Elissa’s January 2020 Psychic Newsletter

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December 2019 Psychic Astrology and Guidelines for Success in 2020

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How to Succeed this Week, April 4-10 2018

[st_row][st_column][st_text el_title=””][/st_text][st_row_2 id_wrapper=”elm_5ac4e3022fd7f” ][st_column_2 span=”span12″][/st_column_2][/st_row_2][st_text id_wrapper=”text_371a9c93eab4de5faf2c94b8968bcd85″ ]April 4-10, 2018: Dominated by the planets Saturn and Pluto, this week can be challenging. People can feel like they go through various tests and pressures that bring up what needs fixing and doing, and what needs to be thrown out. When dealing with authority or meeting deadlines, bluffing your way out of anything isn’t likely to work. The planets urge us to do something about any situation…to change the status quo through action. It can be an eye-opening and productive week if we don’t use the friction to blame anyone, but to make a difference and be catalyzed into action. Glaring circumstances can get us to improve the way we do things, the state of our equipment, and shift our attitude from being overwhelmed by it all, to taking charge. The weekend gives us a heavy dose of planets that are hard to party on, but helpful for projects due such as taxes, or getting the ground ready for planting. You’re likely to come across things that need to be rooted out. It’s the perfect time to identify waste and take out the trash![/st_text][/st_column][/st_row]