Virgo 2021 Psychic Birthday Card

Happy Birthday, Virgo! 2021-22

Happy Birthday, Virgo!

From your card, it looks like you’re in a different direction and a more solid platform and new foundation in 2022. It’s a year where you are aware of what has left you, what you must sacrifice, and also of greater happiness to come, and opportunity that couldn’t appear until this year. Open up to the world!

2021 Psychic Pictograph and Impressions

(from Elissa’s January 2021 Client Newsletter – Horoscope Edition)

2021 The Sun Shines Narrowly, Fires Burn Merrily

Explication: “The Sun Shines Narrowly” – the thin yellow rays – means that there are a few winners and a lot of losers in 2021. People aren’t supported. I got the impression that something happens in May 2021 that knocks people for a loop, that has them staggering, which shows up in June, and that by Fall, a lot of competition is knocked out of the marketplace. “Fires Burn Merrily” means people are busy putting out fires in their own life, taking care of business, and largely occupied with their personal/professional worlds.

The horizontal broken brown line means there is some sort of gap, a couple of months of instability, possibly related to the president’s health, and in general all the lines mean that a lot of disadvantaged people fall through the cracks and there is a generally unstable feel to the year.

The red star is a sign that Russia impacts the U.S. significantly this year, and is a big influence generally. When I did the pictograph in December, it didn’t make sense, but I notice that even in July 2020, there was some kind of psychically-felt invasion of U.S. infrastructure coming in December:

From August 2020 newsletterDecember 2020 Invasion: An odd impression was that hostile-to-America people infiltrate the United States, coming from many different places. They are a back-up, an aid, a support, as if sent by powerful politicians who want the current administration to stay in power.”

The red star could be pointing out that the recent Russian hack is a very big deal. It invaded many companies, government sites, Microsoft, etc., and no one knows what that hack and infiltration will mean.

There might be many wonderful developments and personal and collective successes in 2021, but the pictograph is picking up on the collective loss of stability and security, at least in America. And, that Russia puts its stamp somehow on at least this country.