Join World Unity Week June 20-27 -It’s Free and Fascinating

The Light of Connection 2020

I can’t wait for my first experience during  World Unity Week, a brainstorming technique called “Thoughtstorm”.  I wish I’d gotten on the ball sooner – it’s the 3rd day already. There is a ton to explore and connect with in World Unity Week’s online programs.  It’s seven days packed with amazeballs offerings from all over the world, free.

Here’s something interesting to go to, an expansive group consciousness experience, it sounds like: SPECIAL EVENT: Thursday June 25th; Experience Unitive Wholeness, Hosted by Dr. Julie Krull and Shelley Darling, with the Good of the Whole Mentoring Stewards and the Connection Field Team! Time: 4:00-6:00 pm Eastern On the World Unity Week Main Stage.

Saturday the 27th, you can sign up for a Modern Toltec Purification Ceremony! I want to see how they do healing work on Zoom!

Wait, there’s a lot more. People with something to offer can host their own meeting. Everybody you ever heard of in the consciousness and healing and sustainable living fields is involved in this -there are all kinds of fascinating presentations.

So many retrograde planetary energies make it not so easily heard about, so share the links below with your friends! It’s like a new way to play and learn with people all over the world! The available experiences go on and on in this sophisticated, soulful, creative and free learning and sharing atmosphere created by World Unity Week on these different sites:,, (Four Worlds Institute).