Spring 2021 Psychic Newsletter with May Horoscopes

Dear Friends,

I hope all of you are seeing light at the end of your tunnels… I’m getting on a plane exactly two weeks after my second Covid vaccine, and that’s the light at the end of mine!

For 3 days after the second shot, though, all I did was sleep and look at entertaining articles on my phone. Those spacey bouts of smartphone scrolling bring you this gem of a UFO article for your procrastinating pleasure:   https://www.salon.com/2021/04/18/11-strange-stories-from-the-national-ufo-reporting-center_partner/ The stories are all plausible yet fantastic, except I think the 11th report may be about man-made (but secret) technology.

I hope to see some of you in Santa Fe when travel is safe – there are already a lot of people in town, a lot of full restaurants and patios, but I think it’s too soon to know for how long. My hope is to open my own business on May 7th, and I also look forward to working with groups – many have been coming to Santa Fe. My sincere hope is that however Covid19 and its variants progress, I can connect with some of you face to face, and very soon!

It’s a transformative Spring with lots of heavyweight planetary action – read all about it below, plus Spring and May horoscopes, and

have a fruitful, beautiful Spring,



Events: I’ll be unavailable for phone sessions April 30-May 4th. To make an appointment any other time, please contact me by text at 505-577-4012, or elissa@elissaheyman.com, or landline 505-982-3294. In-person sessions in Santa Fe can be booked for May 7th and later.

PrimeTime magazine in Albuquerque will feature an interesting article I was interviewed for, on the historical use of psychics during pandemics, and what psychics are seeing from their clients during this one. I’ll post a link in the next newsletter.

October 13-18th, New Orleans, and I’m available for in-person psychic and healing sessions on two of those days. Please get in touch for what should be a magical house call.

Classes Coming Up On LearnItLive.com – Next Tuesday the 27th: The next online event is a Spring Re-Set symposium class: “Refreshing Your Spirit and Aiming High in April”: https://www.learnitlive.com/Class/Refreshing-Your-Spirit-and-Aiming-High-in-April/17673?ref=elissaheyman

April 27, 6:30 pm Mountain: “Spring’s natural cycle of refreshing our spirit is tinged this year by Pluto going retrograde, meaning the force is with us to shed the outdated and unserviceable and reach high for our personal goals. A very big re-set can occur if we allow it! Other planetary forces combine to message us: “Aim high, operate more freely, and surrender to deeper change and bigger dreams.” In this experiential class, we’ll discuss the opportunity the last few days of April present, and you’ll be guided through a new meditation to help reach goals and get messages about your own well-being. Live psychic and tarot reading at the end of class for questions about letting go or reaching personal goals.

There are quite a few free classes on intuition anyone can look at up on my LearnItLive page at https://www.learnitlive.com/ElissaHeyman?ref=elissaheyman

Spring 2021 Psychic Insights

This Spring, the stars conspire to help us go deeper, and see what is really important to us now, and how to constructively pay attention to the dreams and desires we want to manifest. Spring is always a time of new growth and beginnings, but this is a super-new time, the beginning of an 800 year cycle that helps us change our ideas and social structures. There are big wheels turning, and it helps to take the long view where you’re patient with the turbulence of disconnection from the familiar. Take your time, strive to live a balanced life, and Spring 2021 can be a rich and momentous season of personal discovery and growth.

As for the pandemic, previous predictions showed much more death ahead, so in case that is right, God forbid, don’t let your guard down. Covid is looking for a way to spread everywhere – even if it lays low for awhile. The May pictograph suggests two different things to me: lots of people don’t get vaccinated, or that “Yankee ingenuity” comes up with a solution to the pandemic. Maybe both are true!

Spring 2021 Psychic Horoscopes Read Your Sun, Moon, and Rising Signs

Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Fire signs: You work happily towards a future that involves making more change than you’re expecting! Do not light yourself on fire yet in an effort to get yourself out in the world, it’s better to smolder and stoke the fire. Don’t put a big effort into promoting yourself and marketing your new ideas, it’s better to work on the development and the creation of something.

Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces, Water signs: You recently came upon something magical, and uniquely yours to capture. Yes, something special is happening! You might develop tunnel vision this Spring, focused on your various interests or concerns. This puts a premium value on your time. New priorities or a greater allegiance to them shape your day. Now there’s a burst of energy for self-realization and to know what’s important to you, what gets you inspired and gets you to do the work. A strong spring start for the water signs!!

Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, Air signs: There’s some change in your home. There could be a change in location to where you feel better suited emotionally and financially, and more at peace. Upcoming changes can occur more easily in August. You’re in a much lighter, and if you are contemplating a change, it looks like it really suits you, and puts you more at ease and in a more fulfilling place. Weather the bumpy beginning!

Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, Earth signs: Capricorns climb to a more stable, higher, better-feeling circumstance. Earth signs in general are a lot more sure of their direction, of what’s happening, what should make them secure, and where their efforts should go. They go up a notch to the better fate they deserve.  Creative endeavors can move ahead.

Spiritual Guidance for All Signs:

Be Like Aries the Ram:  In April’s strong Aries energy, people are quite pointed about their desires and goals, and don’t have so much trouble refusing to cater to other people. They see what it takes to get something done, and like a ram, charge towards their own agenda.

The emotional atmosphere between people can get murky and intense in April, however. Just ride out self-doubt and uneasy feelings if that happens,  and do what you need to get done. It is also a mystical time when a lot of meaningful coincidences and synergies occur – follow your inner inclinations to connect!

Spring Beauty Tips:  A key to your future is Self-Care Now!  Don’t run yourself down chasing anything. Get your beauty sleep, get outside in the fresh air, and get in shape for success.

Plea from Nature: Nature Sez:Hey! Guys! Are you paying attention to the water? Be Water-Aware, more than Air-Aware, more than Terra-Aware…be Water-Aware! Countries, Please! Cooperate and make treaties around water: its cleanliness, its safety, its flow.”

Signs and Omens: The stars suggest that leading up to April’s Full Moon on the 26th,  prioritize work that gets you into the world you want to inhabit. The Aries energy is  “Me, Myself, and I” – go with it!  By the end of the month, there should be signs of your direction and the fruits of your efforts. You’ll also learn whether you did, or did not do enough or the right things, to achieve your goals.

Pluto goes retrograde on April 27th, and this helps people change. Pluto energy is change through the destruction of the old so a more serviceable structure can be established. In the next 5 months, people change a lot from the inside out.  People make room for new infrastructure that allows them to grow again. Spring 2021 is the beginning of a big turning point.  

Happy Birthday Aries! Your card and horoscope appeared on my blog – here it is again for newsletter only readers:


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Aries 2021-22 You So Bold!

Aries 2021: You’re way busier. Get ready, prepare for action. 2022 is your year! All ways are good ways if how you act in them is a good way – even if you are experiencing something that doesn’t work, or someone who needs to go. You can’t go wrong this year, success is an inside job. Declare “all is well in my world”, meaning, you understand you have control over what you’re paying attention to. Control of your world is a focus this year. Stay lean, stay empty.. it’s a good year to lose excess weight of all kinds. In general, you’re in an especially new-feeling new beginning this year, and be bold with yourself in what you’re willing to both let go of, and embrace. Aries in the beginning of the year, weren’t supposed to put a lot of cash out unless obviously needed –  the 2nd half of the year was better.

Happy Birthday, Taurus! Here’s your birthday horoscope and healing meditation:

Taurians are not yet able to see the big changes they want to make coming up –  the evidence isn’t in yet, but it could be in a few months. There is also a significant offer or opportunity in September, representing a wish come true! All is well.  It’s a natural time to get settled, but in the best place for you, which could mean that you consider moving. Some Taurians change location for professional reasons or change their home for the better.

Healing Meditation for You: The color orange, which is associated with strength, can be used as a meditation to protect you, to help you stay in your own centered place; imagine it in surrounding your midsection while you relax somewhere private.  Store some of it inside you: breathe it in and fill your spiritual stomach with this source of strength and endurance. 

May 2021 Psychic Horoscopes, Read Your Sun, Moon, and Rising Signs

Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Fire Signs: There might be uneasiness or worry about something you’re trying to do, but give your projects time, things look good. You might be at the beginning of a project and not be in sync yet to be really productive.  If you are at odds with the process of manifesting  what you want, know you can figure it out in time.

Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces, Water Signs: There seems to be a difference of opinion going on in your life about what roles you are to play. It can be an energetic pull and push to accomplish everything you want to get done for yourself, let alone others. Within yourself,  it also looks likely that you go through significant changes of mind and changes of direction. What’s important for you to be doing? Water signs might be questioning their official partnerships when they feel off their course. They’re ultimately successful in finding management workarounds.

Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, Air Signs: Something is clearly over and something very successful is being worked on,  and soon you’ll see the value of having had an empty canvas –  a blank slate in some way that allows you to move forward with what looks to be worthwhile. If it’s business, it’s a lucrative endeavor and this time, something that really works. 

Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, Earth Signs: There is a lot you have to do, no way around it, to get out in the world literally and figuratively. And not every trip and project goes as expected! You have to pay more attention to what your goals require. Your desires created this happy problem! Now let your efforts make all you’ve conjured up, successful.

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