The Imagination, the Intuition, and People vs. The State of Illusion

Full Moon Practice February 2013
Full Moon Practice February 2013

Just as the world seems to be filled with more despairing circumstances, movies like People vs. The State of Illusion are disseminating the very ideas people need to change their experience of life. What a happy coincidence!

The movie featured a story about someone who gets free from the inside out (quite a bit filmed right here in Santa Fe); creator Austin Vickers explaining how we limit ourselves and why it’s unnecessary given the nature of reality, and a lot of interesting science and consciousness experts.

Next week in my intuition class, I’ll try a discussion segment at the end to discuss one of the expert’s comments featured in the documentary. To freely use your imagination and intuition, it really helps to hear a wise yet scientific type lay out the science behind it. I bought the dvd because it has an extra hour of dialogue with Jo Dispenza, Candice Pert—they all had fascinating things to say.

People vs. the State of Illusion is playing one more night in Santa Fe, see yesterday’s article for info.

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