Elissa’s Spring 2023 Newsletter with April Horoscopes

Dear Friends,

This is the second set of messages I’ve gotten about March and Spring 2023 –such a fast-moving, changing time that it’s called for twice the number of horoscopes! (For those who only read the newsletter, the first March/Spring 2023 posts with horoscopes are at www.elissaheyman.com/blog.

I hope the Aries Spring energy is invigorating you, and if not, it should come on pretty soon.

Speaking of things moving fast and changing, my Hawaii plans got cancelled and a new trip appeared: I’ll be in Manhattan April 15-17th. For anyone wanting an in-person session while I’m there, I have appointments April 14th at the La Quinta Inn Central Park, and April 17th at the Da Vinci Hotel (also near Central Park).

It’s still cold in Santa Fe but Nature is budding and beginning to flower here. I hope you get to witness Spring’s beauty around you, and I hope to see some of you in person, one place or another.

Have a great new beginning this season!

Love, Elissa

Itinerary and contact info: cell/text 505-577-4012 , email elissa@elissaheyman.com

April 14 and 17th: Manhattan, W. 71st and W. 56th St. (Not available in person in Santa Fe April 14-17.)

April 27-May 1st (Not available in person in Santa Fe. I’ll be in New Orleans if anyone wants to get in touch.)

Private Psychic Counseling and Spiritual Healing, and Group Sessions in Santa Fe NM: Please call for more information, 505-982-3294, or visit www.elissaheyman.com

      Spring Messages from the Stars, a Spell, and April 2023 Psychic Horoscopes

What should we follow this Spring, our head or our heart? There will be struggles… first try using your head to give your heart what it wants. This can bring about unexpected cooperation – the bold “Me, Myself and I” Aries energy enables us to get what we want!

March 25-30, five planets are aligned in the sky: Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and unusually, Uranus – the planet of unpredictability and things going sideways. Around the same time is a powerfully impacting celestial event on society, Pluto entering Aquarius for the next twenty years. Some people refer to this moment as “The Big Shift” , prophesied to raise the collective consciousness to a higher vibration and a more connected state.

The message I get from the planets, especially Pluto going retrograde right at the outset of its decades-long stay in Aquarius, is that society is likely to learn a big lesson from disrupter Pluto and tech-rep Aquarius about artificial intelligence. We’re likely to learn the hard way that technology doesn’t bring about a rise in consciousness, it must come from a collective rise in our values. Meanwhile, the subversive language AI creates reaches new levels of sophistication, an unpredictable influence in a lawless time . The breaking down of society’s frameworks can also spawn new religions and new philosophies.

This Spring is somewhat like Spring 2003 in energy, when the Iraq war began – another a war-torn time when people in collective trances do their worst.

Thankfully these same powerful planetary forces help a motivated individual to move on from the past, and move into new views and senses of self.

Spring Spell: For individuals, the beginning of the astrological new year promises rich experiences and greater personal fulfillment. It’s the right time to pursue imaginative, creative projects.

To boost its potential, try this quick magic spell on yourself called, “Seed the Universe”.  It’s inspired by the New Moon-Mercury conjunction in effect now, a good time to get things rolling as communication flows, change happens easily, and plans come together fast.

Do this outside if possible. If inside, try to have a window or door open to the outside.

To begin, let your mind wander to something that makes you comfortable (taking a bath; lounging in bed?), and that you enjoy..

Then think about something you want for yourself now, some desired circumstance or development.

1.Get it in your mind in a sentence.

2.Let your imagination produce an image of it. Make a 2-second mental movie of doing or having that thing.

3. Now quickly hold your breath while you keep focused what you’re seeing: a scene in which you’ve got what you want.

4.When you are ready to exhale, blow it all out into the world.

When you try this, it’s easy to imagine and feel the connection between the imagery you’re viewing mentally, and the breath you’re holding in your lungs. The trapped air becomes impregnated with your thoughts. The atmosphere you just purposed and blew out into the atmosphere is now connected with the field of infinite possibilities. You have successfully Seeded the Universe!

March Ends Restlessly: The stars suggest people will get a case of Spring fever and want to satisfy their curiosity for what’s new and different. Attention also turns to one’s body and getting in shape, and desires for a new image. Challenge yourself physically to get stronger and stay limber. Throw out old clothes that you no longer belong in.

 April 2023 Psychic Horoscopes for the Fie, Water, Air and Earth signs

Read your Sun, Moon, and Rising signs

The fire signs: Aries Leo and Sagittarius in April 2023: The bold Aries new moon energy is meant to enable you to take action, action, action… and not debate, debate, debate.” Do It” to find out if you can do it. There is also a shift in Fire signs where a gentler and more caring side of their nature comes out, and in general the trend is an elevation in their consciousness. This Spring there’s a lot of coming and going and choosing between many options; you could make good money, or pay money to learn to make money! It’s a busy, industrious season, with some peak experiences. It’s intense but in a positive way.\! Expect the best, and be open to new ways of doing things professionally in April.. . it’s a creative month of discoveries!

The water signs : Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces in April 2023: You’re kind of moody in early Spring. Partly because of the stress of fast-changing circumstances – but they keep on moving so don’t worry about any one point. Make it your goal to be guided by your intent, and make it your intention to relax! There could be a disturbance in your plans that you become aware of, that does not have to do with you but still makes your future uncertain. Whatever difficulty you’re passing through, know and expect that a difficult phase can change into a better-than-ever one. Don’t fight the circumstances, meanwhile.

The air signs: Gemini Libra Aquarius in April 2023: You might be on fire with new ideas…settle on doing the most practical and pragmatic ones. it’s hard to see now what the universe means for you to experience and why. It’s hard to see just how it is you advance. But you do get into a better and freer position – and a trip you’re taking may have something to do with it, although you wouldn’t know at the time. It reveals itself in a few months, and it is the opening of some kind of help that enables you to expand.

The earth signs: Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn in April 2023: For some reason, news of the stock market came in with your message, and although it’s massively up today, it looks like it goes down again this Spring. A lot is changing, coming, going, and growing in your life. It can be clear that some dreams you’ve had or rolls you’ve been on are over with, that a life you’ve led is finishing up this April, and there’s a lot of new unexplored territory in front of you. These changes are based on knowing yourself better, and realizing which dreams are from another time. Releasing leads to re-charging.

2023 Psychic Astrology, Global Events and Weather Predictions

…excerpts from my January 2023 Psychic Newsletter:

Jupiter enters Aries December 20th:  The downside: This energy enables the self-righteous, the war-mongerers,  and the hard right. People with boundary issues  can’t keep them. The upside: Significant collaboration on complex problems happen between giant entities. The  sheer might and the technical knowhow to get down to details combines to make progress with big impacts felt later.

Mercury Rx in Capricorn December 29-  January 18th:  A great time to put the finishing touches on new marketing campaigns, works in progress, and organizing projects. The organization of your day so you’re fitting in what’s important is an excellent focus.  You’ll easily see now what doesn’t work and will be able to root it out.

Pluto in Aquarius, Innovation Moves Center Stage:  (from the December 2022 newsletter)  “In the U.S. and countries in surprising places, brilliant new leaders with bold ideas emerge. This is a sign of Pluto moving into Aquarius beginning in 2023, when according to the stars, societies move oppressive structures, to innovation being what forms the structure. Social structures that depend on being able to control others are out, being co-creationists with others and the Universe is in.  Pluto is in Aquarius for the next twenty years.”

Think Local: People can go from trying to stop global warming to goals that have more immediate results, impacting their lives closer to home and their community.  People are more pragmatic and realistic about their goals.  Many  go into teaching and somehow more practical subjects are being taught.

Surprise Attack: With a mighty lunge and a snap like the jaws of a lion, a world power roars into action to grab power while it can.

Word of the Year: “Abrupt”  The tables turn, reversals of circumstances are commonplace.– there are reversals of fortune, changes of fate, and divorce rates climb. When is an “abrupt change of fortune” a welcome event?  Individuals step back abruptly from whatever brink they’re on and abyss they’re staring into; in 2023 they begin a steady climb  to regain their footing on higher  ground.

2023 Image: A vulture comes down to pick off all that’s dead in 2023, as if a lot dies, and metaphorically speaking, a lot of past structure whether it’s a government or a marriage…whatever  needs to be done with and cleared from the playing field.

Worldwide Turbulence: There are various wars brewing, plus Nature is boiling over. Volcanoes go off beginning in February.   What to make of the turbulent and boiling waters of 2023?  Stay sober and responsible to navigate them! Resilience is tested, strength is gained, and people adapt. Stay flexible for success in 2023.

Think Before You Speak! The earth isn’t the only thing boiling over. Stress causes people to lash out, especially while Jupiter is in Aries and Mercury is retrograde in the beginning of the year.

Provocative 2023:  People are provoking, countries are provoking, and what’s coming to life and also feeling out of control are Nature’s killing machines; it is insane to provoke biology by trying to bring ancient viruses to life in labs. There’s enough risk with whatever gets dug up by melting ice due to global warming.

Brrr: Something profoundly changes in Nature and it impacts the weather, making it colder and for longer.  There will be more “unusual” cold spells like Winter 2022.

Empty Cupboards: We run out of stuff in 2023, storerooms are empty.  It can be water we run out of in some places, grain in others, but storerooms are strikingly bare. Sometimes people are asked to give more freely than other times. In 2023, the world will be needier than ever, and poverty a much greater problem. People respond with grace and more generosity this year.   

Good News from the Stars: The New Year’s planets signal creative and practical innovations to come, and government programs proposed that actually address the need for change.

Reality Check 2023: The statistics come in, research to the rescue! We need to change the script pronto! New facts make people act now to save the planet’s diminishing life and resources. Landmark legislation is proposed.

Elissa’s Fall 2022 Psychic Newsletter

Dear Friends,

I’m in Santa Fe and it’s a pretty soggy Balloon Fiesta week – it’s definitely Fall now, and the heaters are on. I expected to be in sunny California today and working with clients in the Bay Area, but life got in the way…my trip to Northern California trip is moved up to October 13th-19th.

I wrote a big piece for this newsletter on the tarot but mysteriously, the article I referenced about metaphysician Paul Foster Case has disappeared from the internet! On to the next, I have a new metaphysical toy to play with, a set of magical cards created by ancient site expert and author Freddy Silva. They’re crop circle designs, black ink on little white cards, charged up on site with the energy of the whole crop circle. They’re primarily used for personal healing. When I hold one of them, my experiences are varied. Sometimes they take me on consciousness-expanding trips and inner healing journeys. Other times they’re also instructional, like I’m learning a new language and given glimpses of new perspectives. The appropriate card to work with is found by muscle-testing, and it’s always surprising how in the presence of one particular design, the body instantly becomes strengthened above all the other cards. Instant communication is so fascinating! There’s a very provocative new theory about consciousness and instant communication in an online science journal, it could revolutionize how we see ourselves.

I had an adventure in my own back yard the other day, when out of the blue, my Google Pixel phone stopped working, and as luck would have it, Google was willing to fix it for free if I took it down to Albuquerque.

I stopped in for some nature in the bosque at the Rio Grande Open Space. It’s very wild and peaceful, and you can walk right up to the Rio Grande and sit on the banks, surrounded by old cottonwoods that’ll be a cloud of gold leaves in a couple of weeks see photo above!

My next great find was “Jason’s Deli”, an old-fashioned restaurant that looks like it belongs in the ’50’s, even though it’s in a mall – good food, interesting menu, and inexpensive with a lot of regulars and lots of old people. The strawberry shortcake with pound cake and heavy whipped cream did not disappoint.

I hope you have a happy holiday season, and that Fall’s colors are delighting you somewhere.



Itinerary and Events

Northern California Update: October 13th-19th.(rescheduled)  I’ll be available in the San Francisco Bay Area October 18th and 19th, and Sonoma/Napa October 17th.. Please text/cell 505-577-4012, or elissa@elissaheyman.com to set up an in-person psychic counseling appointment.

Online October 9th:, Sunday, 3 pm MDT “Psychic Hits and Healing Tips” for Fall on LinkedIn.com, a 15 minute audio presentation with psychic horoscopes about what to expect this Fall, and what can help you succeed in it,. It’s an interactive platform, please join to ask a question and get a psychic answer about whatever’s on your mind this Fall.

October 22: Santa Fe Fall Intuition Workshop and Psychic Message Circle. Workshop details:. It’s a good time to check in with yourself and your direction. as Saturn, the Lord of Limitations, goes direct. Each will receive a clairvoyant reading. and can ask personal questions in the psychic message circle.

In the workshop, you’ll learn to enlist your intuition to help to achieve personal goals. Featured tools include the tarot, the Speaking Stones, automatic handwriting, guided meditations, the Transformational Art Card Process, and spiritual healing. All tools and supplies provided, for 5-8 people, $75, credit cards or cash. To register or for questions, please email elissa@elissaheyman.com

Online October 30th, Sunday, 3 pm MDT Psychic Hits and Healing Tips for November” on LearnItLIve.com  Personal guidance and alerts about November’s opportunities, live tarot to answer your personal questions, and a guided meditation to access your intuition.  Come with a question for it!

Appointments on Whatsapp Now: Psychic Counseling and Spiritual Healing in Santa Fe: In person and by phone, 505-982-3294. Or if you’re out of the country, on Whatsapp. My Whatsapp number is 505-577-4012.

Psychic Insights and Personal Guidance for Fall 2022

Fall General Guidance: In uncertain volatile times, what makes people feel good is helping other people, being prudent and economical, and taking action on what in their own life needs a-righting.

In October 2022, it is more possible to free yourself of past burdens and to get things finished. It’s a good month to get out of familiar roles or at least question them, to give yourself experiences, travel, and see what life brings you.

Retrograde Planets’ Message to You: Many Fall “get ‘er done” projects can take longer than first planned. Meanwhile, the energy is good for making connections, socializing, and making new friends. Six planets retrograde in September, five in October, and four in November… that means, you’ll be frustrated if you need to know where don’t everything is going to end up any time soon. Do not put yourself too hard, but slow down when faced with hurdles, and do what you’re doing with more awareness; best, find how to do things with love.

Key habit to save time, energy, and personal/professional relationships: Don’t sweat the small stuff.

For a Productive Season: Vow to waste less time. Don’t be afraid to cut ties that are no longer meaningful. Make “making peace” with people a practice, don’t add to the chaos.

Self-Care Healing Ritual: Let Nature Help You Get Ready for the Day. Find a place where there are trees, and wind blowing through them, and preferably, sunlight hitting the leaves. Either with your eyes closed or open, feel the wind on your body, and imagine it is brushing you off and scattering any heavy energy to the winds. Let the sound of the leaves fluttering in the wind and the gusts of air on your body help you clear your energy field. Use the sound and the the wind to help get you ready for a new day, and what’s in store this time.


Out in the World: There are fateful twists in the collective story. Driving this is lots of lying and that it’s very hard to get a straight answer out of people in power. October has a revolutionary energy. The end of the month feels like trouble and so does November…is it a darker age coming, or revolutionary movements to end oppressive regimes?

On a higher frequency, the atmosphere in Fall 2022 is teeming with new kinds of seeds: new entrepreneurial ventures, out-of-this-world fashion, new science and medicine, and innovations in every department. People wanting to create and making space for it will find inspiration.

October’s energy can also embolden people who are unstable in the first place. Pluto going direct on the 8th signifies a letting loose energy that’s unafraid of being extreme or the consequences.

Trees: They’re suffering and in a worse way than people generally think, with coming severe effects we don’t understand yet.

The omens say…People are unprepared for sudden-loss of what’s always been handy; people will be cold this fall and winter. Natural catastrophes and man-made events team up to strike a blow to the financial foundations of countries.

There are more, not less, borders and fences, people are in a territorial mood. Governments and the wealthy use more surveillance equipment and walls to restrict the movement of people in open spaces, private roads, etc.. Meanwhile, it becomes much more popular to go out in Nature for mental health.

The relentless volatility of 2022 continues but scattered like gems throughout high-frequency are highly creative acts, wild new fashion, and even new colors can appear.

Putin: From the Speaking Stones, it looks like there’s a “plot on top of a plot”: his plot to use nuclear weapons detonates an inside-Russia plot to get rid of him..

Election Day, November 8: Another crazy election day in the United States, with a full moon lunar eclipse conjunct Uranus, and although things can go sideways and off the rails, plus lots of lying and cheating, the stars seem to favor women. Will Americans unite and defend women’s rights and take their personal power back?

However, U.S. democracy is in worrisome shape according to a pictograph I did September 7 2022, “Fall 2022 Still Red.”

U.S. democracy (black flag) is looking diminished in the Fall. The Republicans’ weapon is to act with grim speed to legally subvert elections.


Read your Sun, Moon, and Rising Signs

The fire signs, Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius: You’re in an experimental kind of seeking mood, and not really staying with anything. When it comes to establishing routines to achieve a goal you’re fixed on, it’s hard to do during this Mercury retrograde cycle. You let some dreams or patterns go… it’s fine not to be committed. You’re seeing and learning what really has sticking power. Don’t think you know what you’re doing yet, or what you really end up committing to.

The water signs, Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces: Situations around you get into better resolve. It’s easier for your health or work to get back on track. Take care not to get too impacted by other peoples’ problems…being empathetic in October especially, can be draining. The spirits encourage you to include what’s fun for you in each day, and to have as much fun as possible, and maybe brush yourself off with some sage or a daily shower to shower off the past. Overall you’ve achieved a lot recently in the way of personal growth. Having a peaceful place within this Fall is your reward!

The air signs, Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius: Security concerns are likely – It’s about being in between stages and circumstances. Ground yourself by walking in nature. Be flexible and ride the waves of uncertainty, you’re luckier than you think, and in November the new beginning you seek comes into view. Keep the faith.

The earth signs, Taurus Virgo and Capricorn: “Proceed with caution”. Be conservative when it comes to taking personal or professional risks. Do not expand, clear out. To take advantage of the creative potential of this Fall: you need to get the drudge work out of the way. Find somebody to help you if you can’t do it yourself, get things off your plate, and then give yourself to creative projects, it can be especially exciting!

Elissa’s Summer 2022 Psychic Newsletter with Love Horoscopes

Dear Friends,

It’s a fast-moving Summer, and I’m cramming in this newsletter full of psychic insights with its upside down art, because it’s not a time to sweat the small stuff, but press “send.”

Life feels jam-packed in Santa Fe, which is currently filled with artists and musicians from all over the world, here for the International Folk Art Market. Last night they came to the Plaza in their traditional dress, all fancy and colorful. Their native music played, they danced a little, the crowd clapped and whistled. And then everybody danced and mingled to a live salsa band, a reminder of how beautiful diversity is.

Enjoy your Summer!



Events: Boston, Mass: I am booked for the August 25-29 trip. If interested in an in-person session, I can be available August 30th.

Northern California: October 6-14th: I’m available for in-person sessions October 6-9 and October 12-13.

Online Classes: Please go to my LearnItLive page at www.learnitlive.com/elissaheyman. (if you sign up for anything, please use the membership code “elissalilplus”) In one of the last classes I told a Soothing Story. It was a rough first cut, though it had potential as a healing tool. I made it into a new type of short healing experience – it’ll be in the next class July 30th, and posted on my blog and website.

Summer 2022 Psychic Insights

It’s Purge Time! Let things go that slip away or drift away. If something or someone is denied entry to your world for whatever reason, let it be.

July’s Propensity for Intensity: The shadow-side in people is very active in July, it wants to come out and express itself. Another lit-up self is the one looking for fun and social encounters… embody that persona as much as possible!

Daily Steadying Exercise:  This Summer’s events will likely continue to shock our senses. Never mind what’s going on in the world, what did you pay attention to, and what direction did you go in today? It can be calming and centering to do a recapitulation, and name all the things you actually did that supported you/your family and life. If you had a terrible day, still name what you did manage to do. Then, ask your inner self to give you a helpful insight about your bad, very bad day. An acknowledgement of the day’s events that highlights the helpful choices you made and actions you took is an exercise that has a cumulative effect, and builds momentum to achieve personal goals.

What’s valuable this Summer is your inner expectation to succeed. Think about it and excite yourself! It sharpens your eyes to opportunity, and magnetically attracts your next best step.

Creating in Chaotic Summer 2022: if you do not have a clear idea of what you want to create for yourself, what supports creativity and successful action is to undertake a striking level of letting go of things, removing things, cleaning out things, and destroying structures that are constricting or now feel onerous.

For Everyone in Summer 2022Join, join, join! Learn with like-minded people in a group, join your friends, find new friends… there’s a lot of shuffling around of relationships during the summer, and quite likely for the better. Where do you belong, where is your support, who do you want to be among?

RX #1 for dark developments in society, from the element of Water: Be like water in a stream that just keeps on going, as it experiences both the good and bad stretches of riverbed on its way to the sea. It doesn’t look back or judge the journey. Keep flowing, floundering, and rolling on towards where you want to be.

RX #2 Summer 2022: Out of self-defense, personal evolution, and planetary influences, on purpose and through grace, people have consciousness-raising experiences. The antidote in dark times isto develop your own inner light. This summer, the surprise of a miraculous moment of expanded consciousness could be yours… it’s in the stars! This summer, a new inner journey can begin. Its key feature is appreciation for life.

Sun in Cancer’s Guidance for July 2022: The sign of Cancer rules one’s guts. It’s a water sign, the most feeling and sensitive element. It gives a shortcut to inner peace and spiritual progress in July: Be guided this month by your deepest, most morally instinctive sense of what’s right for you.

For Everyone in Summer 2022Join, join, join! Learn with like-minded people in a group, join your friends, find new friends… there’s a lot of shuffling around of relationships during the summer, and quite likely for the better. Where do you belong, where is your support, who do you want to be among?

Summer 2022 Horoscopes – Read Your Sun, Moon, and Rising Signs

Psychic Insights for the Fire signs, Aries, Leo and Sagittarius: Expect to be cleaning up, as well as having to create new systems of operation. You might need to deal with loss, or something that requires you to do a lot of stuff, and sometimes you wonder if you’re doing the right thing. You’re feeling like you should be prudent. There’s lots of “work in progress” to get a bunch of stuff done this Summer. You have to make a sacrifice (do the work) to get into a good position. The spirits allude to your not-so-glamourous summer and say “…while taking breaks for fun, of course!”, and suggest great success can follow.

Psychic Insights for the Water signs, Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces: There are more plans to travel now, and serious thought about where you belong and what you want. There’s more of an outreach to new places… you’re entertaining quite a few new thoughts about life this summer! You may need to be separated from people dear to you, but communication can still take place – don’t worry about the distance.

Psychic Insights for the Air signs, Gemini, Libra and Aquarius: There are inevitably new developments in your life, and you just have to flow with them. You don’t have to be scheming and planning to have real change take place. New beginnings, and also new ways of making money, will occur to you. Keep up your health through it all – healthy habits are your very best friend!

Psychic Insights for the Earth signs, Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn: This Summer there is opportunity galore for the earth signs! All kinds of creative and powerful people and circumstances can come into your life, or you can find backers for something you want to do. You just somehow get into a better position with the structures around you, and what it is that you want to create. The signs are also very good for travel and setting up bold plans for yourself. Were you successful in some way this past April? You can build on that this Summer.

Summer Love Horoscopes – Read Your Sun, Moon, and Rising Signs

Where does love show up in your life this summer, Air signs? (Gemini Libra and Aquarius) There’s a lot of interaction with people likely younger; there’s a lot of socializing and meeting new people. There’s a good chance of romantic love, too, especially if you’re young. You can also find something new to do that you love, and love to do with people.

What do Fire signs need to know about love this Summer? (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) Fire signs need to know it’s okay to love and commit to maybe not a person, but something you want to create, like moving up in the world, and learning to be happy with what you’re doing…like creating material stability, or coming to love a new side of yourself that’s manifesting… maybe one that wants to cash in and live a lit life! In relationships, you’re not in the driver’s seat… it’s more a time of accepting what’s obviously true.

For the water signs, Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces… how does love show up in your life? You are likely helping others more than usual, even if they’re at a distance. To see love show up in your life right in front of you (and in a big way this summer), pay attention to the health and beauty of your body and mind, your environment ,and your projects… give them lots of TLC!

Where do you find love this Summer, Earth signs? (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn)  It could be that love finds you! A new relationship is in the air, even if months away, especially if you’re going through quite an identity change and ready for something new. Your changes can attract someone new! Also, people can come back into your life, especially in late August or September. Yes, somebody is coming if you’re single and available!

Based in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Elissa Heyman practices psychic counseling and spiritual healing in person and by phone. She also offers Santa Fe Intuition Workshops and teaches online at LearnItLive.com. To make a private appointment, contact Elissa at elissa@elissaheyman.com, text 505-577-4012, or phone 505-982-3294