Psychic Astrology for Entrepreneurs – May 17th Opportunity

Show and Tell Pluto

May 2024 Opportunities and Error Reveal Season

Pluto is retrograde from the beginning of May until mid-October, so if there’s something not working about how you do business, you will be shown that.  If something in your life is in a state of weakening disorder, its unsustainability will be revealed.

For instance, the day it went retrograde, it came to my panicky attention that I got the starting time wrong for an intuition workshop for eleven people. Depending on peoples’ schedules, getting the time wrong could cancel the whole gig and ruin everyone’s day. I was very lucky it was not a disaster, and very psychic once I got there!

All the things that had to change about how I do business occurred to me on the way to their vacation rental. Pluto retrograde is good for in-your-face experiences with what’s the matter with you, and what needs to be re-created.

Entrepreneurs have to feel their way along when they make changes to their business and what people have come to expect. I made one business change this year that took a very long time make: a price increase on sessions. Inflation was the main impetus. Finally I asked a client what would work for her. She could understand “inflation” and go for raising the price $10 on each session length, but not 10%, for instance.  That’s fine, because as an entrepreneur with some hard-earned self-knowledge, I will always take the simplest route in business  It’s less risky to go by a client’s reaction than any calculation about how  much I need to keep up with inflation.

Psychic Astrology Tip: There is an auspicious day right around the corner, May 17th, when the planets align are activated in a way that promotes the manifesting of dreams and desires. The moon trines first Venus, then Uranus, the Sun, and Jupiter. A stellar day to dream about creating a positive future! (The following days are good, too, if you miss it.) You might spontaneously make your biggest wishes even bigger!



New Moon Horoscopes: What Doesn’t Kill You, Makes You Stronger

It’s a new moon in Scorpio, harbinger of doing things differently and making new choices. In keeping with the stars, here are psychic horoscopes I’m excited about because they use a new spiritual communion method featuring no divination tools and no sitting at a desk! I’m very happy with it, but if these messages don’t fit your sun, moon, and rising signs, please give me that feedback!

NEW MOON TODAY: Beginning with this new moon in intense Scorpio,  people feel “stronger than before”, and it’s likely after reckoning with the challenge of dealing with themselves.

Stalled projects move forward. Cropping up are lots of fast-moving situations, with the need to make quick decisions followed by decisive action. So much can be done now! Get it all lined up, whatever you have to take care of, and let it rip – just keep on going through the tasks.

If you don’t have a lot of “taking care of business” to do, this active period can be filled with fun projects and outings. However, an intense Scorpio new moon means people easily produce a wicked head of steam – watch your temper! Things don’t blow over so easily if you lose it.

Psychic Messages for the Fire, Water, Air and Earth Signs

Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Fire signs: Be confident, but stay in your lane, doing what you do best; don’t worry about the surrounding details now. Start back up with health routines if they’ve lapsed. Resume practices that are clearly good for you! Enjoy being content, which also might need some practicing. Count your blessings.

In the 2nd half of November, you really get focused. If dealing with resistance now, consider that you flicker in and out of moods, it’s something to downplay and not try to control – you’ll get more involved soon in creating.

Don’t put pressure on yourself to perform, only to keep up practices and strengthening routines.

Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces, Water signs:  You want connection to your spiritual self, but there are a lot of irritants to manage. Rx: Take more breaks, and give yourself more “me time”. What’s tricky about this time is recognizing that you need frequent purifications, and to be regularly letting go of tension. Dance more!

You want something new to happen, to be grabbed anew by what life has to offer. New beginnings are a little hard given your schedule, but next March could bring change, and 2024 in general looks promising for creative projects.

Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, Air signs: You can feel entangled – you are not seeing your way to freedom you seek. First, don’t struggle. Ultimately, you have to have some other object of your attention pull you out of what’s preoccupying.

Expect to be dealing with your weaknesses (and know that occurs in everybody’s life!):   you are likely to come face to face with yourself in November. However, solutions are just a matter of time…please look back to see what you’ve made it through before.

Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn Earth signs: You are chafing to free yourself of responsibilities you don’t want. Still, the spirits’ message is to T.C.B.! (Take care of business). It means to keep up with all the stuff that needs doing.

Get ready for the spotlight! You’ll get your chance, and now’s a time to get in shape for more success. It’s also time to let go of burdensome relationships and outlived identities. Who are you now?: you’re stronger and truer to yourself. You could be dealing with some heartache, though… you’ll feel better when you get out of the house more, and meet new people.