Tarot Card Meanings: Predicting Your Trip

Before I take off for somewhere, I often do a three card cut to get a “trip omen.” Over the years I’ve noticed that certain tarot cards show up when, for instance, I’m going to miss the plane or the connecting flight. Tarot cards are quick to point out some bummer up ahead.

However, a common phenomenon with the tarot is that it reacts to immediate circumstances that obliterate the more relevant long-term results of what you are asking about. Anything that causes a strong emotional reaction can loom large in a tarot reading.

“How is my vacation going to go? ” can look pretty disappointing if in the first 24 hours, the jolly vacationer missed their connecting flight, then missed some event they were due at, etc. It helps to look at which cards fall on which placement on the divinatory map (the layout), to know what trip difficulties the cards are pointing out. Accurate tarot card reading is a combination of intuition, and understanding the properties of the four elements and natural phenomena each card relates to, in combination with where the card falls on the map.

It’s especially unnerving to look at an unsettling tarot card layout about transportation. Recently, I had a clarifying personal experience about the sometimes trigger-happy reaction of tarot cards to an upcoming event. I saw this in action when I picked my brother up at the airport the other day. Cutting the cards on his flight, it looked like he wasn’t going to get here! The 3 of Swords was in Earth, a final comment that can mean: “…the plan you expect to be carried out, is not.” (More detailed discussion on post about “scary tarot cards” here. )

But my brother arrived just fine, and on time. What was the tarot picking up on?

Here’s what it most likely was: My brother had a circuitous route to Santa Fe, that brought him to St. Louis, Mo. , then Las Vegas, Nevada, and then New Mexico. Perhaps because he can be an absent-minded professor engrossed in his work (www.geneheyman.com), the details that New Mexico was the last stop didn’t register, and he was shocked at first that the plane was headed to Las Vegas. Have you ever thought something was wrong about your flight while you are actually on the plane? It causes a very big adrenalin rush.

I believe those brief but disruptive emotions caused the cluster of distressing Air cards that reflected his flight. (air= the mental plane, your thoughts) You always have to look at what element the trouble is showing up in: if it’s in air, it can be simply anxiety that doesn’t turn out to be based on reality, like a nightmare.

Leaving New Mexico a few days later, I knew my brother would make his departure flight, even though it was a close call because we were late, and I dropped him off outside the airport moments before the plane began to board. I knew he made it through security and to the gate because the tarot characterized his trip with two sixes. Six is ruled by the Sun, and in fire (action) it showed the successful action of getting to the airport, i.e. driving like a bat out of hell. As a conclusion card, Six in water (environment, emotions) showed he’d be successful in both meeting and reuniting with people; in other words, successfully getting where he was going and happily reuniting with his party. (For details on what success looks like on the tarot, click here.)

Elissa’s June 2014 Psychic Newsletter

June's Retrogrades
June's Retrogrades

Dear Friends,

The dog ate my homework… I had all kinds of troubles getting this newsletter out, one of which I could have avoided if I’d remembered to take probiotics before getting on a plane last Monday. When I forget to do that, I come down with whatever bug is going around in the lands of my fellow travelers. Invest in a week of pre-travel probiotics, vacationers!

Speaking of travel, I had a reassuring experience last week in Nevada City when I attended the 80th birthday party of my old friend Ed Buryn, author of “Vagabonding in the U.S.A.” and creator of the William Blake Tarot deck. It was impossible to imagine that Ed could be 80, but I didn’t really have to: Rasputin-like, he seemed to possess the same level of energy he had in San Francisco in the ’70’s. Maybe we don’t all have to get old the way we expect, and maybe I’ll be dancing my ass off at 80, too! At the party, Ed read a great and very long poem about reaching such a venerable age… here it is on my blog for your enjoyment.

I’m excited to announce a new kind of workshop at the end of June, “Unleash Your Intuition and Reach Your Goals”. It’s an evening and two days, an expansion of the circle work that includes shamanic practices and exciting creative processes.

Although the weather has been all over the place (it was freezing today!), Santa Fe will be extra-delightful this Summer. This year there are even more free music concerts, festivals, art happenings, and new restaurants opening. Not to mention the surprise of TWO Indian Markets at the same time, one a breakaway from the traditional S.W.A.I.A. event. I’ll be here throughout the season enjoying it all, and I hope to see some of you here. There’s a new Drury hotel opening the end of July just down the street from me on East Palace, across from where I do circles. They’ll probably have grand opening specials…

Have a wonderful month,

Love, Elissa

What’s New:

New tarot card meaning article on my website: Signs of Success in the Tarot click here

June Intuition Circles: Women’s Circle, Wednesday, June 18, 7 pm (I’m offering a Men’s Circle in July, please contact me if interested.) 2 hours, 7 pm, $45, downtown Santa Fe. To reserve a space: elissa@elissaheyman.com or 505-982-3294. If you’d like a private circle for a group of up to 8, please get in touch.

New June Workshop: Unleash Your Intuition and Reach Your Goals, or if you prefer my more flowery titles, Transformative Tarot and Earth Magic Workshop.Santa Fe, June 29th (evening), June 30th and July 1st. $350 includes art supplies and tax. Only two or maybe three spaces left. For complete details click here.

Do You Live in Santa Fe? Wednesday, June 11th at 4 pm at the Sweeney Convention Center at 201 W. Marcy St. is the last chance to save La Bajada Hill from strip mining. Public input matters at this special hearing! Be there or suffer the hideous dust, noise, and ugly sight of a strip mine at Santa Fe’s entrance. The showdown is this Wednesday beginning at 4 pm.

Psychic Counseling and Spiritual Healing sessions: I’m available for private sessions through the Summer in Santa Fe, or by phone. 505-982-3294

Psychic Messages and Suggestions for a Successful June 2014

Success comes to those who work at it, and can deal with the obstacles June presents. It can be stressful and kind of tough to get things done, although it’s an inspiring time for creative ideas.

The general guidance is to not get into it with anybody or anything. Don’t engage in a fight around what’s wrong with the system or individual. Don’t expect people and institutions to behave differently than they do. If you’re an individual, be on the lookout for exit points from conflict-prone situations. But if there are no exit points and you are a nation or race or gender, it will only be huge protests and united grassroots organizations that can go up against the powers that be. Fights get a lot bigger in the future.

The important retrogrades in June 2014: Four planets are retrograde in June including Mercury. June 7-July 1st. With that many retrogrades, it’s a natural omen telling people to slow down and do things carefully. Also, the kind of projects people are into in June tend to require extra planning and preparation, and going slow but steady will work the best.

It’s an excellent time to revise plans and do any re-doing that needs done. Now we can get pointed in a more successful direction.

You don’t often see the conclusion of things in Mercury retrograde periods. If a person doesn’t see concrete signs of success in June, they should remember how far they’ve come, rather than focus on what hasn’t happened yet. The stars can cause us to vacillate between optimism and doubt about our big goals. Whatever you’re trying to accomplish, try working through the mood swings.

Mercury retrograde in Cancer puts a focus on your home, the past, and family. It’s a good time to reconnect with your roots. Cancer rules the stomach, and you can feel what’s truly important to you more keenly. In the way Mercury retrograde has us look inward, you gain insight into how you’ve grown and changed, and how much you’ve stayed the same.

Neptune retrograde June 9th-November 6th: The dates suggest a lot of duplicitous activity around the U.S. mid-term elections. (Note on June 9th: I wrote this two weeks ago, before the outrageous deal announced today, the Republican bribe Dem. Phillip Puckett took to sell out disadvantaged Virginians.) It’s easy for political machines to be nefarious and behind-the-scenes-vicious with Neptune retrograde in Pisces. Yet that same influence can make individuals experience exciting breakthroughs in their personal and spiritual development. Neptune retrograde is an easier time to become attuned to subtle energies, their hidden creativity, and Nature.

June Horoscopes for the Fire, Water, Air and Earth signs

Read your Sun, Moon, and Rising Signs

Aries, Leo, Sagittarius:, Fire signs: Start stuff! Start stuff! You conquer your domain in new ways. Brush off doubt as you figure out how to manifest a goal, even though how is probably not an answered question this month. “Fitting into the world” is a theme you explore. Reach out this month, it’s empowering.

Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces, Water signs: You get looser and lighten up. New places and faces shine down on you…say yes to life and smile back! This is a month of gaining experience away from home and in beneficial environments. There’s something happier about the plans you’re making and your general outlook on life.

Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, Air signs: Something great, fun, and creative has a lot of complications leading up to it. Things are both screwed up and straightened out, and you can thank Mercury retrograde for this, which goes to the very end of the month. Expect adjustments and plan changes, but everything works out.

Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn. Earth signs: You know something that makes you feel safe; life is beginning to feel more solid. Your dreams have you imagining far into the future, and what you are picturing takes quite awhile to manifest. This month, however, don’t expect a lot of evidence of how good things can be.