Amazing documentary about nature, our true abilities, and interspecies communication

It’s hard, in fact impossible, to refute the documentary The Animal Communicator featuring a black leopard and his transformation in the company of interspecies communicator Anna Breitenbach. The black leopard story is at the end– make sure you see it. Although the leopard is a real show-stopper, there’s much more of interest in this documentary that reveals our real nature and capabilities when it comes to communication.

Two stories that caught my attention mentioned a particular phenomenon in tracking wild animals. One featured a totally psychic African hunter, another a Native American-trained tracker, and they both would see a “silver line” above the ground, which they could follow right to the animal they were tracking.
When I was in my twenties, I got caught out after dark in a redwood forest on Mt. Tamalpais in Marin County, and it turned so pitch black couldn’t see my hands in front of me. The soft feet-thick loam on the ground held no trails, either. I ended up getting down on my hands and knees, which felt safer, and began to see a faint trail of light, like energy close to the ground which I assumed was from animals who had passed by earlier. I crawled along that line of light until it eventually led me to a perceptible trail. Necessity is the mother of accessing one’s ancient inner resources!
Watch this inspiring documentary; its goal is to raise awareness and sense of community with all living things, and on the way it delivers powerful stories about our natural selves.