2021 Psychic Predictions, the USA, and Outer Space

People Establish Themselves Anew. Tip: Focus on Short Term Goals and Take Life “One Day at a Time”

In the case of this year, it’s a good idea to skip to the end of the story, which is that things lighten up, they get better, and in the meantime, we have to be resilient and enduring, and resolve to see ourselves through to better days.  Material stability and staying healthy are the primary concerns this not so festive year. You might be waiting until the last 2-3 months of 2021 to experience a lighter atmosphere.

Regardless of the picture any of these messages paint of 2021 on a collective level, here is the feisty two cents from the spirit of the year, talking to individuals with dreams:

(December 21, 2020 Tweet): “2021 says: “Blast Off!” Some people are filled with ambition, struck with a mission. Go for it! This is when it occurs to you, and this is when to do it. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. Ignore the “buts”.

“Love” was the most powerful energy in 2021, and feeling love, and having love, the best tonic for your health. Connection with others is super important this year. However, it was also useful to lower expectations of others, thereby preventing stewing in resentment:

 (December 27, 2020 Tweet): “Nothing is more important for the well-being of the planet than your individual kindnesses. Or for the best year and bang, prioritizing your own self’s physical and emotional health. And be doing – no stewing! Don’t expect anything from anybody. Be Well!

It is not a sentimental year, though, it’s a year that respects being resourceful and doing. Being scattered and inefficient and missing in action, you will lose in 2021. The stars urge and help you to devise better ways of working, create new efficiencies, and learn to better cooperate with others, as well as your own self so you can navigate  between what you want to see happen, and tolerance for what is actually possible, given conditions. Focus on short term goals, and note your accomplishments each day.

2021 Predictions

On the Winter Solstice 2020, I had psychic pictures so dark and unsettling that I only posted the 2021 pictograph (with no explanation), and none of the other messages.  

But I also got comforting words on the Solstice that we get over a period of loss and separation, although it was from a spirit way in the future: “Behold! A new day comes. All is well. Everything is over, the anger is dissipated.”  Interestingly, the spirit from the far future said if there’s one thing to stop doing, it’s using plastics:  “…and, those plastics emitted gases that were not good for any living thing — eliminate the plastics.” The other practical advice given from the future was “always try to find ways to travel together.”

12/21/20 The Speaking Stones: “In the U.S., a rooted, plotted, creative act is in place. The unusual is here. There’s room for error. Women are left out; spirit is left out –and it’s unclear how things end up.”  

I believe this message is capturing the January 6th attack on the Capitol. “Rooted” means the roots of it are in the institution of the U.S. itself, plotted means pre-meditated, and creative means some big unique thing is trying to come about. Such a big statement about “The unusual” is because it’s historic and novel. “There’s room for error”: I did not understand this – in hindsight it’s that the creative act that’s set to go on and in the air on 12/21/20, reveals how unprotected the Capitol is, how there’s no chain of command protecting it.  “Women are left out” – the stone representing women was not in the design –  only Mars energy, masculine and with the mechanical in place. “Spirit is left out” is that it’s an unenlightened act, unholy, like the burning of the Alexandria library; and finally, “unclear” points out the consequences to the country can’t be seen. (That’s all I divined. In a moment of weakness and unprofessionalism, I was so taken aback by this menacing, powerful design that I impulsively destroyed it before reading everything it had to say.)  

To not convict Trump is to invite Chaos in, and evict the Rule of Law. Even if his mob turns on him and then keeps growing by itself, funded by Russians or whatever’s going on, democracy has a better chance of survival even everywhere in the world,  by having a trial in the Senate, and convicting him.

Automatic Handwriting: Messages About 2021 on the Winter Solstice

Question: (I ask the spirits for messages that paint a realistic picture of the year):

Answer:“You drew it.”  (That refers to the 2021 psychic pictograph below, “The Sun Shines Narrowly, Fires Burn Merrily”)

Q: Coronavirus?

A: It goes away.

Q: Trump?

A: He doesn’t.

Q: Where is he?

A: In the White House.

Q: Does he win?

A: Yes.

Q: Who is speaking?  (I asked this because the last answers didn’t make sense; Trump can’t be in the White House if Biden won, and I wanted to “try the spirits”, meaning I want to identify who is giving me these incomprehensible answers.)

 A: I am.  Always yours…anything else?  (This meant to me I was talking to a trustworthy spiritual guide. Now on January 15th, I maybe him still being in the White House is a metaphor for the possibility that Trump becomes president of a shadow government, and he can win in that he divides the U.S. and is still the leader to his base.  Maybe it means he wins because he can still go to war with America, and further divide it.)

Q: Women?

A: Where women are, is where women were. (This means that womens’ fate continues to cycle between highs and lows, and there is not a notable change in their lot.)

Q: Black people?

A: All done. Over. Annoyed. Angry. (I don’t understand “All done. Over”. It sounds like something frustrating happens, maybe a loss in power of their social/political movements.)

Q: Republicans?

A: Done.

Q: Nature?

A: Always… it’s always going to win.

Q: U.S. economy?

A: No. (This means the spirit will not answer this particular question – “No” is not a statement about the economy.)

Q:Stock market?

A: Up.

Note: In the Late May 2020 newsletter with predictions about Covid19 in 2020 and 2022, the idea that the pandemic is “over” was in the original 2022 message. However, what hogged all the attention in that divination was how mad people were in 2022 about the tremendous destruction to the economy and how badly the crisis was handled. This December message also declares  that Covid is more or less over with its rampage in 2021, although clearly not any time soon.

Month by Month 2021 Divination: In this experiment in communication, I tried to get messages that were a comment on each month of the year, which I recorded. Unfortunately, the “voice to text” microphone in Microsoft 365 turned itself off, and I learned the hard way I have to check that little red button! It’s a shame because it gave the most messages, and I remember only a few things. The messages are so stark, I’ll certainly know by the end of the year whether this is a good divination system are not:

May-June 2021: An event or circumstance that hits in May, where the effects are felt strongly in June, is some kind of blow that really knocks the wind out of peoples’ sails and is very crippling. People stagger under the weight of something hard to deal with, as is something comes ramming through, and this is felt in the U.S. Consequently, there are a few winners and many losers and many less people in the middle.

September – October: A recovery begins where things are getting righted, it feels like after an attack, but this is when it’s clear that there are only a few winners and many losers.  It also reduces competition in the marketplace quite a bit. The price of gold is higher in October.

November: Government and social services have to put different sorts of systems in place that never had to be instituted before, to shore up or support people or keep them safe.

Message from the Space People: The first message about their increasing presence is in a previous blog post, and here’s the second that comments about our human nature, and how we end up connecting with other beings out there.  Somehow this message was coming from planet Earth, and space beings. Both were gotten on the 2020 Winter Solstice:

“People have so much to release, to throw up.

You’re more malleable, changeable, than you’re acting. You’re acting like you don’t have the ability to see what isn’t working, and the will to change it.

You’re better than that! Call on your high self as an individual, and after a while, you’ll want to and learn to connect with high selves in a collective way that changes these conditions. Don’t worry about the conditions, worry about yourself.

And yes, we’ve been radioed, we are from different places in the universe. Your individual effort to change your own consciousness and ultimately create a collective consciousness that changes conditions here, will allow you to use a lot more technology… this is how you connect with The Others.”

Update on the 2021 Pictograph:  I have another thought now about that red star. Why is there a red star in the pictograph? I thought of the USA as being the subject of the pictograph, and immediately associated the red star with some striking impact coming from Russia. Now I think it also refers to the year-defining insurrection at the Capitol, because the star is the symbol on maps for state and country capitals. Here’s the original explication and more psychic predictions for 2021 at https://elissaheyman.com/blog/2021/01/06/2021-psychic-pictograph-and-impressions/

U.S.A.: A lot of people are left by the wayside in 2021, and the country is still divided. There is still a lot more deaths this year, and many people get very withdrawn, psychologically.  We are asked to wade through it all and carry on. It is both a great year when a lot of helpful scientific innovations give us hope, and a sad year. Interestingly,  people might also feel they have unusual good luck, but it’s because people consider changing their behavior for real, and they make a greater effort to meet their short term goals. Many do, to great effect!

Everything starts easing up in the Fall, but that’s also when what has failed or been lost is clearer.

Why we are experiencing so much loss in general in the world, according to Mother Earth, is that things got out of balance. What is so important that helps each person, is to take care of yourself, and maintain your personal health and emotional well-being by trying to live a balanced life. Things move fast this year, if you’re acting out of balance, the consequences can sideline you.

And finally, here is a story I told in the January 14thGet It Done in ’21” class, a parable about the year:

Once Upon a time in 2021

“Once upon a time in 2021 there was a young man who got into a huge conflict with his in-laws.

There was nowhere to go; there was nowhere to turn to because now, his in laws were living right under his roof,

 and his wife wasn’t sure who she was, and not always acting like his wife…

What to do?  What could he do?  Because now, they had to lean on each other for support. Now, they had to make money together.

And they’re still arguing about who is gonna do the dishes, and so to handle this, to get past this and to create a passage in his life from these worrying thoughts,  

he decided to take a little trip up to the mountains. It was peaceful up there chilly, cooler, brisk -but the higher elevation cleared his head and suddenly his heart began to speak,

 and it said,

“Sometimes you need different experiences; new experiences; unplanned ones – to grow to your deeper potential. They come as surprises… welcome and unwelcome… and take you off what you think is your path –  but no,  it’s your path to grow your heart now,  to be able to see past people struggling, and decide how you want to be, and this will make you strong, you will sleep well, no matter what’s going on.. that’s your passage and how you get through… your heart on fire about your life, not strife.  Decide how you want to be, and that will set you free.”

The young man inhaled the mountain air so sweet with pine needles, and decided all was well, and made his way back home, resolving to come back to the mountains more often, and take it one day at a time.”