More 2023 Psychic Predictions and Personal Guidance for the New Year

This is the last batch of 2023 general predictions left to be posted,  and then I’ll start on the psychic horoscopes with a message for each sign.  Expect to see them here later this month!

Left-out messages from the Winter Solstice  Messages December 21, 2022:

Projects started around the Winter Solstice 2022 (3rd week of December) attract needed help.

Prioritize  Kids: The most impactful and valuable focus for government and organizations at any level are services for the young. They need to be provided with a safe place where they can interact playfully and as well with their imagination – building things, making things and learning things.

New Moon in Capricorn on Goals and Success: Pick just 3 things that seem essential for personal success.  Figure a way to do something about at least one of them almost daily through action.. Don’t spread yourself thin; remind yourself of only 3 important-for-satisfaction personal goals.  There is a great sense of fulfillment that comes from completing things this year.

The Speaking Stones New Year’s Eve 2022:  The stones show a lot of workarounds in 2023, meaning creative solutions are more the foundation of the year than catastrophes. First people can clearly see what doesn’t work and what needs to be cleaned up, but that’s just the first step in creating a new and better situation.

People on the main stages of the world don’t get to the place they want to, so the Russian war on Ukraine could still go on.

There’s a distinct “before and after” about the potential of free energy. Before free energy, we’re all focused on conflicts with each other. . After free energy, we feel more connected to the universe. Important positive developments are put in place through creative and innovative solutions, but we don’t see the results yet this year.

New Messages January 3rd 2022

Answers In the Air Today : What kind of people are being born now? “Poets! Poets are born, poets are reincarnated; old souls break out of their sleep to don the clothes of Everyman, until they’re needed. New cultural leaders both emerge in 2023 and are being born around this time – under the influence of the latter, future culture becomes wiser.

A conversation with aliens:  (This is me reporting a conversation where aliens made a prediction) “Ahoy there! People from outer space! You don’t see us coming out of our fog for 5 years!”  Translation:  The fog is everything that keeps us short-sighted about our common goals, divided and at war and with destructive ecological practices. People are going to try everything that doesn’t work…crazies in the government like Santos, polarization still going strong.  The message from Outer Space Beings is that we don’t come out of it for years and in the meantime,  try a lot of things that don’t work.

Changing Relationship with Death: Today’s population which has a generally uncomfortable relationship with death, will get a lot more used to it in the next 4 years, and this is part of how people collectively become more understanding and accepting of death.

Emptyness” is a future theme. There are new battles to face, psychologically.  Mental health and well-being services will get more experimental. .

Personal Growth Challenge: We are in Nature’s rock tumbler, and what causes friction within us gets exposed and “worked on.”   Rumi has a neat poem about welcoming all inner conflicts as a chance to have a crack at mastering them. Here’s something to try: You can ask yourself to inwardly to come up with  a more polished response to a particular frustration after the fact or before, and your inner guidance is likely to give you an answer.  It will be one that promotes harmony and allows you to be unbothered.