profitable for the U.S. was being worked out as we sat there, and about to take place. A plan was being formed that created a platform for economic stability. It looked like both sides liked the plan for the clear economic opportunities it presented. That was the common denominator: both sides saw the economic benefit and liked the plan.

It looked like everything was going to be better than fine, judging from the tarot cards of a person who had no such expectation.

An Old Prediction and the Libor Scandal

Psychic flashes can have a particular tenor and feel that I find fascinating. I mull over them and wonder why did they come then? Why was I shown this and not some other circumstance?

There’s one prediction about a “big trial” involving the U.S. government that I’ve thought about alot, because it never happened, and also, the rest of the sentence (from January 2006 newsletter) was about a collective sense that “justice was done”, followed by a big economic contraction. At the time I was much more invested in the stock market, and made a mental note to self note to forget this prediction in case such big trial came around.

Now seeing headlines about the U.S. preparing a case against Libor, I wonder if it is this trial?
Which would make 2012-2013 witness even more breakdowns of the financial structures getting so battered now. The wrecking ball of collective consciousness is swinging viciously at its own infrastructure…new consciousness is bursting through all the old skins, and the internet will let us watch as it happens.
I heard from an astrologer that next Tuesday there’s a Mars aspect that makes it easy to get mad…maybe people giantly mad at the scope of what a few people could do to affect so many, will make a big difference now.