A New Source of Guidance and Full Moon Horoscopes

Seal Stone

A New Source of Spiritual Guidance

I am pleased to introduce a new way of getting helpful messages from spirit! If the guidance for your fire, water, air, and earth signs does not seem relevant, please let me know in the comments, as this new system like all attempts at communication, is an experiment.

It came about on the full moon in Virgo this past weekend. Mercury is the ruler of Virgo, the messenger from the gods to man, and a fortuitous time for the birth of a divination system.  It’s made of five objects with symbolic significance, including the playful seal stone from the Pacific Northwest, pictured above.

As soon as I did a little ritual outdoors to activate them, they were ready to deliver, and this is what I got for each element as guidance relevant to the full moon cycle, for instance, “What is healing now for the earth signs?” February 24th-March 10th.

(For readers interested in the art of divination, messages came from doing two different things. First, by simply holding them all together while focused on one of the elements, i.e. the Air signs. Then, making a design with them with the intention of getting a message from spirit for the Air signs.)

Messages From The Five 

Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Fire signs:  Let other people help you. This is how you can make good progress. Be kind in dealing with others, but explicit about what you need from them. You’re supposed to consider yourself strong and not so in need, but getting ready to offer. Act more and play more, it helps you be more creative. Money and money-making prospects look solid. Something new is developing and so it can feel like there’s a gap in your life, waiting to be filled. Wait ‘til August!

Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces, Water signs:  You’re unusually intuitive and in tune with your personal journey and how to make personally-important progress. Insight deepens. Dreams could be extra interesting, making it a fruitful time to keep a dream journal.   There’s something being shed now, as if you’re getting ready for an inner revolution. On the outside, life can feel quite “as usual”; it’s fine to lay low… and although nothing is different, everything is fine.

Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, Air signs: In the process of getting the Air messages, I got apprehended by the landowner whose ground I was sitting on,  and reminded I was breaking the law.  Anything that happens in the space of a divination process counts as part of it, and the message for air signs is that they have to deal with the consequences of their actions in some way. The world reacts to them. This absolutely does not mean you will experience something negative (think Gemini Donald Trump!). You could clearly see the positive consequences of your actions. Also, you’ll get important news, you’ll make discoveries …it’s a rather decisive time. However according to two objects left out and because the path is still ambiguous, it’s best to spend this time taking care of your health,  and any money issues if you have them. You might find ways to make more money.  Don’t expect to be rah-rah about life. Feel good about what you can do right now, that is all that’s required for future success.

Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, Earth signs: What to look forward to: knowing the fullness of things, and feeling in general more emotionally fulfilled. What looks important to take care of are all kinds of material world improvements. This is a time to work : to  gain strength and be make yourself healthier and better organized. It’s not a time to initiate new things, it’s not a time to goof off, it’s a time work on your own behalf.

Eclipse Season 2023 Revelations for Individuals and the Collective

October 2023 Questions + Chaos

Here’s a little more about this eclipse season, from a LinkedIn article posted today:

We are nearing the full moon lunar eclipse on October 28th, but its news is already spreading. The planets signal that collectives tend to retaliate, not negotiate. A full moon in stubborn Taurus, opposite don’t-back-down Sun in Scorpio means consequences land with a thud in the middle of things, and disrupt them.

For an individual, of course this can be great: an eclipse shows someone what is being let go of – the idea of some version of themselves being eclipsed, some circumstances no longer holding. At the same time, the consequences of the work they have already done – the foundation they’ve built – can present them with new opportunities. New directions can emerge…disrupting things can be good if you’re trying to get somewhere else.

What’s helpful to do during this in-between eclipses time? A personal assessment! What’s fallen away, what’s been accepted, what’s been revealed to you lately? Most importantly, what opportunities are now in sight? May the brightness of your realizations light your way forward…

Back to the doomed collective, feeling the blows from the concrete impacts of opposing natural and manmade forces. In one day, Acapulco was decimated on October 25th by a hurricane of historic force; a community in Maine was laid to waste by a mass shooter; a charming face to a new iteration of fascism gained a strong foothold in the U.S. government – and in this retaliatory atmosphere, Israel began incursions into Gaza with tanks.

in my October newsletter, I wrote about October 25th because I received a lot of disturbing psychic messages for 2023 on that day in 2022.  Here is a newsletter excerpt, but just the more encouraging eclipse horoscopes about your personal journey in October, followed by an explication of the psychic pictograph up top. )

October 2023 Eclipse Season Horoscopes

What do the stars have to say? The Sun and Mercury are conjunct, a good time to communicate with celestial beings! On October 23rd, the Sun enters Scorpio, and for Scorpios, their birthday week includes a full moon lunar eclipse, portending a year of surprising change. Everyone is likely to experience a week when a lot seems to change in their life and world, and fast.

Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Fire signs: You’re transitioning from the tail end of one long chapter of your life, to what’s new: new pleasures, more independence,  and a better idea of what’s going to make you happy now. Celebrate! But not overly because it’s especially easy to go overboard with food and drink.

Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces, Water signs: It looks like you’ve been organizing, tying up loose ends, and in general taking care of business. What’s next? Bigger challenges! In particular, more powerful presentations of your work.

Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, Air signs: Your plans for the future are impressive, and it looks like you can make very big things happen. However, this period calls for patience as there can be delays in getting what you need. Be cautious with your health, too…don’t take chances being around sick people, and don’t let yourself get run down. A lot of change is coming to get into the right position…keep your eye on the prize, and all’s well that ends well!

Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, Earth signs: Decisions you make now may be sudden, but the right choice. With very little evidence, you have an innate sense of what’s in your best interests. These include knowing where you physically and professionally belong.

About the feature picture, “October 2023 Questions + Chaos”  It’s about the helplessness of the individual. Unfortunately, it features someone who has been shot in the head.  Everything that happens raises so many questions and alarm. S–t really goes down. The red square is authority, colored for the planet of male energy, war, police, the army, and aggression: Mars.  Activities associated with Mars are what to expect.”

March 2022 Psychic Insights, Ukranian Spirit Message, Jupiter conjunct Neptune

March 2022 The Whole World is Affected (created March 7th)

Spirit Message from the Ukrainians: “Please help us. We’re martyrs. We’re dead, or we don’t come back for a long time. We need help now. Be careful what you wish for – is peace in your future? No. No peace, nowhere, it’s a dog eat dog world- the rulers win, the patriots die, the twisted metal of fate decorates the landscape with its hideous art.”  (March 6 message)

According to the March 2022 pictograph, it is a bloody month in Russia’s invasion of Ukraine,  one that gets more deadly towards the end. (A pictograph I doodled last week showed widespread fleeing from the south and east fanning out towards the borders in the north and west, and big attacks at the borders.) However, it looks like “bloody March” is contained to Ukraine in terms of people being slaughtered.  Then outside of that boundary, the area which symbolizes the rest of the world, it looks like Putin has plans to invade 3 other countries.

The stars are with Putin in this way: Neptune and Jupiter are conjunct in Pisces all month long, meaning deception is rife, secrets are many, and people can be fooled on a grand scale.

Re the use of nuclear weapons and the message, “The whole world is affected”: there was the sense of a small nuclear bomb, if there’s such a thing, in some way a limited nuclear bomb used on Ukraine, and it did more damage to the environment and earth ultimately, showing up as destructive effects in people years and years later. I didn’t get the impression that  the whole world was  involved in a nuclear war, but the whole world is changed by its wide-ranging consequences.

Calling All Artists! Although masters of deceit, hoaxes, scams, frauds, obsessive fixations, and all manner of get-rich-quick schemes flourish in this month’s energetic atmosphere, there are also positive consequences to Neptune and Jupiter conjunct in Pisces. For the individual artist or those seeking creative breakthroughs, new territory can be reached in creative realms, and capitalized on with this aspect.

Earthquakes: Another early March impression was the potential for impacting earthquakes, specifically in the Pacific Northwest and also the Southwest. It doesn’t mean they happen there in March, but maybe brewing.

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