Eric Teissedre’s Spiritual Tributes to Michael Jackson and Miriam Makeba

A few thoughts about two greats, by spiritual counselor Eric Teissedre:

I am compelled to say something about Michael Jackson, from a spiritualist point of view. Michael was touched by the solar. Perhaps this archetype was one of his angels. Often difficult lives have a light or guide that comes through to help them. His spiritual attributes in part were solar, often showing the ability of art– music in particular. Great power often comes through the solar creativity. The solar, also the sixes by some card readers, is the death and resurrection sign. With his passing, like Elvis, he will be remembered more than in life. This is solar; often the solar becomes a sacrifice to a cause. He will affect those that knew him greatly, especially his children, which are now on the road of transformation by his spirit. Regardless of what you feel about an individual’s earthy existence, we can be touched greatly by the spirit they channel.

Miriam Makeba was from South Africa. If you have ever seen her, then you have been touched by the Spirit. If you have not, then you are in for a great treat.
You can see Miriam Makeba on You Tube. If by chance you don’t like a particular song, then look at another. No two songs or delivery of a song is quite the same. She herself said “I feel different spirits when I sing” and you will notice the truth of this statement, seeing her deliver different songs. According to Miriam, her mother was a healer. This would be called a “sangoma” in Zulu land. “While I myself have never healed, I know some things and I know about the spirits”, said Miriam. Zulu healers use spirits as part of their healing. Miriam Makeba, while on tour as a young woman, was forced into exile from her homeland. This lasted some 30 years. It was through an invitation to participate in a concert by Paul Simon, that she returned some time in the 1980’s. Called “Mother Africa” by her followers, Miriam left this world last year, in 2008. Truly a great inspiration and divine woman