Refreshing Your Spirit and Aiming High in April

Tonight’s class description of “Refreshing Your Spirit and Aiming High in April” on mentions the last few days of April… how do the last few days of April represent an opportunity? What’s the opportunity?

The Many Re-Sets of April and May

One of them seems to be that after a month of going through a lot of adjusting in May, and after the May 26th full moon lunar eclipse, new roads open up for people trying to move forward with their new lives.

In star talk, it’s the combination of Pluto retrograde in Capricorn, the full moon in Scorpio just hours ago, and Friday’s Sun conjunct Uranus in Taurus.

Short story, it says: “Accept what’s changing and true now, go and take action on what matters to you now. Look for what creates opportunity because the atmosphere is on fire: new ideas are loosed upon the winds. What’s new will naturally fill the space regret takes up.”

We’ll discuss some of the astro-opportunities coming up in tonight’s class and more…and maybe a surprise because the moon is full in change-making Scorpio! Bring your questions to get an omen about your own reset from the tarot.

Spoiler Alert: What refreshes your spirit is becoming lighter so it can be its happy creative self, and we’ll discuss how Pluto rx over the next five months helps with that.

Don’t forget to look at the moon tonight, we are still in its super-moon orb! I look forward to feeling you if not seeing you in our virtual class room. (Some people have wondered about the logs they are seeing in the camera view on my ceiling: they are “vigas” and a structural feature common to New Mexico adobes.) This class will be recorded if you want to listen later.

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