Late Spring/Early Summer Spiritual Guidance and Psychic Horoscopes

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New Moon in Sparkly Gemini May 25th, 2017

These guidance messages are inspired by today’s new moon in Gemini . Although traditionally just a two week cycle, most of this new moon guidance is applicable for the rest of Spring and early Summer.
Beginning the last week of May, there’s lots of energy available for getting connected in various ways. One way is to spend time getting your own world organized so you feel comfortable and connected to what’s yours. Also, you can now learn a lot about how you work best; you can connect the dots and better understand inner dynamics that get in your way. Government investigations can connect the dots, there’s breaking news all over the place! People can rapidly connect with each other and help each other…people become more open to help and helping.
In general in a new moon phase, the new choices and opportunities that cycle into one’s life are promising. In the air sign Gemini, what’s new can be how you’re thinking and what you’re planning. Be open to new thoughts and ways of seeing things.
More spiritual guidance: what to schedule no matter what else is going on: do some things just for fun.
May 25th 2017 New Moon’s Portent: Gemini is hopeful, positive, cheery…Gemini always brings up the potential for things to be different, to change, and to switch. The moon invites you to switch things up if you want to, and start thinking differently. Be forward thinking and flexible. Salute the brand new day that leaves behind the old, the yesterday, and so can you. This new moon suggests that the insights you get now about yourself and what to do are deep. Action can quickly follow the deeper understanding you have, and this will lead to greater success. “DO IT, do what you know to do”, says this new moon. Don’t dilly dally.
Summer 2017: People can look forward to one of the most creative summers yet, according to the Solstice stars. People are going to express themselves deeply and profoundly, and much will be created this summer with great feeling. Connections abound…don’t give up on love this Summer!
Summer Suggestions: Explore your surroundings… expand into your immediate environment. Join a group or local club with people you don’t know. Make your energy part of the social fabric. Pleasing connections can form with people drawn to the same learning experience.
Spiritual growth opportunities come in being a good neighbor, friend, and caretaker of your personal space and body. It’s a simple, back to the basics summer that refreshes the spirit. Acknowledge your friends and have fun with them; include your pets in this! Spiritual seekers gain greater inner unity after eclipse season, in August.
A lot of people change their brand image and their physical image. To do that, they might have to get to the root of any way in which they don’t accept themselves.
Out in the World: Before I cut the cards for this, metaphorically speaking, I’m reminded of the last time I wrote about what I thought was going on, and I was wrong. While driving down the highway to Albuquerque to return some item, I raised my own hair a couple of inches thinking Marine LePen would win France, all from a tarot card cut. However, it’s led to an article I’m almost done with about intuition and divination that will be especially interesting for people who use the tarot. Being wrong in your interpretation is thought-provoking and a puzzle: what do I not understand about how the tarot works, or what it is actually communicating? In my case, I also was being taught it was pretty wrong for me to publically post apocalyptic scenarios that came from a divination session with my elbows on the steering wheel going 80 and my hands shuffling a mini tarot deck I use for restaurants. But it did lead to ruminations and understandings about divination I want to share in a new blog post. Analyzing the cards I got and knowing what actually happened helped me clarify some things about the elements of divination, which I’m happy to share in a post out shortly on my blog.
Venus squared Pluto on the new moon indicate big fights over the Republicans health and economic policies, and that more criminal, underworld activity is revealed on the world stage. It also suggests a period where criminal types are active, so stay aware!



It will continue to be very hard for impetuous Trump to comport himself respectfully with other leaders. The tactic that will work less and less and turn against him more and more, is to be subversive and manipulative. Trump’s dark side is growing a mile wide, though, and he’s getting more out of touch. I don’t know where he’s going, but he appears to be getting there very fast.


Psychic Horoscopes for the Fire, Water, Air and Earth Signs
Read you Sun, Moon, and Rising Sign

Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius, Fire signs: For the next little while, you feel out, try out, and question what you really want to do. Maybe you want to first give your room a makeover before conquering the world. Maybe you want to take a sabbatical to write a book. You might be getting on board for a very big change, such as a change in your career. Your spiritual lesson is to tolerate and endure the process that takes awhile. Maybe you’ll go down some dead-end streets. Do not give up too soon. Don’t expect your health plan to work overnight. Success demands consistency. But have fun this Summer! Let your life be interrupted by people with delightful plans and agendas that do not serve a practical purpose. To improve health, listen more closely to your own self and its immediate healthy needs for fresh air, stretching, and socializing.

Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces, Water signs: Take it easy, easier than ever, and especially, don’t make other peoples’ problems your problems. Let go of the past and be at peace with yourself. Glorify, respect, and worship your own path. You could feel again that you want to explore a new area, seek new knowledge, or begin going in a new direction. Be a seeker, following the most interesting path.

Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, Air signs: Air signs are especially energized by the new Moon in Gemini, and their energy surges to make things right. Powerful forces are yours to harness for good or for bad but you are much more predisposed to use them to move yourself forward. The happier your interpretation of things, the better they actually turn out to be. The spiritual guidance is to be patient and stay positive: those two qualities see you through the best. Directions and choices must be tried on for size. If you don’t like where they’ve taken you, you’ll discover the basic cause.. Discover what’s essential to change so you can enjoy yourself.

Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, Earth signs: Spiritual progress comes from the peace of mind that accompanies the completion of things. You’ll also feel lighter by truly finishing hanging tasks. Recognize what you’re done with, what is over, and what you’ve laid to rest. You are graduating to another spiritual plane, another conscious point of assembly. In your daily life, you may be really sick and tired of certain routines. The Rx is to break things up: don’t let life get grim because of what’s on your plate to do. . Find a way to make the days refreshing. It’s a challenge to practice acceptance of whatever life presents, but smiling through it all works wonders.

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