Psychic Predictions and Astrology for March 2023 by Elissa Heyman

Ruthless March 2023

March 2023 pictograph explication: The thin green covering of the earth is not enough to protect people or animals from poisons in the air and changes within the earth. March is ruthless when it comes to men acting out  nationalistic imperatives. It’s ruthless in the actions both man and nature take. The pictograph’s black background symbolizes the presence of a lot more death.

A Growing Concern:  Decades ago, Mayan wisdom keeper Hunbatz Men came to Santa Fe, and in a giant underground kiva north of here, told a big group of people what he saw in the future. At the time AIDS was the international health crisis, but Hunbatz Men said something was coming in the future that would dwarf the impact of AIDS, and it would come from birds.

When Covid came around and people thought it was maybe from bats, I remembered what Hunbatz predicted. Maybe it was bats he saw flying in his mind, and not birds. I assumed that until recently, when a few people around the world have contracted bird flu, while at the same time, the CIA has declared Covid came from a lab leak.

Hot Progress March in 2023 . The planets signal we’re on the verge of a torrent of scientific breakthroughs,  due to deep new understandings about how to fabricate materials and objects, and construct things.

March 2 2023:  (posted 3/2/23 with the horoscopes) Venus conjunct Jupiter in Aries: Willpower begins to increase, especially willpower to overcome one’s self-made obstacles. However, if a person isn’t aiming high with their life, the expansive energy of Jupiter can also exacerbate egocentric, self-righteous, and indulgent behavior. Vow to “do good” with the energy you’ve got: realize the power of your smile and flash it often; also, let people off the hook. Keep front and center in your mind what you dream about and desire for yourself.

March Boost: (posted 3/2/23 with the horoscopes)The influence of Venus conjunct Saturn in Aquarius: You can figure out almost any scheme, no matter how many moving parts. The details, the big picture, the ramifications and even timelines can be figured out as plans work their way through our heads.

March 7th. Full moon in Virgo opposite Saturn: a rough time on the battlefield in war zones. Relations between countries at odds with each other don’t improve.

March 15th   Sun conjuncts Neptune in Pisces: Artificial intelligence gets its official cosmic debut as the stars signal a revolutionary new world of AI is at hand. Helpful as it can be, it’s looked back on as a failed human experiment in profound ways.

Mercury conjuncts Neptune in Pisces mid-month,  and our problem-solving skills can be out of this world. People are finding new routes and new calculation to get around just about anything. New dreams and new visions are waiting for your receptive state, so find the time to dream, dream, dream!

March 20th Spring Equinox:  People are really going to feel the “new” in the new beginning that  Spring is all about, because so many are in quite different circumstances. It’s a good year to launch imaginative projects and continue to develop deeply personal creative expressions. Painters and writers are inspired! The 22nd is a powerful day to make a wish for the astrological New Year…from one Spring to the next, what do you want to grow more of in your life, what do you want to see develop?

March 25th ,  and are you ship-shape? The planets decree it’s  time to consider your body and what shape it’s in; it’s time to get strong and limber becomes here comes spring and summer!

March 2023 end of the month flavor burst:   Expect to be busy with lots of plan-making and communicating. The energy is restless and curious about the world, and the open road calls! New adventures await if a person reaches out and stirs something up.