Eclipse Season 2023 Revelations for Individuals and the Collective

October 2023 Questions + Chaos

Here’s a little more about this eclipse season, from a LinkedIn article posted today:

We are nearing the full moon lunar eclipse on October 28th, but its news is already spreading. The planets signal that collectives tend to retaliate, not negotiate. A full moon in stubborn Taurus, opposite don’t-back-down Sun in Scorpio means consequences land with a thud in the middle of things, and disrupt them.

For an individual, of course this can be great: an eclipse shows someone what is being let go of – the idea of some version of themselves being eclipsed, some circumstances no longer holding. At the same time, the consequences of the work they have already done – the foundation they’ve built – can present them with new opportunities. New directions can emerge…disrupting things can be good if you’re trying to get somewhere else.

What’s helpful to do during this in-between eclipses time? A personal assessment! What’s fallen away, what’s been accepted, what’s been revealed to you lately? Most importantly, what opportunities are now in sight? May the brightness of your realizations light your way forward…

Back to the doomed collective, feeling the blows from the concrete impacts of opposing natural and manmade forces. In one day, Acapulco was decimated on October 25th by a hurricane of historic force; a community in Maine was laid to waste by a mass shooter; a charming face to a new iteration of fascism gained a strong foothold in the U.S. government – and in this retaliatory atmosphere, Israel began incursions into Gaza with tanks.

in my October newsletter, I wrote about October 25th because I received a lot of disturbing psychic messages for 2023 on that day in 2022.  Here is a newsletter excerpt, but just the more encouraging eclipse horoscopes about your personal journey in October, followed by an explication of the psychic pictograph up top. )

October 2023 Eclipse Season Horoscopes

What do the stars have to say? The Sun and Mercury are conjunct, a good time to communicate with celestial beings! On October 23rd, the Sun enters Scorpio, and for Scorpios, their birthday week includes a full moon lunar eclipse, portending a year of surprising change. Everyone is likely to experience a week when a lot seems to change in their life and world, and fast.

Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Fire signs: You’re transitioning from the tail end of one long chapter of your life, to what’s new: new pleasures, more independence,  and a better idea of what’s going to make you happy now. Celebrate! But not overly because it’s especially easy to go overboard with food and drink.

Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces, Water signs: It looks like you’ve been organizing, tying up loose ends, and in general taking care of business. What’s next? Bigger challenges! In particular, more powerful presentations of your work.

Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, Air signs: Your plans for the future are impressive, and it looks like you can make very big things happen. However, this period calls for patience as there can be delays in getting what you need. Be cautious with your health, too…don’t take chances being around sick people, and don’t let yourself get run down. A lot of change is coming to get into the right position…keep your eye on the prize, and all’s well that ends well!

Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, Earth signs: Decisions you make now may be sudden, but the right choice. With very little evidence, you have an innate sense of what’s in your best interests. These include knowing where you physically and professionally belong.

About the feature picture, “October 2023 Questions + Chaos”  It’s about the helplessness of the individual. Unfortunately, it features someone who has been shot in the head.  Everything that happens raises so many questions and alarm. S–t really goes down. The red square is authority, colored for the planet of male energy, war, police, the army, and aggression: Mars.  Activities associated with Mars are what to expect.”

March 2023 Psychic Horoscopes and Astrological Guidance

(The explication of the March psychic pictograph will be in tomorrow’s post, which features psychic astrology and predictions for March 2023. Meanwhile, enjoy your March horoscopes and the personal guidance below.)

March  moves fast! It’s hard to take in all the changes as we feel we have to keep moving on to the next. Fortunately, the planets give us fortitude, beginning with  Venus conjunct Jupiter in Aries on March 2nd.

Willpower begins to increase, especially willpower to overcome one’s self-made obstacles. However, if a person isn’t aiming high with their life, the expansive energy of Jupiter can also exacerbate egocentric, self-righteous, and indulgent behavior.

Vow to “do good” with the energy you’ve got: realize the power of your smile and flash it often; also, let people off the hook. Let go of them, and keep front and center in your mind what you dream about and desire for yourself.

March Boost: The influence of Venus conjunct Saturn in Aquarius: You can figure out almost any scheme, no matter how many moving parts. The details, the big picture, the ramifications and even timelines can be figured out as plans work their way through our heads.

Fire signs. Aries Leo and Sagittarius:  You can be excited about the future and fearful that you’re not going to get what you want… that someone may not come into the picture, that something desired may not work out; the guidance is to not worry so much! Your fondest dreams have a chance to materialize. You’re in a situation where you may have time to worry about a  circumstance that’s most likely a happy ending.

Water signs,  Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces: You’re quite future oriented this month. March finds you working on plans you’ve got that might take you far away. Your mind is on travel or what’s new and what’s liberating and where you’re going  – it’s a month of transition or planning for it.  The next new natural steps have you feeling a little disconnected from the present, but that’s a passing circumstance.

Air signs,  Gemini Libra and Aquarius:  You have to change something,  no way around it –  and it’s a big change as fate takes its due, potentially sending you on quite a different path that is necessary to take.  Spring 2023 marks a profoundly new chapter for air signs, one that requires a lot of adjustment to what’s new.

Earth signs, Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn:  You’re busy, you’re working; people are getting back in touch with you – projects are moving forward, deadlines have to be met and there are people to  coordinate with… it’s   just a necessarily structured month with  you and your To Do List.





Psychic Astrology and Predictions for March 2-8, 2022

Getting Centered with the Stars and the Cards

I wrote a letter to an online class last Wednesday on the new moon in Pisces – I’d failed to record it, and wanted to at least give the astrology notes to the people who had planned to listen to the recording. I thought to share them below as a post about what to expect in this Wednesday-Tuesday week already underway.    I’d done live horoscopes that I don’t remember (except for the earth signs, Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn: that March 2-8 was a week where they could successfully hunt for work, advancement, money, etc… they should reach out. Also, they could start to pay better attention to their body and maintaining their health.)

Next Wednesday March 9th I’ll do another version of “ Getting Centered with the Stars and the Cards” – it will begin with tarot readings for the astrological signs, and possibly include a Soothing Story. It’s completely free, 15 minutes long, 6:30 pm MST.

March 2 2022 class notes:

Today there’s an unusual sign in the sky, Pluto, Mars, and Venus in Capricorn are conjunct today – what is created on this new moon is created through destroying the established order – Pluto is the God of Destruction as a means to Rebirth.  We cannot stop these powerful forces today as they play out in real life like a Bible story in Ukraine.   But in our own lives, very profound changes that could act like a bombshell in our own status quo circumstances, can begin.  Someone might say “Oh, I need to stop everything and clean up my life,  cut this out, give up that, just stop something, to move forward.”

Also today, March 2nd, there’ s a new moon in Pisces and it’s conjunct the planet of expansion, Jupiter, and the good news is:, your heart and emotions can overflow like you’re cracking open, you can have strong emotional connections to partners,  and to your own life and goals, and to life in general…

And the bad news is: it’s also a sign that overeating or indulging can get out of hand.  It’s also easy to overcommit, bite off more than you can chew, – so in the next couple of weeks, figure out the commitment you’re really making, before saying yes.

Out in the world, Moon in Pisces conjunct Jupiter means a lot of secret, hidden stuff is going on at high levels, and in general, things escalate quickly and scarily on the world stage. But for individuals, Moon conjunct Jupiter can mean creative efforts launched now can leap forward – so try stuff, ask for stuff, get your new life going. While being careful not to overcommit your energy!

And your body has a message, too, amidst the urge to expand: Although the stars say, “get to it, get doin’ it” when it comes to getting new things off the ground, your body says to give it the routines it needs, to move those muscles, do walking meditations – figure your body IN to your daily plans.

This is a consequential  next 7 days when by the end of it,  whether you’re a country or an individual,  a lot is “set up”, policies made, and working parameters defined. Expect lots of discussion and debate involved in moving things forward now.


Elissa’s January 2022 Psychic Newsletter with New Predictions and Classes

psychic predictions and horoscopes for 2022

Dear Friends,

I hope 2022 turns out to be more harmonious than this newsletter’s predictions for it!

Right now I’m at the tail end of a breakthrough Covid infection, no doubt the Omicron variant from the mildness of it. High on my list of how I got it was going to the café I often walk to for coffee in the morning. My heart sunk one day when I saw it was closed because of a Covid outbreak. What I marvel at is that I had a couple of days of symptoms, where I did not let myself immediately understand that I had Covid. I thought my runny nose was allergies! There was the coincidence of the plumbing: an early sign of Spring at my place is the roots from elm trees invade the bathroom pipes and make them gurgle. It is easy to talk yourself into having something else, or nothing to worry about, if your symptoms are minor.

Santa Fe is still the welcoming haven it deserves to be, friendly and beautiful and clean, and judging from the parking lot at Inn of the Alameda last Sunday morning, full of visitors. I took a walk at dusk up Canyon Road, and to my surprise it is a much livelier and happening-looking attraction than it was pre-pandemic. Art galleries have diversified with arty clothes for men and women, along with merchandise that reminds me of museum gift shops in Manhattan. Each gallery building, restaurant and garden is artfully lit up at night, making for a magical evening walk. Quite a few people were out in the twilight, peering into the lit gallery windows and heading for restaurants.

I hope throughout this year,  you all have private plans cooking and places to go to that keep you inspired!  Something that interests me is creating guided imagery meditations to help people get inspired!  One personal goal this year is to produce more inspirational and healing meditations that are short and effective like the Call Yourself Up exercise for inner guidance.

I’m continuing to learn and grow from my clients in private psychic counseling and healing practice. The phenomenon I noted in a May 2020 interview for Primetime Magazine turned out to be a trend unfolding nationally, of so many clients re-evaluating their lives and leaving their jobs and what they’d known, to live how they wanted to live. So far clients seem happier with more freedom and less security!  Many people did hard things they’d been putting off – they “finally got that divorce” or left destructive partnerships.

I’m also continuing to offer interactive classes and learn about teaching online…this February on LearnItLive, I’m doing a 4 part class on intuition and the tarot , and a metaphysics class on how to benefit from this month’s unusual Mars/Venus conjunction. (To get to the classes from this link, type Elissa Heyman in the search bar at the top.)

Warm wishes for a healthy and happy 2022 – be nice to yourself, take lots of breaks, and remember that when faced with new challenges, how amazing our bodies are:  If we decide to tackle whatever truths are revealed and move forward into the unknown, science tells us that our ever-changing physiology makes new parts of our brain light up, turns on new genes, sources new abilities within us, and helps us handle this year’s One Thing After Another!

Happy New Year,




Psychic Counseling and Spiritual Healing, in person and by phone, and now I take every kind of payment imaginable with a new Chase card reader. Booking online coming soon! For an app’t, email, text 505-577-4012, office landline, 505-982-3294.

February 2022 LearnItLive classes: Wednesday Night Tarot, 6 pm MST, 30 minutes on

February 2nd, 8th, 16th, and 23rd: (click here and then enter “Elissa Heyman” in the search bar to see classes)

A Tarot Reading Practice Class for Personal Guidance. This interactive class helps you to develop intuition, learn about yourself, and learn the language between you and the tarot.
The four-week series highlights one of the tarot’s building blocks, the elements, and how the fire, water, air and earth cards make a tarot reading specific. We’ll practice reading with questions such as “What can I expect in the coming week? What’s helpful to know now about a particular area of my life? And whatever questions people bring to work with.
Please bring a 78 card tarot deck for class, preferably the Rider-Waite. No experience necessary, you don’t have to know the details of tarot cards to use them for psychic development and getting messages. Each class is a stand-alone experience, including an introductory lecture; tarot reading, and in-class exercises to practice working with your intuition and the cards.

February 19th, 5:30 MST Free Class

The Magic of February’s Venus Mars Conjunction and How To Benefit From It

There are some unique opportunities in February and March, and an extra-long Venus/Mars conjunction in Capricorn tells us what they are.  Mars/Venus conjunct intensifies and amplifies creative energy – a very good time to collaborate with others – and in Capricorn, it’s easier to be disciplined and focus that high energy on what you want to manifest. We’ll discuss what this time is good for; how the conjunction can impact personal and professional relationships, and we’ll do a guided meditation to charge up our personal goals. Live psychic and tarot readings, bring your questions!

2022 Psychic Insights

2022: A six year, and with all those twos and duets and combos of things suggested by so many twos, it highlights the importance of partnership.  The number 6 symbolizes success and is associated with the healing Sun, and success comes from connecting with others, helping people, and working together in 2022.

Another numerology message about “2” is that people get to the nitty gritty of what they’re really doing and where they are at according to their actions, a very revelatory year about oneself. In relationships, clashes come up to be ironed out and hashed-out. People must deal with the challenging parts of being in a cooperative relationship.

RX for helpless feeling re world with no discernable future: Little wins, my friends, little wins: Organizing your own life; doing something local to improve things around you, and organizing with others to make something better, because that’s always how movements start and people gain hope. If there’s anything to astrology, lower your expectations about what’s going to be done any time soon about the rise of autocracies and corporatocracies, because this is when their investments start to pay off.

The rest of the messages and horoscopes below were posted January 20th on my blog. Re the 2nd psychic pictograph with the big red threatening arrow:  in light of the current threat of war from Russia, it could certainly have been expressing that,  but if so, it doesn’t look like Putin’s mission’s  accomplished through an actual battle,  and the Speaking Stones say Putin’s going to gain power through trickery. not by engaging countries in a world war.

Posted at

2022: It’s as if we come down to earth after two years of surreal change and find ourselves in hand-to-hand combat with Nature and whomever is “on the other side” of us politically. Simmering conflicts that were confined by COVID build in 2022 and can boil over into a lot of senseless violence and dark times. From both man and Nature, there’s a lot of death and bloodshed and eruptions, as if conflict is inevitable.

There’s a U.S. national or maybe worldwide upset in August, and hints of it and clues to it appear in May.
In November, something like a way of life and era feels quite over and done with. It is also a new beginning of a wintry-type time.

There may be a lot of shocks to process this year. Individuals keep themselves strong by what they choose to and choose not to pay attention to – it’s a year to accept and endure the volatility and tension of historic times, while still trying to get your own business done and your own goals accomplished.

Reaping What We Sow:  People get their comeuppance; what’s been avoided is now right in front.  Structures crumble, andpower sources lose their center. Water mains bursting and bridges buckling – Build Back Better doesn’t come quick enough for In-Your-Face 2022. A lot of time is spent cleaning up from man and Nature and dealing with obstructions and delays. Many innovations and new tools are developed and used in these efforts. The karma of growing inequality reveals itself as many fewer places feel safe in the U.S. due to a sharp increase in crime.

2022 Word of the Year: “Ambush”.  Usually I get a word and an explanation, but I just got the one word “ambush”.  It feels like it refers to a global event that hasn’t happened yet, and also describes ongoing actions; for instance, corporations ambush people with high food prices at a time when the U.S. government rescinds the Covid help it gave. It also signifies likely serious cyber-attacks, and Putin’s aggressive war-like plans to ambush other countries. Also, big events that become known for their ambush-like nature; i.e the perfect storm of Covid variants, supply chain issues, a volatile stock market;  democracy being ambushed through restricting votes, women being ambushed through losing reproductive rights… (although there was the psychic flash that women in particular became stronger this year.)

Covid19: This prediction about 2022 appeared in the May 2020 newsletter. It’s about the colossal failure of global leadership to protect people, and the lack of mentioning the virus much suggests it no longer dominates the conversation and our lives:

MAY 2020 NEWSLETTER on COVID19 in 2022: (USA):  “What seems to be here is anger about how things were handled and continue to be handled, where peoples’ rights are usurped by the powers that be; they’re railroaded, – not given aid – the coffers are raided and responsibility is evaded and greed hides behind ideology. But the people don’t seem to have power, and democracy is sold, just like the treatment for the virus might be sold and not given.”

Jupiter in Pisces Reminder: One of the December 2021 newsletter predictions for 2022 is about Jupiter in Pisces, an idealistic and spiritual influence almost all year long. It can help an individual grow into the best version of themselves. It can accelerate growth, but also the rate at which something deteriorates. In extremists, it brings out the crazy, and the danger this year is in radicalized groups growing stronger, coming together, organizing, and targeting something.

Personal Guidance in 2022

Creativity in 2022:  There are so many good new ideas and new ways of doing things.  There are brand new foods, brand new gadgets, and brand new industries start up. Individuals enjoy strong creative development in fields they’re enthusiastic about…there’s that saying, “Be bold and mighty forces will come to your aid” – super true in ’22! Be bold, be true to your heart, and let magnetism and the laws of manifestation do their magic.

Personal Change in 2022:  For many, especially the air signs Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius, this is one of the most profound years of change that has come along in decades. It’s a heroic-type year, when many leave behind the familiar and begin the grand journey of getting into the right place for themselves now. Women in particular feel their strength building.

Relationships: If people need to be alone or do something alone, they are better able to handle that this year. If you’re in a toxic relationship that hasn’t changed no matter what’s been promised, accept that, and the courage to move on will build in your bones.

Personal and Professional Timing in 2022: People more accept and account for the fact that they need to give themselves time to process life experiences.  For individuals, don’t force yourself to do something before you’re ready, be sure you can manage what you take on. Don’t try to expand your business unless there’s indelible proof it’s the right time. Something learned in 2022 is that people and their societies just can’t recover that fast.

Personal Well-Being: Being well entails cultivating contentment. Lower your expectations, and be real, and enjoy your day rather than get somewhere with yourself faster. Move gently so the air moves gently around you, and your hours are filled with lilts and not jolts. Anxiety goes to frantic levels if you hold on to the need to have everything explained to you: “…volatile times!” sums up the situation, so it’s more to the point to strive to ride the times gracefully, than try to make sense out of them.

2022 Psychic Pictographs Explicated

psychic predictions and horoscopes for 2022

From the bottom right-hand corner to the top left:

Nature’s creatures and air quality are “painted into a corner” by laws and rullings that accommodate big business and the powerful.

2022 itself is cowering in the corner, unexpectedly little and helpless and not what people may have thought the new year would bring, which could be “…united we stand, divided we fall.”

Young adults and teens need more colorful and hopeful pictures painted of their possible future. They need support and attention and new strategies to deal with feeling disconnected.

Many peoples’ hearts open to a much greater degree, allowing for more love, more communication, and more connection. The price of admission to this personal heaven is no longer having one’s heart clenched over anything or anyone, – let it go! – and more and more, wanting to pay attention to the positive.

China’s financial future is very bright, and they continue to push into new lands. (an odd prediction about China also came up, that the Chinese may develop a way to communicate with aliens.)

The fog of the pandemic is lifting. Pollution is still being produced and impacting the health of all.

It seemed like 2022 needed another picture, and this big red arrow showed up:

It looks like a threat, like the chickens come home to roost, and an impactful and surprise event happens that shows people where and why they’re vulnerable. Also, water is scarce and disappears in a few different places.  2022 is in the corner again, overwhelmed.

Your Psychic Horoscope for 2022 

Helpful spiritual and practical insights for the fire, water, air and earth signs, plus individual horoscopes that highlight what’s important in the coming year…read your Sun, Moon, and Rising signs.

For all: Beginning January 14th for the next three weeks, it’s Mercury retrograde, the first of four speedbumps in 2022! Its key phrase is “Fix It”: revise it, repair it, re-organize it… it’s a time to get things right, and especially to fix energy leaks, money leaks, and whatever is costing too much in some way. Did your good habits go south since the holidays? Time to re-establish them.

Aries, Leo, Sagittarius: Fire signs: The stand out situation: you need help to reach your career and financial goals. The good news is that it’s likely you figure what you need, and who, in 2022! You’ll see what place, organization, professional, or company can benefit you.

Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces, Water signs: You will understand whatever it is that must leave your life, and the sacrifices you must make to be successful. You let go of hot-air ideas and conflict like releasing a gas… you release pressure, you relax, and you radiate. Trim responsibilities for a happier year, and do things your way, not anybody else’s. New self-knowledge creates an inner glow.

Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, Air signs: Long term plans are in place, and now certain people come into your life to help you empower yourself. The second half of the year, it becomes obvious what you can do. It looks like long-planned moves can happen… be patient and be at peace: luck is with you!

Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, Earth signs: As the saying goes, “Wherever you go, there you are!” It’s a year of reckoning and self-revelations, and your life is better for it. It could take you all year to manifest where you want to go, and where you need to be, and how to get what you want… so be patient: solutions are coming — it just takes longer than you first expect.

The Twelve Astrological Signs’ 2022 Journey

Aries: You’re more out in the world now, free of a lot, and relatively unafraid. Reach for the stars when you’ve got the energy! Social life is important and enjoyable and time well-spent. It’s also a year of astute observations, and you can see how to remove any thorns in your side, permanently.

Taurus: A strong commitment to your own self sets you free this year. You are facing more responsibility and taking it on — you’re trying harder and doing better! With strong determination to bring out the best in yourself, you are in a better, freer, yet more stable position by the end of the year.

Gemini: You are here but you want to be there. Run for it, go for it, and don’t debate. Dissatisfaction is hard to tolerate, and it’s meant to get you to move, to seek, and get on the straight and narrow path to your chosen destination.

Cancer: Protect yourself, be strong,  and stand your ground once you reach a safe place. There are journeys ahead in which you can cast yourself as the hero of your own movie: the one who releases what they need to, so they can move forward with what they want. Consistent strength is such a winning strategy in 2022. Know you can steer your own boat onto fertile shores.

Leo: Go step by step, don’t be daunted by the scope of your endeavors, or how far the climb might be sometimes. To get to the top, rock gently on this year – don’t rush. First, focus on creating a more balanced life and building a strong foundation. For relationship success, Cupid says, “Be Nice!”  Improve your communication skills to attract grace, don’t raise your hackles, don’t sweat the small stuff, and have an open heart.

Virgo: You are more forthcoming and pro-active about getting into the best position for yourself in 2022 . It’s time to branch out and have new experiences in life, and do new things with both familiar friends and new faces. This year’s surprise can be your social connections if you let the new ones in, and they help set you free.

Libra: Look for something better and different in 2022; it needs to suit you more exactly. You want to be full of wonder again! Give yourself until next December to reap the benefits of improved self-care and choices. Avoid being the kind of empathic person who bleeds for others and gives too much of their energy away . You need it for the many shifts towards success that happen this year.

Scorpio: You’ll be faced with new choices, new directions, and new obstacles and challenges, but with better outcomes this year, and this will emerge more clearly in April. Be patient with yourself… you have a lot of steam to blow off from last year! Friends can introduce you to partners, so accept invitations to socialize. You feel more vital and alive and willing to be positive, and can stay that way by tackling what each day presents and staying physically active.

Sagittarius: You may have felt you missed out last year, but you are the first sign in the new year to benefit from its planetary forces and the opportunities they bring. In 2022 you can trust the world more, and your luck is much better. Be aware of the strings attached to any gifts, though. The sun shines on you in September — aim for your highest goals!

Capricorn: It’s a karmic year with much resolution about past events and relationships, and at the end you are wiser, lighter, and freer. The 2nd half of the year will be an easier time to have the level of self-discipline you’ll feel you need to achieve your goals. Lay the groundwork first by getting organized and clear about what you’ve got and what you need. The 2nd half of the year is also better for risk-taking and investing. CAPRICORN BIRTHDAY MESSAGE: It can feel like you’re trying to get back home in the sense of being true to yourself, even though home is actually a new place that you haven’t arrived at yet – your instincts lead you right.

Aquarius: It’s time to learn new things, new languages, and to become aware of rules to live by that serve you this year. It feels sometimes that everything surrounding you must change. Remember: it’s a “cinch by the inch and hard by the yard!” 2022 starts out with Mercury retrograde in your sign, and that can help you get rightly aligned and aware of what’s truly important to your well-being. Count your accomplishments at the end of the day to feed your inner glow! You might be called on to help an old friend.

Pisces: You’re out front like never before! Expect more public recognition. 2022 can be very enjoyable! Spend the minimum on self-judgment — accept your mistakes and get back to what you want to create. The world needs your shiny presence, and only cares about what you can give, not what you went through to give it.