“Fruition”, the Mayan calendar’s last cycle, and the new moon in Scorpio

“Flowering” gave way to “Fruition” on October 12 according to The Mayan calendar’s 26,000 year cycle marking our collective change in consciousness. At this point, if Mayan expert Dr. Carl Calleman is right in his interpretation and this cycle is personally relevant to those of us alive today, we should feel a great deal of profound change has occurred in our lives since March.
I asked my tarot, what was “fruition”, and it showed the 6 of wands, the Chariot, and the king of Swords, meaning it’s a time when people can see where they belong and what they belong doing, and have the wherewithal to pursue their truth. There are powerful winds connecting people as well as blowing them apart. Let it happen, this is the Big Shift,when big and sweeping changes can occur.

Today is a new moon in Scorpio, emphasizing focus and urging us to get straight as an arrow about our priorities. We can figure how to incorporate what’s new and good into our life, if we’re willing to be ruthlessly honest. Act now to powerfully influence your own road, and work on something specific you want to develop or accomplish. There is no time like the present!

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