Leverage the Special Strength of this New Moon in Virgo

New Moon in Virgo
New Moon in Virgo

This is the new moon before the Harvest Full moon, a special time to make hay while the sun shines. You may have felt its new energy on Sunday the 23rd, when the Sun went into Virgo. It’s an easier time to get clear about what one has the heart to commit themselves to for the next couple of weeks, and maybe rearrange their lives around new priorities for a lot longer time than that.

Now is an excellent day to make a commitment to whatever you want to make concrete, establish, and consolidate around. You can create new foundations, but expect to have to narrow your focus and eliminate or rearrange things.

Alignment of heart, body, and soul becomes easier, and so does contact with the higher dimensions.

Do you want feedback from your wise inner self or the higher dimensions in universe about what your New Moon goals? Here’s an exercise to do when you have some privacy: Write down on the top of a piece of paper something like this: “Anything that can come through, anything the Universe has to say to me, (substitute wise inner self, Divine Order, whatever…)

The next step is two part: First, open up in your own mind to what is important and true for you now. This new moon in Virgo is an excellent time to construct and execute a pleasing plan.

Then, with the expectation that whatever is wise and true will respond to your statement: Write it all down, the important things you are committed to making happen.

Underneath it write something like, “Anything that can come through”, and then just let yourself write whatever does come through…this is automatic handwriting. You might try this visualization: You are sending a note to a much deeper self of yours, many floors below you, and they send you a note up from your own depths.

Next Sunday the 31st, repeat this automatic handwriting exercise to see what your inner self has to say about the direction of things, and when the planets are again powerfully aligned. Repeat your vows. You are halfway to the Harvest Full Moon on August 31st, a sign that whatever it is you really committed to, can deeply root.

Grow what you want to grow, that’s the key to this new moon’s success!