The Wild West, Road Trips, and 2023 Psychic Update

I love the way William Shatner narrataes strange tales on tv show, ” The Unexplained”…puts me back to being ten years old at summer camp,  listening to scary stories around a fire.

The latest one featured  The Weird Wild West, and two of the stories were about places and events I know something about.

One of the stories was about the Superstition Mountains in California. Supposedly there’s a huge gold treasure buried there, and hundreds of people have died looking for it, and the local Natives have put a curse on the land to discourage treasure hunters wrecking the environment in that area.

I’d never heard of these mountains when I moved from California to New Mexico in the late ‘80’s, but driving through the Arizona desert on my way to Santa Fe,  they caught my eye, and I took a detour to get closer.

Soon after a sign came up announcing the “Superstition Mountains” on that deserted road,  something strange happened:  I became aware of a force field, something that made me open the windows and feel what was so intense and present in that place, and suddenly, my car died all by itself. It had gas, my foot was on the pedal, and it just stopped.

Nobody was around so I could leave it there, and I walked the short way up to the mountains in front of me.

Up close there was some signage about rattlesnakes, and that they had green skin! I didn’t see any but I did see my first iguana in the U.S. in those mountains; he was also a very vivid green.  I did not experience anything that felt malevolent, just supernaturally powerful, the kind of spot Carlos Castenada of the don Juan books referred to as a power spot. My consciousness expanded up there and my connection to spiritual guidance was definitely boosted – I got a lot of deep insights about myself and my future in New Mexico.

I walked back out with great trepidation toward my dead car, but it started right up, I was done there.

Another story on the Weird Wild West episode on The Unexplained  is about giant birds like pterodactyls that roamed the Southwest at the turn of the century. And maybe still!  There are photos from decades ago of one killed in Tombstone, Arizona, and even a video of one flying in Idaho in 2018.  (In the comments, more than one person at the same time reports seeing them in far-flung places like a miliary base in Cuba.)

I heard two different stories from people I know in Santa Fe. One was about a teenager hopefully about to have sex one full moon night.   He and his girlfriend were driving down a dirt road west of town, looking for a place to park, when a tremendous force  of wind that sounded like a small airplane blew dirt and dust all over his truck. He could feel the force of the wind driving into it.

Up ahead they could make out a giant bird trying to take off, flapping its wings which spanned the road and more, with a triangular long head.

Definitely blew that date, she couldn’t wait to get out of there!

The other flying-dinosaur story I heard was from someone I know who was driving from  Santa Fe to Albuquerque down La Bajada Hill, and looking west, both she and her daughter saw a pterodactyl-looking monstrous big bird flying over the valley towards Cochiti.  They watched in disbelief until it disappeared.

Getting ready for a few days of change-of-scene, I’m hoping as usual to see something unusual out the window. Courting the unknown down unfamiliar roads and Nature’s awesomeness are what road trips are all about! I’m hoping for revelations about the year ahead, too, and if they show up in Texas or Oklahoma next week, I’ll post them in the 2023 newsletter for the year coming in January.  (If you want to see how my predictions fared for 2022, here is the January newsletter)

P.S. I’m doing in-person sessions in Oklahoma January 16th-19th, for more info.


Elissa’s Spring Psychic Newsletter, June Horoscopes, Classes, and Workshops

June 2022

Dear Friends,

A lot has happened in the sky, in the world, and probably in both of our lives since my last newsletter in January. I’ve cut back on everything but my private practice… so many more people want support in their personal lives now, and although my winter breakthrough Covid case was mild, I think it decreased my energy level until very recently.

The most welcome and wonderful sound is hitting my windowpane right now: rain! Northern New Mexico is on fire to the West and the North, and rain has never been more needed. Raging to the North is the biggest wildfire in the history of the state. Fierce winds have been whipping it into a frenzy for days now. With it still being Mercury retrograde until early June,, it’s hard to know whether if it’s really on the wane like it seems.

Meanwhile, Santa Fe is busy with tourists, and last weekend hosted a brand new festival, The Santa Fe Literary Festival, Everywhere in the world these days, life goes on while chaos is on display in some quarter! It was a huge success, an instant hit with internationally known speakers, workshops, and events.

Speaking of festivals, I was just in New Orleans for JazzFest, where giant crowds of people were enjoying themselves like before Covid. I had a miraculous cure for arthritis and sciatica and any other pain while I was there, the day before Jazz Fest started!

While at the sculpture garden in City Park, I got bitten on the top of my left foot by a black imported fire ant. My lower leg got swollen and numb. Weird blisters formed on my foot. However, within a short time, all the pain I normally experience on my left side, absolutely ceased. I walked around like I did when I was in my twenties. It took about 5 days before its pain-medicating effect wore off.

Back in Santa Fe, I Googled “ant bites to relieve pain” and sure enough, there were dozens of reports about this miracle of the fire-ant bite. Also, certain ants were historically used by different indigenous people for pain relief…they’d jump in a river after getting bitten because it is a helluva painful sting. Some people die from the bite, though, just like some die from bee stings.

I’m glad to be writing to you all again, and to resume some other activities, too: I scheduled a new series of short Summer classes to help navigate the months ahead, one with guided meditations and healing practices, the other with psychic insights and horoscopes.

I’m offering something new, too, for both visitors and locals: a mini-workshop that includes a psychic message and healing circle through (Viator is an international company that offers local experiences through TripAdvisor.) Its format is inspired by a fun night in Santa Fe working with a group of 12 New Yorkers in a hurry…

Best to you all, and I hope your June is full of interesting experiences like my pictograph suggests!

Love, Elissa

Itinerary and Events

Short Summer Classes Online: The 1st of each month, and 30th of the month this Summer beginning June 1st: Seven new LearnItLive Moments are listed on my expert page, with classes on the 1st featuring helpful insights for the month ahead, and horoscopes. Classes on the 30th feature guided meditations and self-healing techniques to meet the coming month’s ups and downs.

There are over 40 recorded metaphysical classes on different subjects available on my LIL page, many of them totally free, . If you want to register to gain access, go to

Please use my referral code when prompted, thanks in advance: elissalilplus

Santa Fe Intuition Workshop, June 3rd, 4-5:15 pm, listed on I’m happy to do this event any day,. not yet sure how to set up the listing so that people understand they can book it to fit their schedule…if five people book before June 3rdthis one listed is on! Cancellation is free.

Massachusetts, Boston area: In-person psychic and healing sessions August 25-29th, please email or text 505-577-4012 for information.

Northern California, the Bay Area up to Mt. Shasta: October 6-14. Two private group sessions are tentatively scheduled around Sonoma October 8th and 13th.  To schedule individual sessions up north, or in the Bay Area October 6-7 please email 505-577-4012.

Psychic Counseling and Spiritual Healing in Santa Fe for in-person or phone sessions: through August, 24th, and all of September.

Spring 2022 Messages from the Stars

Mercury Retrograde in Gemini, May 10-June 3rd: Communication snafus and technological mishaps are likely through May 24th When Mercury slides back into Taurus until June 3rd, it’s harder to maintain physical health goals, money goals, and in general slows production. However, this aspect can also work a miracle: it can help you flip a story you tell yourself that makes you struggle. This leads you to discover how to develop more of a flow to your day, and tap into your natural energy to get things done.

June Mercury Rx: Mercury goes direct June 3rd, but out in the world, nothing moves forward; too much happened during the retrograde, meaning there’s a lot to take care of generated by the recent past. Lots of re-organization projects happen now.

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio, May 15th: All through April’s wild ride and continuing into May, people have been prompted or forced to see the truth, change their lives, and move on. Super-impactful events, karmic choices, and May’s full moon eclipse cap a cycle of change in which it becomes clear how you have built on the good or given into the bad within yourself. It’s a powerful time that reveals individual and collective karma. As well as revealing what’s what, the Scorpio full moon lunar eclipse is also a powerful motivating force to make changes. Unfortunately, it’s also a sign of increased senseless violence, murder, and mayhem.

Eclipse Message for the U.S.: Big changes in the coming months will make our collective direction clear re how divided we are and if and how we might come back together. The Summer Solstice portends lots more political propaganda and the continued rise of powerful individuals with influence. The big way things change for the public is that it could become a lot more lawless. There are also many more vulnerable people breaking down, pushed by change farther than they can go, We are in the middle of a violent cycle, not at the end.

Spring Message about War: “We Are One. This Will Prevail. Boiling Over Isn’t Fate, it’s how things get to be over, and with the loss of structure, the need to come together is born. Re Ukraine: Total plunging into chaos this Spring, the worst is yet to come. Failure to arm Ukraine with the weapons they need the most, when they needed them, will only work for those with bad motives. Hoping for world peace by not stopping Putin’s aggression from the start doesn’t work. What happens if no order, no cohesion, is as strong as the forces of destruction? Man cries, he suffers, and leaves behind his progress for some other group to pick up.”

(March 6 Ukraine message here in blogpost “March 2022 Psychic Insights, Ukraine Spirit Message, Jupiter Conjunct Neptune.”)

In the future, cities become more important population centers in the U.S. and elsewhere, and still have bad air quality.

Mental Health Alert: The planets signal it’s a slipperier slope than usual when it comes to bad habits, and it’s easy to get quite unbalanced. This is no time to give up and slide into dysfunction, fragmentation, and disorder. Aim higher than that and surprise yourself!

Late Spring 2022: Life doesn’t get any less stimulating and chaotic – June is like a colorful kaleidoscope, and to avoid being dazzled by multiple fragments of life around you, take the straight and narrow path each day towards personal goals.. Boundaries will be crossed… but stay out of the fray! Listen more than talk. A terrific personal goal for June is physical fitness: play sports, build strength, and get outdoors to new places.

Psychic Horoscopes for Spring 2022 featuring June

Read Your Sun, Moon, and Rising Signs

For Everyone: Stay focused on what you want to build. Stay connected to groups that you are responsible to, or friends and collectives that keep you connected to life in a positive way.

Mid-May Guidance: It’s an excellent time to pay your debts. Pay your bills, pay your taxes, pay whatever you think you owe, whether an explanation, an apology, or money.

June is Opportune: When your hard work and expertise meet an opportunity in June, bingo, a new direction appears. Many “meant to be” things can occur in June, including lots of repositioning that is complete around December. People move to feel safe and secure.

Make 2022 About Personal Success,  according to a horse: Act like jockey Sonny Leon on his epic Kentucky Derby-winning ride atop Rich Strike: maneuver yourself closer and closer to your goals in little doable steps. Then when opportunity strikes, you’ll be ready to fly! Regard the preparatory steps as stepping stones, rather than a reminder you still aren’t where you want to be.

Spring Fire signs, Aries, Leo, Sagittarius: First, “get your house in order” so you’re prepared for where life takes you. Even though you have plans and ideas about where you want to go, and to expand, it turns out to be more of a step-by-step process that requires more time and effort than you’re thinking. It’s better to make do with less, to not overdo anything or over-promise, to be conscientious when it comes to others’ well-being and their trust in you.

June for Fire: New territory, new jobs, travel plans, invitations and offers, await you in June. Just say yes to everything and then sort out what works and what doesn’t. It’s a successful month and more harmonious than early in the Spring.

Spring Water signs, Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces: You’re about to go through a lot of change; not anything new for you because you’ve already been through so much! Your will is strong to do what it takes to succeed. Some hopeful and positive feelings are brand new. Topsy turvy and willy nilly doesn’t matter, just get things done in whatever order they can be handled. New relationships feel karmic, and good.

     June for Water: Mercury retrograde’s effect of creating the unexpected hits water signs the most. Pleasure may need to be delayed, or progress slowed. It’s temporary!

Spring Air signs, Gemini, Libra, Aquarius: The personal healing you go through and the sacrifices you make this Spring are how you regain power and momentum. You also might indulge in flights of fancy, travel, and magical thinking. Hither and thither, where should you go? You’re on the lookout. If you seek and don’t find, it could be that you don’t need what doesn’t appear. Better plans and paths are coming.

  June for Air: June news is good news! After a busy and energizing end of May, you’re primed to start on a new path… it’s more clearly marked for success.                                                                    `

Spring Earth signs, Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn: Even though you’ve considered doing more, it’s most important to keep things manageable. Only partner with those you know and trust. You become more level-headed and wiser about how to get what you need, and how to get your own self to do what needs to be done. Determination is high to make the new and desirable, possible.

    June for Earth: You’re getting into better earthly shape, with a life you enjoy more! You also get more organized and practical and financially fit. You’re done with some past. New goals are looking more reachable. Stabilization is in progress!

Elissa Heyman is a psychic counselor and healer based in Santa Fe, New Mexico, in professional practice since 1979. She works by appointment from her plaza area office, and consults by phone with clients anywhere. Elissa also teaches online at, and offers workshops through Contact:  

Elissa’s June 2021 Psychic Newsletter

Summer 2021 HOT

Dear Friends,

It’s an early morning in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and I’m writing you from a public, but semi-secret, spot right in the heart of the city. It’s the leafy, green Stations of the Cross garden by the St. Francis Cathedral. The smell of roses is very faintly in the air, and then someone’s coffee as they walk by on the other side of the wall.

This is a nice place to be on a hot day, and so is the humungous rose garden on Galisteo and Cordova. I visited it just for the color and the perfume – hundreds of different colors and kinds of roses are in bloom, the trees are magnificent, very big and green, and there’s a big blue fountain with some kids splashing around in it.  

Santa Fe was a great place to be during the pandemic, and now it is fast getting back to its “wonderful place to visit” self. The streets, restaurants, and sights are crowded again, and I no longer feel my face is naked when I walk downtown without a mask. Everything’s back but music and dancing.  However, I will slap all that back on if the Delta variant comes here, or some new variant with super-powers emerges.  It is so easy to forget we are not really done with this, when the restrictions are lifted like they are here.

I hope in your life, the cool green center of somewhere beautiful is right in your back yard! My Summer psychic pictograph below predicts you will want some shade.

Enjoy the rest of your Spring… there are a lot of high-impact celestial events coming up – in fact, one important one today and I will add a paragraph about it right now… in general, the best defense is to make your default mode a relaxed state.

Love, Elissa

EVENTS  I’m in Santa Fe for in-person  psychic counseling and spiritual healing sessions, please be fully vaccinated. I forgot what lovely surprises people bring each day: yesterday I did an impromptu psychic  circle for a visiting foreign family with many eager teenagers – very energizing!

 Please get in touch to set up an appointment at, text 505-577-4012, or landline 505-982-3294.

June 23rd, 6 pm Mountain Time, a new LearnItLive class: 45 minute free online class with live readings, “Summer Success Tips from the Stars and the Spirits” on There are also many recorded classes posted on my class page.   I see coming up there are a lot of free LIL classes to help deal with job burn-out, too. This is the kind of in-between time when burn-out can happen!  

Tarot on the Move: I contributed to a blog article with 29 other professional tarot readers in the U.S. and Canada, on a real estate site! Learn how to create a place in your house to read the tarot! gathered everyone’s thoughts here at

Psychics and Pandemics: Historical and Current Trends:  I also contributed to PrimeTime magazine’s May 2021 cover article, “Psychics Emerge as Popular Guides to Post-Pandemic Life.” It discusses how people viewed psychics in previous pandemics as well as this current one, and another New Mexico psychic and I report on what we learned from clients about the impact of the pandemic.   

June 2021 Psychic Messages and Insights

There are a LOT of retrograde planets in June and July, and the basic advice is to go slow your own self! Pushing the river, or anyone, can get your cortisol level up. There’s a general slowing down of deliveries now, whatever you’re expecting. Do everything with care now. If money is a concern, slow down spending, too.

In the air now is Summer, and it is going to be blazing hot! The weather says, “Wait ‘til Fall and I’ll pelt you with water, winter weather, snow and hail!”

Covid: People, be cautious, be wary… creep slowly like a wild animal, towards something that you don’t know whether it’s alive or dead. An unpredictable and still spectacular phase of the virus continues in different places around the world.

Re the scary messages in previous newsletters about something really unsettling happening to people in May-June, I think it was the tremendous death toll in India, and the emergence of the Delta variant there.  

Message about the youth, those being born now, and the young people who speak up now: “As bright as stars, these new ones come from above. Their great spirits leap towards a positive future, and with all their might, fight for it. Beware the young, they’ll cut off the old power structures ruthlessly, the minute they get in control.”

Channeling from Outer Space: “There’s much more contact on the ground, informing, informing, informing. The reason for the informing is: You being on the verge of discoveries that empower beyond current scope. You being informed of the larger order is an imminent, pertinent, task. Good luck with ballooning out into the world of possibilities in the Age of Aquarius, and being one with all, and all with one binding connection.

Yes, there’s truth to the idea that you were made of clay, and were breathed into. The metaphor you seek is CRSPR, and one to come.”  

Another message about outer space:  The rocket ship culture and people interested in going to space, gets much bigger now. Between billionaires, the race heats up to get out there and bring others.

Psychic Pictograph’s Summer Outlook: The red and black upper corner I thought was disease, Covid19,  and the strategies to deal with it. It appeared bad in some places but not yet all over the place again.

It’s going to be crazy hot this Summer. Re air quality, there’s progress:  there are improved laws, commitments or agreements for clean air, and action on global warming.

People are strong willed and behave like troupers this Summer. They push on, determined to make progress and get their work done and needs met.  

Eclipse Season Takeaway, May 26-June 10th for individuals:  The impact can bea powerful urge to free yourself, especially from self-imposed restrictions, and habits and fears that stop you from doing something different.

What gets revealed in this cycle is truths about yourself that keep you in place. What can occur to you are the actions on your part would change that – what you need to do to get somewhere new. It’s true that it’s a good time to learn and adopt better ways, and come up with improvements, but beware of expecting miracles! With so many planets retrograde in June and July, wheels turn slowly in general.  

This eclipse season is in effect, a reality check that motivates us to do better.  

Saturn squared Uranus, June 14th (just added): A feisty time for sparring world leaders Biden and Putin to be meeting – Mars is also in Leo, where it can bring out peoples’ egos. The planets suggest that neither party backs down, but if they were willing to cooperate and brainstorm, great progress could be made. For individuals, people need to be patient with the transition process that goes on until the end of the year. This not-easy square, and conflict between the old and the new in you, happens 3 times in 2021: last February, today, June 14th, and late December – so, basically, all year! Deep, grinding but positive changes come about during this slow-moving transformative transit –  hang in there!

Horoscopes and Predictions from June’s,  (This is where to go online if you want to see your psychic horoscope and predictions on the 1st of the month!)

June 2021: For individuals, a romantic, emotional, homey month, but watch being overly sensitive, meaning don’t get prickly because you are taking peoples’ words and actions personally. June’s mantra for staying in a comfy-with-your-life zone is: “Let it Go.”

As a collective, people think in terms of extreme measures in June, and if their home is threatened, can react violently. June is a violent, deadly month where there’s conflict.

It can feel like an unstable, in-between time for a lot of people. Take it easy! Like magic, the skies clear right after the Summer Solstice (the last week of June), when emotionally you’ll be more on board with your goals, and clear about your direction. On the 22nd Mercury goes direct, and we can more easily act on recent lessons. A full moon on the 24th   makes us aware of what we need to do to get going, and keep going in the right direction.

Even though it’s summertime, at the end of June you might be in the mood to get it together and prepare as if it were Fall, and not the beginning of Summer!

June 2021 Quick Hits for the Astrological Signs

Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Fire: You’re figuring out what you can keep in your life, and what you need to leave off in the midst of a lot of personal change and moving towards new roles. Some things feel like they are not happening fast enough.  You need to adapt and change. To change your habits and routines and priorities – to fix this – you need to reach for a higher place within you, and then go out in the world.

Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces, Water: You get good news about trips, about people saying “yes” to you about something you want – maybe someone is pregnant, maybe love wins, and you’ve got evidence you get to do more of what you want. Love and true self-understanding bring you gifts this month!

Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, Air: You’re busy thinking about the future, and realizing how you got to the place you are now, and this theoretical phase is not a time to act, but to plan positive developments to match your generally good feelings about shaping your life going forward.

Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, Earth: You’ll learn by trial and error this month, which gets you to better places once you see what doesn’t work. It’s a transitional period and all that counts is how it ends up, and that you’re learning to fit in to the environments you belong in.

Spring 2021 Psychic Newsletter with May Horoscopes

Dear Friends,

I hope all of you are seeing light at the end of your tunnels… I’m getting on a plane exactly two weeks after my second Covid vaccine, and that’s the light at the end of mine!

For 3 days after the second shot, though, all I did was sleep and look at entertaining articles on my phone. Those spacey bouts of smartphone scrolling bring you this gem of a UFO article for your procrastinating pleasure: The stories are all plausible yet fantastic, except I think the 11th report may be about man-made (but secret) technology.

I hope to see some of you in Santa Fe when travel is safe – there are already a lot of people in town, a lot of full restaurants and patios, but I think it’s too soon to know for how long. My hope is to open my own business on May 7th, and I also look forward to working with groups – many have been coming to Santa Fe. My sincere hope is that however Covid19 and its variants progress, I can connect with some of you face to face, and very soon!

It’s a transformative Spring with lots of heavyweight planetary action – read all about it below, plus Spring and May horoscopes, and

have a fruitful, beautiful Spring,



Events: I’ll be unavailable for phone sessions April 30-May 4th. To make an appointment any other time, please contact me by text at 505-577-4012, or, or landline 505-982-3294. In-person sessions in Santa Fe can be booked for May 7th and later.

PrimeTime magazine in Albuquerque will feature an interesting article I was interviewed for, on the historical use of psychics during pandemics, and what psychics are seeing from their clients during this one. I’ll post a link in the next newsletter.

October 13-18th, New Orleans, and I’m available for in-person psychic and healing sessions on two of those days. Please get in touch for what should be a magical house call.

Classes Coming Up On – Next Tuesday the 27th: The next online event is a Spring Re-Set symposium class: “Refreshing Your Spirit and Aiming High in April”:

April 27, 6:30 pm Mountain: “Spring’s natural cycle of refreshing our spirit is tinged this year by Pluto going retrograde, meaning the force is with us to shed the outdated and unserviceable and reach high for our personal goals. A very big re-set can occur if we allow it! Other planetary forces combine to message us: “Aim high, operate more freely, and surrender to deeper change and bigger dreams.” In this experiential class, we’ll discuss the opportunity the last few days of April present, and you’ll be guided through a new meditation to help reach goals and get messages about your own well-being. Live psychic and tarot reading at the end of class for questions about letting go or reaching personal goals.

There are quite a few free classes on intuition anyone can look at up on my LearnItLive page at

Spring 2021 Psychic Insights

This Spring, the stars conspire to help us go deeper, and see what is really important to us now, and how to constructively pay attention to the dreams and desires we want to manifest. Spring is always a time of new growth and beginnings, but this is a super-new time, the beginning of an 800 year cycle that helps us change our ideas and social structures. There are big wheels turning, and it helps to take the long view where you’re patient with the turbulence of disconnection from the familiar. Take your time, strive to live a balanced life, and Spring 2021 can be a rich and momentous season of personal discovery and growth.

As for the pandemic, previous predictions showed much more death ahead, so in case that is right, God forbid, don’t let your guard down. Covid is looking for a way to spread everywhere – even if it lays low for awhile. The May pictograph suggests two different things to me: lots of people don’t get vaccinated, or that “Yankee ingenuity” comes up with a solution to the pandemic. Maybe both are true!

Spring 2021 Psychic Horoscopes Read Your Sun, Moon, and Rising Signs

Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Fire signs: You work happily towards a future that involves making more change than you’re expecting! Do not light yourself on fire yet in an effort to get yourself out in the world, it’s better to smolder and stoke the fire. Don’t put a big effort into promoting yourself and marketing your new ideas, it’s better to work on the development and the creation of something.

Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces, Water signs: You recently came upon something magical, and uniquely yours to capture. Yes, something special is happening! You might develop tunnel vision this Spring, focused on your various interests or concerns. This puts a premium value on your time. New priorities or a greater allegiance to them shape your day. Now there’s a burst of energy for self-realization and to know what’s important to you, what gets you inspired and gets you to do the work. A strong spring start for the water signs!!

Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, Air signs: There’s some change in your home. There could be a change in location to where you feel better suited emotionally and financially, and more at peace. Upcoming changes can occur more easily in August. You’re in a much lighter, and if you are contemplating a change, it looks like it really suits you, and puts you more at ease and in a more fulfilling place. Weather the bumpy beginning!

Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, Earth signs: Capricorns climb to a more stable, higher, better-feeling circumstance. Earth signs in general are a lot more sure of their direction, of what’s happening, what should make them secure, and where their efforts should go. They go up a notch to the better fate they deserve.  Creative endeavors can move ahead.

Spiritual Guidance for All Signs:

Be Like Aries the Ram:  In April’s strong Aries energy, people are quite pointed about their desires and goals, and don’t have so much trouble refusing to cater to other people. They see what it takes to get something done, and like a ram, charge towards their own agenda.

The emotional atmosphere between people can get murky and intense in April, however. Just ride out self-doubt and uneasy feelings if that happens,  and do what you need to get done. It is also a mystical time when a lot of meaningful coincidences and synergies occur – follow your inner inclinations to connect!

Spring Beauty Tips:  A key to your future is Self-Care Now!  Don’t run yourself down chasing anything. Get your beauty sleep, get outside in the fresh air, and get in shape for success.

Plea from Nature: Nature Sez:Hey! Guys! Are you paying attention to the water? Be Water-Aware, more than Air-Aware, more than Terra-Aware…be Water-Aware! Countries, Please! Cooperate and make treaties around water: its cleanliness, its safety, its flow.”

Signs and Omens: The stars suggest that leading up to April’s Full Moon on the 26th,  prioritize work that gets you into the world you want to inhabit. The Aries energy is  “Me, Myself, and I” – go with it!  By the end of the month, there should be signs of your direction and the fruits of your efforts. You’ll also learn whether you did, or did not do enough or the right things, to achieve your goals.

Pluto goes retrograde on April 27th, and this helps people change. Pluto energy is change through the destruction of the old so a more serviceable structure can be established. In the next 5 months, people change a lot from the inside out.  People make room for new infrastructure that allows them to grow again. Spring 2021 is the beginning of a big turning point.  

Happy Birthday Aries! Your card and horoscope appeared on my blog – here it is again for newsletter only readers:


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Aries 2021-22 You So Bold!

Aries 2021: You’re way busier. Get ready, prepare for action. 2022 is your year! All ways are good ways if how you act in them is a good way – even if you are experiencing something that doesn’t work, or someone who needs to go. You can’t go wrong this year, success is an inside job. Declare “all is well in my world”, meaning, you understand you have control over what you’re paying attention to. Control of your world is a focus this year. Stay lean, stay empty.. it’s a good year to lose excess weight of all kinds. In general, you’re in an especially new-feeling new beginning this year, and be bold with yourself in what you’re willing to both let go of, and embrace. Aries in the beginning of the year, weren’t supposed to put a lot of cash out unless obviously needed –  the 2nd half of the year was better.

Happy Birthday, Taurus! Here’s your birthday horoscope and healing meditation:

Taurians are not yet able to see the big changes they want to make coming up –  the evidence isn’t in yet, but it could be in a few months. There is also a significant offer or opportunity in September, representing a wish come true! All is well.  It’s a natural time to get settled, but in the best place for you, which could mean that you consider moving. Some Taurians change location for professional reasons or change their home for the better.

Healing Meditation for You: The color orange, which is associated with strength, can be used as a meditation to protect you, to help you stay in your own centered place; imagine it in surrounding your midsection while you relax somewhere private.  Store some of it inside you: breathe it in and fill your spiritual stomach with this source of strength and endurance. 

May 2021 Psychic Horoscopes, Read Your Sun, Moon, and Rising Signs

Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Fire Signs: There might be uneasiness or worry about something you’re trying to do, but give your projects time, things look good. You might be at the beginning of a project and not be in sync yet to be really productive.  If you are at odds with the process of manifesting  what you want, know you can figure it out in time.

Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces, Water Signs: There seems to be a difference of opinion going on in your life about what roles you are to play. It can be an energetic pull and push to accomplish everything you want to get done for yourself, let alone others. Within yourself,  it also looks likely that you go through significant changes of mind and changes of direction. What’s important for you to be doing? Water signs might be questioning their official partnerships when they feel off their course. They’re ultimately successful in finding management workarounds.

Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, Air Signs: Something is clearly over and something very successful is being worked on,  and soon you’ll see the value of having had an empty canvas –  a blank slate in some way that allows you to move forward with what looks to be worthwhile. If it’s business, it’s a lucrative endeavor and this time, something that really works. 

Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, Earth Signs: There is a lot you have to do, no way around it, to get out in the world literally and figuratively. And not every trip and project goes as expected! You have to pay more attention to what your goals require. Your desires created this happy problem! Now let your efforts make all you’ve conjured up, successful.

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