Weather Prediction from Jan. 2017 Newsletter Clarified by Harvey and Irma

The other day I finally updated my website’s “Horoscopes for the Year” page, adding the January 2017 newsletter with its various predictions, and once I got over how long it took me to do that, it led to an interesting read of what came through for the year.

One set of messages came from a psychic pictograph that showed a new weather phenomenon: I wrote:

(from the January 2017 newsletter): “NEW WEATHER DISTURBANCE? I’m not sure what this is but it came through in a drawing when I was asking for relevant info about the year. It was a natural phenomenon that involves winds and water, and changes environmental conditions in the future. It felt like something coming back to bite us. I drew a circular pattern of “winds” like trade winds, which create some disturbance in the tides or seas, and this looping-back dynamic affects winds and ultimately impacts people.”

This leads me to think there could be more big ones than even Hurricane Harvey and Irma in the 2017 season, especially since a heavy rain event in October showed up in this week’s psychic pictograph; also, this January “new weather disturbance” prediction describes a dynamic, a pattern in motion, not a single event.

I forget who said that when the rich people start to lose their beachfront properties, only then will something be done to address global warming and climate change, but it looks like it’s getting to that point.