Psychic Workshop “Get It Done in ’21” January 14th

Santa Fe Intuition Workshops and new classes are online! (Until we’re vaccinated…)

I am so looking forward to the day when again, circles are in person, healing work is in person, and I get to look into peoples’ real eyes… meanwhile, please join me online in downtown Santa Fe, for new kinds of psychic workshop experiences I’m offering, and enjoy them from the comfort of your own home!

January 14th, 6-7pm Mountain Time: “Get It Done in ’21” part 1

January 28th, 6-7pm Mountain Time: “Get It Done in ’21” part 2

Get It Done in ’21: Suggestions from the Stars, the Spirits, and the Tarot about navigating to your True North. Please bring a question or two to class about what you want for yourself in 2021. Also bring a question to ask about what you find challenging. The class will include a guided meditation to access your own intuition, and live psychic tarot readings. Detailed description below...

The class begins with a few minutes of relaxation and inspiration, a Soothing Story that’s an enlightening parable about navigating 2021.

Spiritual messages the class attracted (gathered before class) will be offered to the group.

We’ll discuss 2021 psychic predictions and how to work with its forces, and work with yourself, when it comes to reaching your goals.

Then, a psychic message circle for you to ask questions and get a psychic answer – you can ask verbally or in the public chat, any question on your mind about achieving your goals in the year ahead.

Now it’s your turn! I’ll lead a guided meditation to help you tune in to the messages your intuition wants to give you.

An exercise for you to do between sessions that demonstrates the metaphysical principle: Ask and Ye Shall Receive.

Please come to class with at least things you want to achieve for yourself this year, written down.

January 28th, 6 pm Mountain Time “Get It Done in ’21” part 2:

A check-in circle, more psychic development exercises, and live readings if people have questions.

I will introduce participants to more intuition-accessing practices and guide them to apply their intuition to whatever they want insight about.

Another new intuition work-out might be through a new guided meditation to get in touch with whatever (in the name of love) may be helpful.

To register for the class: 

Daily Live Classes with LiL+ for $1 with code “OneforOnein21”

FEBRUARY 2021 classes will be listed here January 21st. Introducing 3 new educational and inspirational experiences – let me take you on a mental trip!

Psychic Full Moon Horoscopes for April 2020

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from the Spirits: Love is in the air, isn’t that amazing? People find each other now.

Go for it, all you people with back burner dreams and Plan B’s!

Be careful of salesman selling anything. All the stops are out, teeth are bared. Be on guard.

from re-arrange to change: Libra Full Moon April 8th to Scorpio’s May 7th

Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Fire Signs: Full Moon message: Lack of your usual routines gives you extra energy, and so much can be accomplished while social distancing – but do not try to multi-task. Do one thing at a time. Strife can escalate, too; do your best to avoid it – use that freed–up energy to be forward-looking. Special for Sagittarians: Fill out that application, try for that job, put yourself out there virtually or any which way you can. Tarot: You are thinking in terms of major changes about your work, and re-ordering your life. It’s more important to do things in an order that you can handle; it’s easy to get overwhelmed. A hole in your whole safety network becomes apparent, or what needs to change, or be done. A lot of adjustments have to be made. There’s more likely some sort of change in what you do than some of the other signs, and how you make money. To cope with it all, play more! Let your imagination roam free!

Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces, Water Signs: Full Moon message: More sleep is good now because you need lots of time to dream. Too much stuff is coming at you – retreat when possible! Your ability to access spiritual connections and inner resources and achieve a calm state is especially high – go deep and let the revelations come, and go with your knowingness. Tarot: What is frustrating you is that you really want to affect or make something happen that is not in the world you’re in or perhaps the location you’re in. You are trying to change status and get established in some new way , and there’s a strong chance to move forward coming next March.

Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, Air Signs: Full Moon message: Air signs can quickly move on from experiences that are teaching experiences. They point to the future when it comes to how they adapt to changed circumstances: take those lessons, and forward ho! It’s a time of profound breakthroughs and deep realizations, but not a time of manifestation. Librans, the full moon experience of things coming to a head brings sort of catharsis. Tarot: Air signs feel like they are really getting the message about what to do, but they simply can’t do it. Accept that you may not be able to act now; to try to budge things not under your control brings disappointment.

Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, Earth Signs: Full Moon message: Earth signs asked for a tarot reading (it’s below and I see why you looked forward to it!), and aside from that, all they want to know in the midst of this changed world is “which way is UP? Which way is successful?” Capricorns in particular work to get themselves pointed up this full moon cycle; Taurus has new plots to dwell upon, and Virgos stretch out and create a more balanced life. Tarot: April 2020 is all about relationships for you; learning about relationships; the joys of relationships; finding new partners, or finding out about your partner’s world. All things move forward through relationship, love, connection, helping each other… quite a lot of wonderful things can grow in life of earth signs![/st_text]