What To Do in Santa Fe and Psychic Predictions About Other Places

Tense But Skirting plus Mercury Retrograde

Dear Readers,

A vast improvement is on its way when it comes to delivering your psychic horoscopes and messages for the month: someone else will be in charge of getting them to you!

There are five planets retrograde right now, but this particular Mercury rx is a great time to experiment with potential improvements and home arrangements, better use of time, etc. I welcome your feedback about the automated delivery when it gets going, and without further ado, here’s the July newsletter! It’s separated into two posts: this one, and the one below with personal guidance, July’s Eclipse and Summer Message horoscopes, and psychic predictions.

Dear Friends,

July is always exciting in Santa Fe, but the 2019 summer season has the best and the most free entertainment of all of them…

Tonight is a special event to kick off this weekend’s International Folk Art Market, “The Procession of Nations”. Locals and visitors gather to see and greet the visiting artists representing their countries as they parade in the plaza wearing their traditional ceremonial clothes. And then we get to dance with them to world-beat percussionist Frank Leto and his band PANdemonium!

Downtown Santa Fe is the scene tomorrow night of a rare and special surprise: rhythm n blues singer Soulman Sam, who entertained Santa Fe for six great years and then moved to Austin, is in town and will be doing a show at Evangelo’s Bar on San Francisco Street, that’s Friday night the 12th. (p.s. Soulman Sam will also be there Sunday 3-6 pm)

Saturday night has even more going on! There’s a much-anticipated free concert at the Railyard with the very hot-sounding Greyhounds from Austin, Texas. Afterwards a block away at the Railyard Performance Center, there’s a deejay dance party and fundraiser for the September African dance and drum festival Wassa Wassa, with a performance by Soriba Fofana. Soriba and his band will also open for the upcoming free concert featuring the touring African singer Natu Camara, who is coming straight from Haiti. The occasion for such a spectacular Saturday night on July 20th is Jambo Café’s 10th anniversary, the beloved Santa Fe restaurant that serves so much more than good food.

Even though I have a lot to look forward to every day this Summer, early this morning the cold, cruel world invaded my happy space. My super-neat Biria step-through olive green cruiser was stolen outside a coffee shop downtown, and I had to walk home. And it was locked! The policeman who took my report was a very nice man, but the process was disturbing. I was asked for my social security number, where I worked, what I did, the name of my business, etc. Then the officer took my driver’s license to run a police check on me.

It’s much easier to forget about my bike than it is to ignore how Orwellian and intimidating America is becoming, and how our democracy is hanging by a thread. We haven’t united yet around this shocking reality, and in the bubble that is Santa Fe, it took this very different-feeling encounter with current rules to bring its pervasiveness home to me.

Which reminds me, something hopeful about this month I forgot to put in the newsletter is that this particular Mercury retrograde cycle brings solutions – it brings us back to the drawing board to get things right – and it can also bring the return of relationships, and even missing items! May it unite the country, and me with my bike!

Have a wonderful rest of the month, wherever you are,



Tense But Skirting plus Mercury Retrograde July 2019
Tense But Skirting plus Mercury Retrograde July 2019
Tense But Skirting plus Mercury Retrograde July 2019

Events/Itinerary: July and most of August, I’ll be in Santa Fe for psychic counseling and spiritual healing sessions and private events:

Psychic Counseling and Spiritual Healing: Private appointments in person or by phone. 227 E. Palace Avenue Suite T, by the Santa Fe plaza; off-street parking. elissa@elissaheyman.com or office phone: 505-982-3294. Text: 505-577-4012 Information: http://elissaheyman.com/servicesfees.html

Announcing Santa Fe Intuition Workshops Sunday July 22nd and Wednesday August 22nd

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The Omen of Sun conjunct Mercury on the Summer Solstice

Center-stage on the Summer Solstice is the Sun and Mercury conjunct at 0 degrees Cancer. They join forces at the very beginning of the road. They lend their power to our capability to follow new paths, formulate new plans, and move through life in more fluid ways. Do not discount the powerful potential each has to re-direct situations and circumstances this Summer. Plans that truly take you into account and work for you can be formulated, and much can pass out of your life in the name of healing.
What Not To Do: For one, don’t try to fool anybody this Summer because everyone is going to be more sensitive and intuitive than usual!
What To Do: This is an excellent time to feel your way through any healing process, personal transition, or creative project with many unknowns. These things can demand deeper understanding, and you can get deeper now…just go slow, and pay attention to inner signals and outer signs that present themselves.

Psychic Call-In Radio Show Tonight Plus Venus Retrograde update

If you have a question you want a psychic answer to, you can call in tonight to BlogTalk radio, the Cosmic Contacts show with Pam Drinnon, at 5:30 pm-6:30 pm Mountain Time. I’ll be talking about the year, self-healing techniques, and answering callers’ questions. Access Cosmic Contacts at www.blogtalkradio.com/renford

In the last few weeks, clients have had many more questions about relationships than usual. It leads me to believe that another meaning of Venus going retrograde in Capricorn (happened on the winter solstice) is that people tend to re-evaluate their investment in partnerships. People who have put a lot of time and effort into a person need to see the value!

In general, investments are being examined now. Better choices ensue from a ruthless look at whatever you’ve been invested in, emotionally and materially. This can be the beginning of your better, more stable life!

Elissa Heyman practices psychic counselig and healing in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and by phone, anywhere in the world. She also facilitates intuition circles. Her website includes essays, guided meditations, a monthly newsletter with predictions, and a blog. Appointments with Elissa are in person or by phone, www.elissaheyman.com, 505-982-3294.