New Moon Santa Fe Intuition Workshop and Psychic Message Circle June 16th 2018

SATURDAY JUNE 16th 11 am-12:30 pm Intuition Workshop and Psychic Message Circle.

Please register by email at or 505-982-3294

This new moon circle is a good time to get feedback about new projects and directions you’re considering… here’s an earlier post about new moon concerns people are likely to have now that Uranus has entered Taurus: to sum it all up, people are willing to consider new things!

Spring’s Freedom Seeking Urge Begins May 15th: Individuals looking to get their life moving feel a shift – a freeing that allows them to go in new directions, maybe even start over. They could be sustained for years by the creative energy that new directions begin to give them at this time. Mars goes into Aquarius in the evening, suggesting that now people’s creativity sparks connections with much broader networks and their world opens up. So don’t be afraid to start something new even if it looks like the world is in chaos – the planets could be lined up just right for your liberating changes.

We’ll probably work with the Transformational Art Cards among other exercises, here’s a post about my recent discovery using them.