August 2021 Psychic Newsletter with Predictions and Horoscopes

Dear Friends,

I have for you, on this hazy-ish day in Santa Fe, a collection of channeled messages about the Sun in Leo, psychic horoscopes for the August 8th new moon, some good gossip, a Covid19 update, and what I’ve been thinking about lately, enjoy!

I hope this finds you well, and with many little things to appreciate – I’m sharing a picture of a bowl of blackberries from my garden, before they meet their fate as blackberry cobbler. As for the big things, most of it feels very out of control…

I’m still working in person in Santa Fe, but have cancelled most 2021 group work here and elsewhere. I’m still going to outdoor music events, though. It is so great to run down to the Plaza and listen to live music in the evening, and see people strolling and talking, dancing and laughing. I am cherishing it while it’s here in our midst!
Best to you all,
Love, Elissa

Housekeeping: Please bring proof of your full vaccination to an in-person appointment, thank you.

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The recent Manifesting class on the August 8th new moon and Lion’s Gate Portal is up at I’ll be adding more classes, announced on my blog and through – what a terrific option this platform and online learning in general in our wildly swinging world – a convenient way to keep in touch, keep in shape, and keep exploring.

Good Gossip: For a few days, there’s been a big green bus parked around my Santa Fe neighborhood, with “RoadTrip Nation” painted on its side, and, “Define Your Own Road in Life”. Curious, I stopped on my bike when I saw some young people boarding it, very interestingly made up. They were all Native American, doing a PBS special where they went on a road trip to interview role models across the country. This neat docuseries has a lot of shows, here’s the url where this show will appear: 2021

Covid19 Update: What’s on most peoples’ mind is how suddenly strange things have gotten again due to the Delta variants. That’s good to be wary, that people realize how strange this virus, and nature in general, can get – although it made me hang my head and cry when I heard that the New Orleans JazzFest was cancelled. To carry on, might be like herding people into an area and then calling a lot of assassins to whack them. (If you’re wondering how so many people might believe it’s a bad idea to get vaccinated, there’s an interesting theory published at – social scientists who see lying and pathological behavior as an evolutionary step, as it expedites getting people on your side – lying works! If our systems and leaders are in place because we are following an evolutionary path and selecting for sociopaths to succeed, it makes sense we ended up with Trump. Experiments fail, thank God, and tables turn – I hope young people in the wings like Greta Thunberg are a sign of that.)

I went to my old newsletters, remembering a Spring 2020 vision about some worse development: how we thought Covid would be over, but it, or something worse, would come roaring back. I found this message first that seems to be about the same event, a divination from the January 2021 newsletter:

(January 2021): “May-June 2021: An event or circumstance that hits in May, where the effects are felt strongly in June, is some kind of blow that really knocks the wind out of peoples’ sails and is very crippling. People stagger under the weight of something hard to deal with, as is something comes ramming through, and this is felt in the U.S. Consequently, there are a few winners and many losers and many less people in the middle.

This message seems to be about a new threat or something like the Delta variant, that deals financial blows, that “knocks the wind out of peoples’ sails.” My point re-posting this and the recent Covid19 update on my blog, is to highlight how the unexpected can occur – it’s shown up a couple of times at least. Uranus is in Taurus now, and goes retrograde for the rest of the year in a few days. It’s associated with “the unexpected” occurring in financial markets and events affecting the material world, so let’s hope its manifestation is an out of left field cure, a breakthrough in understanding!

I know that in the same January newsletters, there’s also the Covid prediction that “it (the virus) goes away”, but if there’s any truth to that, it’s not now, August 2021. Now is when we can’t believe what a murderer it is. It’s like a relationship with a narcissist, a psychopath, where the normal person puzzles over crazy behavior but doesn’t react fast enough to get away unscathed- they hang around, still expecting someone to act normal, and show them respect. With this sociopathic, souped-up Delta plus variant on the loose, it’s like we’re all having a relationship with social life as an unstable partner. Most concerning, it seems that leaders’ decisions around school can push children directly into the variants’ paths, as if they’re not taking current reality into consideration.

The “Days of the Elui” experience August 8-September 6th:
I recently got an email from and learned about an interesting Jewish sacred tradition called “the Elui experience”, starting August 8-September 6th.

The Days of Elui sound similar to other traditions around the star Sirius A – I talked about one in class the other night, the Lion’s Gate Portal. It’s a time of getting higher insights and deeper truths, and new, bright, creative ideas, but the way it’s presented in the quote below from Jerry Epstein, it’s also a divination system for your year ahead:

from the post “Messages from Invisible Reality: Watch for Your 2021 Elul Experience starting Sunday August 8 – Monday, Sept. 6:

“During this month, we receive messages from the invisible reality about the upcoming year. Almost everyone – no matter what your persuasion – experiences some significant, striking, unusual, different, attention grabbing experience. This experience can come as an event in waking life or as a significant dream. It shows us what is in the offing for the coming year; either the area we need to work on; some portentous message; something beneficial coming our way. It defines, one way or another, our focus for the unfolding year.

Be on the lookout for omens of your year ahead; by continuing to work on what feels important to you. By continuing to try, by continuing to seek the truth, and believe in a new and positive future for yourself, the world will answer you in this communicative Universe.
Channeled messages from July 22 inspired by Sun in Leo

Leo Sun July 22 2021:
“A fiery hot sun. Who knew a sun could be cruel,Ice-cold when it’s so hot?The August Sun takes no prisoners.”

(Explication: Nature has no mercy, man has no mercy, it’s a month of cruel occurenceGuidance: “Of all the times, this is the time to re-visit what may not have worked in the past – revisit where you have sought help. Be aware of help, and call out for it.”

Sun in Leo:
It is contentious energy out there, and if you must fight something or fight for something, make sure it’s worth the time and energy, and make sure you give it your attention.In the Air: Wild ideas, wild people – a lot of crazy, off-the-wall ideas occur to people, as well as come to light in the public.Temptation: There’s a bit of a tug of war between doing what you know is good for you, and desire to indulge. Don’t over-spend, over-reach, over-do, and especially, over-eat!
Also Hardworking! Especially while pursuing what’s new in your life, and what might be off your beaten path, you can be hardworking and industrious during this Leo four week cycle.

How to Stay Mentally Fit: Mostly, do not be hard on yourself in the midst of harsh planetary conditions no need to describe, but they could make you tired. If at this time you are prone to be unproductive: it is much more a sign of your body adjusting to changing conditions, than that you’re lazy. Rest, if you feel like resting. Indulge in what’s pleasurable! Rest and do things you enjoy to adjust!

From Outer Space People: “There are more ways for people” (from outer space) “to infiltrate your atmosphere now. Too much debris is coming from you. You do not clean up, and should invest in cleaning up space operations as well as getting to space.”Also, a prediction about children, especially from Africa, seemed to come from them: “Singular people are coming to you, bearing gifts. People with new abilities. All told, many are in Africa now – young.”
And then about the earth and natural disasters:“The planet wipes itself clean every once in awhile, a momentary act in the scheme of things but held in awe through stories, always.” ( i.e. the Flood stories worldwide.)

2nd full moon in Aquarius, August 22nd: Plans can be implemented with more precision. Also, the moon is conjunct Jupiter, making people very bold, a good combination if presenting something new. Beware: the forces tend to exacerbate any mood you happen to be in, and things can reverse very easily. Don’t be thrown by the swaying, see-sawing nature of life.
Legal judgments can get reversed. In this topsy turvy environment, somehow it can end up feeling like justice is served; some innate balancing to what’s true occurs.

New Moon in Leo Horoscopes for the Fire, Water, Air and Earth Signs, August 8 2021
Read your Sun, Moon, and Rising Signs
Leo Birthday Message

Happy Birthday, Leo! Leos are in transit this year, finding a new spiritual home. Let yourself experiment! In some way, you end up going far from where started, while coming in to your own “truer for you now” scenario. It is shinier. All is well Leo, but it could be that you must clear some past life vestiges of remembered hard times. Now, there are no hard times, and you are busy creating, and letting the chips fall where they may. You can also be seeing how you might make money in a different way, and be in a different role. You could change your life quite a bit if you’re very willing to do that. 2022 is hot (in a good way!)

Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius, Fire signs: Carry on you with your plan to unwind what you’re doing or have been doing, by following your heart: see what you enjoy doing now. Be an explorer on your own path, this Leo season, and don’t push yourself. Push if it’s fun and/or worth it because of the goal achieved. More than ever before, you’re trusting your heart, your instinct, your intuition, and trying to follow that. You are practical enough that you can trust that your guts won’t lead you off a cliff, and would be alert to risky choices.

Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces, Water signs: Signs are flashing “all systems go” in your life, encouraging you to follow your pleasure, wake up in new places literally and figuratively, and indulge in a romantic version of your own life. Move ahead with creative projects, as now you get to do things you’ve wanted to do for a while. Expect a great month of cooperation and “yesses”!

Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, Air signs:
You’re experimenting quite a bit this summer with doing what’s pleasurable, and feeling good about what feels right for you to take on, of the options that are right in front of you. There are some changes you consider, trying to follow what inspires you even if it means changing your plans or direction. What will make you happier? Is the big question, and the part of you to consult is your feelings, not your mind.

Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, Earth signs: It’s a truism that if people had known how complicated it was to get something done, they may not have so naively jumped in with both feet. But it looks good for you to do that now, and organize now for what you really love, or who you love, or what you would love to accomplish and move forward with. There will be times where that gets quite difficult… but what else can you do? You have to do what you’re motivated to do, and see where it goes.

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