Eclipse Predictions, President Obama, and 2012 Campaign Direction

Eclipse May 20-June 4 2012
Eclipse May 20-June 4 2012

I want to share the insights of my remarkably accurate prognosticator and colleague, psychic astrologer Eric Teissedre. We were emailing back and forth about the psychic astrology of this eclipse season, May 20-June 4th, 2012, and he had some very intriguing things to say about how to handle eclipse season, President Obama and the direction of the presidential campaign, and how this is a time like no other to “be yourself”, a more empowered, enlightened self:

Eric: “The ruler for my reading was Mars. Mars gave me a sense that it was speaking about initiation, self initiation and even changing one’s road if they felt it was necessary. Looking at these signs , I felt many needed to just focus on themselves in a way they never have before. Mars can rule processes. If you are not happy with the way things are going, try a different order or method of doing something. This would be a time to evaluate your processes. If you are unhappy, perhaps changing an approach would be appropriate.
This is particularly true of anything related to work. Even in a time of corporate structure, we need to feed those elements that are unique to self. In fact, find where your talents are indispensable.”
According to Eric, President Obama’s solar traits, being a Leo, include being able to remake his persona:
“Obama is quite likely to resurrect like the phoenix and have some strong charisma and once again, is working a magic he is famous for. In past readings, I used the word “secrets”. He is a man of mystery. No one is sure who he is, where he is from, or what his affiliations truly are. Still, he is like a flame and will appear brighter than ever when he wants to. He will suggest that those times we do not see him, he has been working secretively to defeat the foes of America. At least at a time of an election, this might have some persuading power, and who knows, it might be true.”
Eric’s eclipse predictions: “Eclipses are often associated with new beginnings, especially a new moon eclipse, which occurs on May 20, 2012. Eclipses often intensify the energy considerably. They are used in India specifically for energizing mantras. Chi Gung masters who have a magical
understanding of chi, will choose these times to bring a huge current of chi into their body, especially the full moon eclipse. That is on June 4.
These eclipses being in mutable signs of Gemini and Sagittarius can mean two (different) things. For people feeling unbalanced, they should lay low. For others, it can be a powerful time of consciousness, meaning your mind is working more profoundly than usual. There is always a warning and that is, if you are overwhelmed generally, then eclipses will overwhelm you more. If you are clear, then eclipses will act as a powerful tool for charging.
In India, certain practitioners remove themselves from society and attempt to reduce the stimuli of society as a means of becoming empowered. By being centered, and mastering inner energies, they gain the power to control spirits and forces. Eclipses for these people are considered to be a specific empowering time.
Eclipses act as triggers. It is my intuitive impression that they really kick-start the beginning of this year’s elections. It was my feeling that this was the time that Obama would come forward with more explanation in regards to what he has been doing behind the scenes, especially on June 4, the full moon. I sense that as being significant.”
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