South Korea, North Korea, and Nuclear Capability

I once made a curious prediction about South Korea, that a dangerous situation loomed and the world had to watch out for its leader and what he might do. Even though I printed it, I thought perhaps my guidance was wrong as it was North Korea’s leader who was clearly a loose cannon. Years before I’d gotten the vision of some nutcase coming out of the woods who had nuclear capabilities, and since then have made various references to what I assume is the North Korean leader and his potential to act out on the world stage. The latest is that he’s like a squeaking wheel that really needs to be oiled; his ego is bruised and he’s needing attention. Yesterday I read a headline on that freaked me out: “South Korea Warns of First Strike Capability”. I’m wondering if it’s the aggressive actions of the South Korean leader that sets off the very unstable leader to the North, and the unthinkable.