Women’s Circle and November Psychic Events in Santa Fe

The last two circles in October were especially animated, one in California and one here in Santa Fe, all women and of different ages. Something that particularly impressed me is the natural mojo of a circle of women, gathering as we were for some kind of spiritual communion and healing work. It was as if underneath the surface, lifetimes of arcane knowledge glimmered through, the body and soul of each ready to assume instinctive, magic-making, energy-raising ways. Women’s circles can be exciting! I hope to do more and want to offer one a month, each 2nd Wednesday. The first Wednesday women’s circle is November 13th.

Arising naturally out of the latest circles, there are a couple of new procedures that I want to add to the circle format—I think they make for a richer, more results-oriented beginning and end. In the end, replacing a group divination with the Speaking Stones, the last activity is a group divination and psychometry reading from objects each person brings to the circle, a symbol of what they want to manifest. How the stones are now used is in the beginning, to introduce a dialogue with Nature and the insights and guidance we attract.

Listing the November circles, I was inspired to mention the astrological significators of the day they occur—here are some astrological omens for the days ahead, markers of likely themes in the circles but also an indication of what kind of ideas and experiences you might have at this time:

From my website’s circleworks page on my website:

November 11th, Monday night, 7 pm to about 9

11-11: Mercury trine Neptune, good for visioning and inspired ideas, and Moon trine Saturn, revealing what it takes to make something happen.

Women’s Circle, every 2nd Wednesday of the month, November 13th.

Neptune goes stationery direct, when dreams can move forward, stronger paths are forged, and original creativity spikes. For women only.

November 16th, Saturday night, 7 pm to about 9.

Full Moon Circle: The full moon is a good time to commune with your spirit, let go of the past, and get aligned with what’s in your heart. Saturday night’s full moon in late Taurus supports integrating new behavior that works better, breaking habits, being bold but not risky, and being lucky because you’re nice. Psychic question and answer circle, guided meditation, energy-release work, intuition development, goal energizing.

If you’re interested in coming to a circle, they’re small (4–6), and you both get individual attention and a group experience. Here’s a description:

An experiential intuition workshop and spiritual healing circle for 4-6. Strengthen your imagination, will and desired personal goal. Support your creative self in a circle for spiritual communion and healing. Clarify what’s important and what you want to create. Learn to access your happy, healthy, balanced self. Includes clairvoyant reading, tarot, divination, healing, intuition development and guided imagery exercises. November 11th, 7-8:45 pm, $45 plus tax. Other November circles are November 13th and November 16th.”


Led by psychic counseling and healing practitioner Elissa Heyman: “We can act on inspiration when we get clear about what we truly want. Then, we can genuinely bless our path and invest in it. In the circle, each person sees what it takes to achieve their heart’s desire, gets deeper insight about what is personally fulfilling, and receives what the Universe has to say that supports their creative path in life. Ultimately we create a battery out of the circle, to charge and bless each person in its center.”

For reservations email elissa@elissaheyman.com or 505-982-3294