Psychic Workshop “Get It Done in ’21” January 14th

Santa Fe Intuition Workshops and new classes are online! (Until we’re vaccinated…)

I am so looking forward to the day when again, circles are in person, healing work is in person, and I get to look into peoples’ real eyes… meanwhile, please join me online in downtown Santa Fe, for new kinds of psychic workshop experiences I’m offering, and enjoy them from the comfort of your own home!

January 14th, 6-7pm Mountain Time: “Get It Done in ’21” part 1

January 28th, 6-7pm Mountain Time: “Get It Done in ’21” part 2

Get It Done in ’21: Suggestions from the Stars, the Spirits, and the Tarot about navigating to your True North. Please bring a question or two to class about what you want for yourself in 2021. Also bring a question to ask about what you find challenging. The class will include a guided meditation to access your own intuition, and live psychic tarot readings. Detailed description below...

The class begins with a few minutes of relaxation and inspiration, a Soothing Story that’s an enlightening parable about navigating 2021.

Spiritual messages the class attracted (gathered before class) will be offered to the group.

We’ll discuss 2021 psychic predictions and how to work with its forces, and work with yourself, when it comes to reaching your goals.

Then, a psychic message circle for you to ask questions and get a psychic answer – you can ask verbally or in the public chat, any question on your mind about achieving your goals in the year ahead.

Now it’s your turn! I’ll lead a guided meditation to help you tune in to the messages your intuition wants to give you.

An exercise for you to do between sessions that demonstrates the metaphysical principle: Ask and Ye Shall Receive.

Please come to class with at least things you want to achieve for yourself this year, written down.

January 28th, 6 pm Mountain Time “Get It Done in ’21” part 2:

A check-in circle, more psychic development exercises, and live readings if people have questions.

I will introduce participants to more intuition-accessing practices and guide them to apply their intuition to whatever they want insight about.

Another new intuition work-out might be through a new guided meditation to get in touch with whatever (in the name of love) may be helpful.

To register for the class: 

Daily Live Classes with LiL+ for $1 with code “OneforOnein21”

FEBRUARY 2021 classes will be listed here January 21st. Introducing 3 new educational and inspirational experiences – let me take you on a mental trip!

Divination chronicles: the Tarot

The tarot incorporated Here’s a new post from my website’s tarot page. This is my new project and I’ll continue to update it with short articles from my metaphysical education.

The wonder of the tarot is the wonder of life itself, that how it works is mysterious, and yet by playing with it, we can learn, grow, and know.

Here’s the big thrill about tarot cards: they make it clear that you can know things. People can know, akin to the fact that birds can migrate. Inherent in the cards are all the principles in Nature, including that one can know directly.

According to Paul Foster Case, author of the classic “The Tarot”, something that all carriers of Ageless Wisdom from different times in history agree upon, is that there is some “One Something” behind everything, behind all appearances. It is “that which was, that which is, and that which shall be.” This is the literal translation of the name for “God” in the Hebrew Language. Wisdom teaches this underneath reality can’t be defined because definitions limit, and whatever exists so fundamentally is infinite and beyond limits.

However, wisdom carriers in different ages have agreed on another important truth, and this is where the tarot comes in: whatever that One Something is: one of its properties is that in it, one has the power to know. In the real world we live in, we are wired to know, and given the power to know. We can then develop tools that refine our abilities. Given this infinitely mysterious cosmological setting, one of the best tools for learning about oneself or anything else in Nature is the Rider-Waite tarot deck.

The significant relationship between the Hebrew alphabet and the tarot.

Magick by Eric Teissedre

…another way to get in touch with your inner self, your magical self, and divine guidance, from master practitioner Eric Teissedre in San Francisco. Eric can be reached at 415-474-2361

This is a magical inspiration, designed to make the subject of magick more user-friendly.
Magick is the wild west of metaphysical studies. There are more bizarre ideas that show up under the title of magick than in any other metaphysical field, ideas you could never get away with in a sane circle!

Magick has always invoked a certain amount of fear and confusion. It has always been a secretive subject, written in codes that were quite confusing. The middle ages didn’t do anything but add more confusion to an already mysterious subject. We are arriving at the time of no secrets. More and more information is available to the public and with subjects like cross-cultural shamanism coming into view, it adds more light on the subject of magick. A lot of what I write about is from my own perception and is my own opinion, but this is a subject I have been delving into since the mid-60’s. Here is my view:

All ritual is prayer and this gives a broad view to the word prayer. Prayer is composed of two elements. One is energy, sometimes called grace. The other is consciousness and the creating of thought forms. There are times that prayers don’t have enough power and may have to be done repetitiously to have an effect. Certain parts of ritual are designed to raise power. This is done through trance, toning, power songs, power dances, drums and rattles, and this is done to build chi, to build power.

Now there are three elements of magick. One is contacting the source, also called the guardian, high self or inner spirit. The second is cleaning, removing the blocks that affect energy, affect chakras. Cleaning is extremely important. The last is blessing, or charging, bringing positive energy into your being. This is all done in a sacred circle, a magic circle.

Now, we want to keep this subject of magick simple. We don’t want to be bogged down with endless ritual or ritual for ritual sake, or a whole series of tools that don’t truly serve any practical purpose. You can create your magickal circle in your mind. Once you are in sacred space, call in your own way divine light and sense that this is in the center of your being, no particular place in your body, just the center of your being. Affirm to this light that you are being cleansed of unwanted energy and you are being blessed.

At this point, see what your mind gives you, see what memories come up. See what images pass across your mind. Many practitioners work with animal spirits. I am not sure that they are actually working with animal spirits or that the divine, which is formless, part of the quantum, is speaking to the practitioner in a subjective language. It doesn’t matter. The whole point of this exercise is to build a communication with the divine within.

Thank your inner contact when you are done, release and step back out into the everyday world. Don’t worry about releasing your sacred inner magick circle. Who knows, it could serve you as a tool for protection. Keep your work simple, to the point, and positive.

Ancient magicians called this: “conversation with the holy guardian angel” and it was meant to be the center of the magical work. Shamans would call this: “communication with the guardian spirit.”

At a later date, we can share some power building techniques and more ways to work with the spirit.
Circle of light, Eric

Eric Teissedre’s Astrology and Metaphysical Musings

Note: Eric Teissedre is the best metaphysical teacher, medium, and all around expert divinator and clairvoyant I’ve ever come across. Over the years many people have contacted me, trying to find him as his name has appeared on my website. No one ever forgets Eric but he’s not been easy to get ahold of for decades. I’m so glad he’s decided to write and I’ll post whatever he sends me on this blog. If you would like to reach Eric or have questions about his services, please email me at

First, I would like to thank Elissa Heyman for providing me with some space for this article.
In doing astrology for a number of years, I have come to some realizations and would like to offer these as inspirations.
There is the question: are we fated or do we have free will? I am of the belief we have free will and yet this acts within certain boundaries of any given time. I have seen people overcome numerous negative aspects that could have normally predicted a negative outcome. Usually these are people of strong spiritual conviction who see their source as something above the planets. Astrology is a language of the heavens. It speaks for the temple of God, the universe. There are so many different systems of astrology, especially house division, that you wonder how astrologers of such diversity can read a chart. Some are using totally different zodiac signs, some use tropical, some use sidereal. I was always taught that whatever system you choose, stick to the rules of that system. If this is true, then there is a quantum going on with space. It is as if space can read your mind, knows what system of astrology you are using, and offers you guidance through that system. Food for thought, in that we are not always being dictated to in terms of what our fate has to be. Perhaps the universe is offering some suggestions. With that said, I look at the planets as they are now. We have passed through a time where many planets are in Aquarius, including the north node. Nodes are pretty intense. The sky suggests an investment into humanity. Let’s make the human being the subject of our investment and not the banks and bankers. I am making these statements, realizing these planets have occurred with and around the inauguration and can predict some of the thinking of the new administration. Invest in people, invest in education, and invest in the computer as a tool to reach more people with education. There is quite possibly a return of the dot com, without the madness of the late 90s. It is a business that has to make more sense. Even though Aquarius is a human sign, and would show some of these things, it is also the second house of the 10th, meaning money connected to the government, so there will be a re-thinking of a financial free-for-all and empowering banks with absolute rights. They have to be accountable to someone, the old checks and balances that this country is famous for. Speaking of checks and balances, there are issues with the courts. They seem to be making more and more decisions separate from public consent. We are in a Jupiter-Saturn opposition. I take liberties with an extremely wide orb in that it represents a larger amount of time. I wouldn’t be so liberal in viewing a natal chart, but the public is different than a natal chart. Saturn and Jupiter, being on the opposite side, suggest debate and duality from extremes, those Republicans and Democrats at war again. Interestingly enough, in numerology, we are in a two year. Add up the numbers 2009 and they reduce to a two, a number of relationships. There are questions about relationships, set before the public at this time. I am optimistic about the times. I believe our mind affects things greatly. Astrologers can point out this administration started with mercury retrograde. This usually shows trouble, difficulty in communication. I don’t think it matters. Image is everything. We have an administration that is very image-conscious. Perhaps they will have a power of uniting us, idealistically, which will affect economy and such.

I grew up learning that every twenty years, a president would die in office because of a Jupiter Saturn aspect. In the past few years, this has lessened and with the last administration, was not true at all. Back to the quantum theory, the more we are aware of an aspect, it seems we can affect it with intention. We have people in office who pray, whether you are in agreement with their politics or not. We can wonder about the power of prayer. I believe it affects things greatly. In conclusion, look to the stars for guidance. My forte these days is what I call consultation astrology. It is an astrology that gives boundaries to the intuition. It has arrived in the observation of aspects at the time a person has a reading, especially the ascendant. It is amazing the synchronicities that can occur, but again, it does not bind the individual to a fated outcome. That is our job, to match minds, to work the spiritual power and to affect our so-called fate.
Blessings to all,