How to avoid the aggravation of instant karma this summer

How easy it is to be distracted this Summer! With one’s will fragmented by the force of this time’s extreme astrological weather, it is essential to focus, focus, focus, or risk attaining your goals.. Those who focus get results.

It’s easy to be careless in the choppy waters of Summer. There can be costly, time-consuming consequences if you leave something somewhere, or do not listen well to instructions, speak before thinking, or let yourself continually get side-tracked by unimportant things. You tend to reap what you’ve sown quickly, the instant karma effect.

The remedy is to slow down. Do one thing at a time. If you leave the house, think first about what you need to take with you. Take the time to focus and prepare this Summer, or risk aggravation.

(This is from my incredibly tardy Summer newsletter for clients. Coming soon.)

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