Announcing The Creative Journey Workshop in Santa Fe June 29-July 1

Divinating in the Circle
Divinating in the Circle

The Circles I’ve been holding in Santa Fe and around the country have evolved into a workshop with time for more unusual and profound experiences…I’m pleased to present The Creative Journey Workshop!

WE ARE HERE TO HEAL, EVOLVE, AND TRANSFORM….And I want it to be fun! Please join me in Santa Fe June 29th -July 1st for a workshop that gives you tools and tips for your personal journey. Detailed curriculum on request.

The Creative Journey Workshop takes place in Santa Fe, in my downtown office by the Plaza, with a couple of field trips and outdoor assignments. It begins with an introductory meeting the evening of the 29th. Monday and Tuesday we’ll meet in a circle for a series of connected sessions, two a day, morning and late afternoon. As well as give you psychic tips, tools, and techniques, the overall goal is to make you more confident about your inner resources and your ability to create the life that inspires you.

We will focus on:

INTUITION AWARENESS: We are a language-based culture but there are many ways to communicate beyond the limits of language. This workshop includes exercises and experiences to explore and strengthen our true communication skills. Expanding our self-awareness and awakening to ways we naturally connect, promotes among other things, sharing more of ourselves, and experiencing more love.

YOUR STORY: Within themselves, people are aware they are healing, changing, and moved to fulfill what’s in their heart to do. We explore your story’s themes in an intuitive art-making process called The Transformative Art Cards. Other tools and processes can bring resolve about specific issues important to you now.

A TOOLKIT FOR YOUR PERSONAL JOURNEY: Some of the exercises and practices are from my own psychic counseling and spiritual healing practice, and many are from shamans I’ve studied with, for energy balancing, communing with Nature, self-healing, and receiving spiritual guidance. Some exercises are outside, please bring comfortable clothes and shoes.

Includes PSYCHIC MESSAGE AND SPIRITUAL HEALING CIRCLE. My goal is to give you clarifying and empowering insights, healing, and practice in accessing your own intuition. Specific questions answered. (Private psychic counseling and healing sessions available within workshop timeframe.)

TO REGISTER: or 505-982-3294 Llimited to eight. All materials, supplies, and tax included. $350. Please email me for detailed curriculum.


“What a wonderful circle we had last night! Despite the power failure it all was just magical and so personally rewarding and reassuring for me!Thank you so much for providing your insight and intuition and helping all of us move along in the direction we wish to go, and the one the Universe wants for us!It was important to do the movement part too I believe, it helps cement the ideas and so useful for release of old ideas and habits! Also, it was a very fun evening! Nice space.With affection and appreciation, Connie”

“What I got was a positively profound clarity with respect to who I am, where I’m heading and the energies I need to be conscious of as I move along. And as well, Elissa gave me practical insight into how to manifest my fuller nature. I am deeply grateful for the whole experience and certainly feel I received everything and MORE than I could have expected.” Patricia

“I loved the circle and the way it all played out, just like it was supposed to. I felt it was a perfect closing to our trip. We both read our letters to each other in the morning. It was very cathartic, we laughed and cried. I’m grateful to share this growth and journey with my best friend. You were a beautiful surprise, thank you!”

Thanks again for facilitating the wonderful healing circle on Saturday. I am very fortunate to have come across your brochure. I thought the format was awesome and I really do love how we attract the right people at the right time. I felt a high level of resonance with everyone in the group and I benefited from their readings as well as my own. I got a lot from these two hours. –Sophia, Oregon

Elissa held a circle workshop for our group of sorority sisters visiting Santa Fe for a reunion. We women have known each other since the mid-seventies, and have quite a bond. Elissa was able to bring us even closer together by sharing her unique healing techniques, insights, and intuitive card readings. We experienced a group reading using OH cards that was amazingly accurate and full of hope. Thank you Elissa

What’s going on in Santa Fe on the weekend:

Friday June 27th, Saturday and Sunday: Santa Fe Open Studio weekend.

Sunday June 29th, Native American dances at San Idelfonso pueblo, others; double-check with me beforehand. 505-982-3294