Summer 2020 Wish Game and Solstice Psychic Insights

Whatever else is going on in the world in the Summer of 2020, it happens to be a good time to make a particular kind of wish, and do a little magic spell for yourself. The forces of nature moving now can present you with new ways to have your heart’s desire manifest.

Summer 2020 Wish Game

The wish to make, if you play this game with the Universe, should give you new or improved ways to up your sense of well-being. Make the wish about your creative fulfillment, your emotional fulfillment, and personally feeling good.

Making a wish about being able to fulfill yourself emotionally and creatively this watery, fluid, heavy-feeling season, is the easiest kind for these eclectic Summer forces to grant.

As well as this cycle’s propensity to make things “show up”, “water-heavy” also means the shit hits the fan with ease… instant karma! There is in no lag-time between mistake and correction… this gives the season a fiery quality because a lot happens.

In a positive-energy scenario such as connection-making around goals, things can move quickly, networks can form… anywhere there is trust, from new employees to friends you meet online. August can show the fruit of new connections made in this watery, fiery season. It should also show you the fruit of your wish, if it doesn’t show up beforehand!

When is a good time to cast a personal spell? You are actually doing it all the time, according to the law Energy Follows Thought, or as Reverend James of New Orleans put it: “The direction you look is the way you are going.” Your focus and the emotions behind it are what make things happen. However, this week when Neptune goes retrograde and imagination is high, plus Venus is going direct and the new moon eclipse has passed, is a very good time!