The Money Tree Boost this October

As a professional psychic, I don’t walk down the street knowing things about the people who pass by…for me, psychic connection to others has an on and off switch, and it only comes on for the session.

However, I don’t have such a defensive relationship with other beings in Nature. Every few years, I come across a tree or a dog or even a kachina doll,  something that should not be able to communicate sophisticated things, that speaks to me.

This phenomenon of something seemingly inhabited by a consciousness is nothing new, just unusual.  I heard a story in the ’70’s about a phd candidate who went down to Southern California where there was a talking horse. He was desperate to know when he was finally going to finish his thesis and get his degree, desperate enough to consult a psychic animal. The horse heard the question and pawed the date into the dirt in front of him, “1975!”

My latest experience with uncommon communication was with a tree in Santa Fe. It telepathically called its name out to me as I came up to it;  “The Fairies’ Golden Tree of Prosperity…The Magnificent Sugar Plum Money Tree” or “Money Tree” for short.

It stands in the middle of October, shimmering with promise and rustling golden leaves.  It has a message for this month: “Tune in to your dreams, and ask for practical advice about making them come true.  Take action:  put your ideas out in the world, and let yourself receive the next best step.” October’s efforts bear fruit: ask your dreams, ask your colleagues, ask for what you need.

The written message “a lot of little things come together,” suggests previous work and the networks they produced show up as opportunities in October. Every little thing you do towards your goals mattered, and every little thing you do now matters.

Focused Awareness Exercise:

Get a personal goal for October in mind.  Gaze at The Money Tree while ruminating about your goal’s various steps. Do this focusing step first. Mentally ask the money tree to give you a sign about what’s important to do now as the next best step. It could show up as an image in your mind, an internal directive in words, a cryptic scene like a mental movie for you to interpret…this all happens super-quickly.

Then gaze at the pin, expand it so you see the opal heart in the middle and the beads representing fire around it. It’s charged with the healing energy of the idea,  “keep looking up”, to help you see things in a positive way. Let the pin’s energy flow into and energize your own heart center.

Have a wonderful rest of your new moon week, don’t worry about Friday the 13th, and check back here for new moon solar eclipse horoscope

All About Omen Walks

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(This post was inspired by the Air signs’ August 2023 message, which indicates they could have a hard time seeing what’s concrete and getting closure about their plans. If any of you try it, Air signs or no, let me know how it works for you! It can be done anywhere outside…p.s. I’m posting the Full Moon horoscopes and message for August a little later today, and the previous post has psychic horoscopes and August guidance from the stars as well.)

Have you ever paced around your house. wondering what to do? Try taking your questions outside! Go for an Omen Walk.  “Ask, and ye shall receive” is the operating principle in this game with the Universe…

It’s good to be a little restless to begin with, and have something you want to know, or want help with. Then, it’s good to get in the frame of mind where you’re open to following signs from a communicative Universe.

Here’s an example of a naturally occurring omen walk: you’re at the airport, and in an in-between moment in your life, you can either go down the hall to the left, and board a plane back to your boyfriend, or go right to take a family trip that your boyfriend isn’t invited to, a trip he asked you to skip. It feels like a momentous decision.

Suddenly the couple who just entered the left hall to back home, stop. The man puts down the luggage and starts berating the woman – now they’re both talking loudly.

Just then rounding the corner to the right is a mother jogging fast to catch a plane, pushing a giggling baby in a carriage. His arms are waving, and he’s clearly enjoying the wild ride. You go right.

To get ready for your walk, just get in mind that you’re out looking for omens. Of course, to do this you are temporarily seeing your environment as something you are in a relationship with, that can communicate with you, and you with it.

It’s your move first: you set an intention. What do you want to find out about? Get it in your mind, then let the thought go. Now, you’re just going to take a walk somewhere you feel like going, in the direction you feel like going.

You’re now just taking a walk, letting your mind wander, looking at what you’re passing by.

Once you ask the universe to show you something relevant to your direction, you don’t have to keep on asking. You just have to be in a receptive, playful state of mind. You are open to your first impressions and intuition.

Let’s say you’re thinking of taking a calculated risk with a big upgrade to your business. You want to know: is this the right direction to go in now? On your walk you pass the parking lot of a very fancy restaurant with an outdoor patio. All the cars are Mercedes and BMWs and Porsches…glasses are tinkling on the outdoor patio, and you feel uplifted and comfortable in this elegant and wealthy environment. “I can do this!” your good feelings signal, and you say that out loud to yourself.

Let’s say on your walk, your imagination comes up with a whole new tactic about marketing your business…it just enters your head. New ideas count as signs from the universe! Also, there can be a sudden new internal knowing about what you want.

Let’s say you feel stuck, and stagnant in what you’re doing. You have no new ideas about what direction to go in.  On your walk,  you keep on passing people taking out the trash, and garbage trucks picking it up. The first step, says Nature, is to clean things up and clear things out. You might feel a new ability to finally let go of something burdensome.

To sum up the general plan, after you’ve set an intention and set out in your preferred direction,  be on the look-out for the metaphorical, symbolic,  and literal ways the Universe seems to be giving you an answer.

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Drop-In Intuition Workshop in Santa Fe

Drop-In Santa Fe Intuition Workshop

The following description is a likely format for an Intuition Workshop, but the truth about each circle of people is that they attract different kinds of practices: one might enjoy a short past-life exercise with a partner, and another might find a drawing exercise helpful as a way to get insight about manifesting a personal goal.

August 5th and August 12th, 7 pm.  for 3-7 people, $65/person.  Reservations: , 505-982-3294. Text: 505-577-4012.  Usually between an hour and an hour and a half.

We begin in a Sacred Circle, with psychic and healing messages for the group and for each.

Next, preparation: Aura clearing and centering in the present.

Practices: Learn to access intuition at will in 3 different ways. (For a target, please write down and bring two current personal desires, and two personal questions you want a psychic answer to.)

Closing circle, psychic and tarot reading to answer your individual questions.

Workshops supplies included, no experience necessary.

227 E. Palace Avenue, Suite T, Santa Fe NM  87501 505-982-3294 Text: 505-577-4012