Venus, Mars, and Pluto conjunct in Capricorn

The Psychic News on 2/22/22, the Conjunction of Mars, Venus and Pluto, and a Channeling on Best Practices

Ukraine Update February 26th: Paying a terrible price, Ukraine remains Democratic. 

Success Tips on 2/22/22:  This year full of Twos highlights collaboration and partnership as crucial to success in the material world. It’s especially valuable to master communication and networking skills, and the ability to delegate.

But also key to success is going on vacation! You need to be imaginative, and taking a break helps with that. Try to take a vacation where you can ignore your normal daily life completely.

The Venus-Mars Conjunction: Venus and Mars stay close together in February and early March, and in Capricorn create a long, fruitful time of getting a lot done out in the material world. It’s a time to improve the contributing structures to your foundation.

Plus Pluto: Their conjunction concludes with a cosmic threesome, when Pluto joins them exactly on March 3rd. On a mass consciousness scale, that’s a heavy and destructive situation being created i.e. the Russia/Ukraine conflict: Pluto’s way to rebirth is to blow up and tear down what exists. In peoples’ private lives, anything that needs to go to make your world a better place, gets a big push. People can tackle big things in March 2022, and move some long-standing mountains.

Potentially strengthening all kinds of partnerships, Mars conjunct Venus is about building things together, but the people involved should have equal abilities and be able to pull their own weight.

Prosperity: Mars and Venus in earthy, disciplined Capricorn create financial success when they build efficient systems step by step, and are always reaching higher.

Channeled message about how to handle uncertain times:

“The world is going to change a lot, all is well, but behold, the consequences of actions are everywhere to be seen. The writing is writ large.

Whether it’s your personal change or a whole continent’s,

be guided by your Star, and not your past,

or what put you where you are.”

March 2009 Spiritual Guidance and Psychic Messages

Number One: Let yourself off the hook from the job of saving the world and to tend to the care and well-being of your own self. Is there anything you need to function better? How’s the chair you sit in…is it good for your back? Do you need to get tested for anything? Have you incorporated exercises into your daily life that you’ve been meaning to? Take care of yourself and do for yourself, in March.
Expect to realign partnerships: Because divisiveness is sure to follow if you don’t share values, expect to re-align, make adjustments to, or change partnerships if you and your partner are not on the same page. In the process, practice communication skills, emphasize trying to create ways that work, first.

Reach out to people this Spring: Make new friends, enter new social experiences–catch the spirit of adventure that’s in the air, urging people to go and get involved in something new…it leads to more pleasure and a richer life. Spring is a feeling–something is happening– in everybody’s heart in March.

In the Air:
This seems like a time that you either change, or something happens to you anyway that creates a change–everyone’s bending and growing in some new way, and entering into new partnerships with themselves. If you don’t know what to do, do nothing for a minute, just be still and see what occurs to you when you stop and get calm, and feel open to choose.

The Pictograph:
To interpret, it looks like there’s an event or an angry outburst on a very large scale that involves a lot of people, and it is both a surprise, and something to be expected.

March 2009 Psychic Guidance for the Astrological Signs

Water (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces): You have passed some test; something is very likely to work out well. You get a significant go-ahead from the world, and you might even get to tour it!

Fire (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius): Fire signs have questions about their changing identity–they’re very aware of personal change. It’s an experience to live through, not so much ask questions about. Only living through it and making choices makes it clear.

Earth (Taurus,Virgo,Capricorn):
You deal with changes in partnerships, if they are not supportive, and more is clearer later in March. Not a good time to spend money to increase business. Wait to see what is actually happening before acting.

Air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius):
Now is the time to accept the truth, and find out what partnerships are glued, or where you need to go. You are emboldened to act on your awareness of the bigger picture and follow where fate points.

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