“Choose peace– and to move forward, you must let go.”

That about sums up what’s in the air, at this powerful time when the forces of nature and man have unleashed themselves all over the world.

Lately I’ve been climbing up a hill above Santa Fe first thing in the morning, to tune into the day and see what messages I might receive, and sometimes I’m given spiritual guidance for people in general..what stands out about last Saturday’s directive was the certainty that right now, it really mattered what we were wittingly or unwittingly choosing in our lives. It boiled down to two directions, “peace”, or being willing to be conflict. They begat very different fates.

“Choosing peace” didn’t necessarily create calm in the short term, but allowed peace of mind for you. To “choose peace” is to choose actions that promote harmony between people….To choose to speak to your own self with respect, to honor your nature and your heart’s desire. To choose peace above all in personal relationships, rather than choosing to be right.

Accompanying that directive was the personal action that would secure the right path: “Let go of the past.” One just had to let go of the past and its hold on their mind and emotions. The pay-off for being at peace is then a person can focus on creative things and what they want to grow. Buoyed by the tremendous energy set loose by the planets, a determined person can go far at this time–this is true if one’s willing to assume responsibility for one’s light. Which many more people are getting ready to assume….

Do you remember all the talk in the ’80’s and ’90’s about the 144,000 spiritual “warriors of light”? It was the morphogenic field theory in action, with 144,000 committed spiritual warriors being the tipping point that ultiimately will lift us en masse to a higher level of consciousness. Maybe we’ll live to see that urban myth come to life!

“This is when we choose” was the dead-serious pronouncement toning in the atmosphere. Whatever “choose peace” and “let go of the past” suggest to you, may you be setting your happy self in motion in these powerful March winds, creating true stability, and what you want for your future.

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Preview of Summer 2009…a few early messages

A few days ago I went out to look for omens for the upcoming Summer of 2009, finally settling on a place alongside the railroad tracks next to a big electrical transformer, and there was only one thing the spirits wanted to talk about: “Peace:” This is what they said:
“The only thing that would work right now is if everybody realized how crazy it was to have nuclear weapons, and the next strategy was a concerted effort of everyone laying down their arms. People have to start dismantling, disarming, now. There’s a big question mark about how to treat somebody but a giant ego (North Korean leader, I assume) is skulking along, and feeling ignored. I would say, ‘ oil the squeaking wheel’ what ever that takes. No matter what the strategies are, now the wheel is squeaking pretty loud.”

Negativity will be on display. As part of their own healing, people are facing their fears and allowing whatever is inside them to be released. Acting less consciously, a lot of people will easily erupt in negative outbursts.
…and now for a mostly wonderful message: “What is new? You are new…every individual is new to themselves in some way. The most precious gift of Summer is the knowledge you gain of your own self and creative ways. Everybody can jump higher in the fiery, light energy of Summer 2009, whether they are creating destruction or new platforms to stand on.”
“’Peace be with you”, interjects the Spirit of 2009. “It is up to those who have it in them to create peace, to do their best to maintain it in their own private worlds. Be at peace within yourself above all.”

A Psychic Message (surprisingly positive!) About The Future of our Inner and Outer Environments

On a recent walk through a New Mexico valley I got a couple of very positive insights about the present and future… here’s how this first glimpse came to me, like a poem, and following is the explication and psychic message.

“The ground is wet, swollen with promise,
Seeking answers from the future about how things can work.
We’re all here to improve, and be cleaned,
And receive,
And let go,
And live in love with each other, amen.”
Already in the works are innovations that create workable, feasible conditions. New solutions are announced ihis Spring 2009 that are omens of “how things can work”in the future. At this time, ourpersonal and collective destiny is to go through this purifying, releasing, letting go and receiving anew process is that is evident all around us. Within us and without us, our world is changing. It leads to improvement, and a time of greater synergy, energy, and creativity. .
A caveat about omens and messages: They can serve to urge and encourage and bolster a person through a very difficult process. For instance, long story short, I had a dream one night in the 1980’s that the next day would be the happiest day of my life. I woke up excited, went out to do errands, and came back to an invitation on my message machine to fly to London if I could leave almost immediately.
Right before I left I went to say good-bye to my best friend. While I was gone, everything in my apartment was stolen, including all the cash for the trip, and they took it all away in the brand new suitcases I’d bought hours before! All I had in my purse were the plane tickets.
However, it was still a trip that gave me, in part, my wonderful life. I’ll tell the story in a future blog, it involves a great English medium, Gypsies and rock stars, but I’ve gotten sidetracked here…the point is that in the relative short-term there can be a difficult time coming even though what’s given as a message is the much more positive circumstances that change leads to, so people don’t freak out at all that goes on and must be sacrificed in the construction of a more positive foundation.
This second message should be in effect starting now: “Holding positive thoughts will be easier now–there’s more support for them coming from the future.” (Good news for those trying to better appreciate their own self and anticipate the future securely.)