No Fooling: Forrest Fenn’s mind-blowing story of the old Southwest

It is purely coincidental that I’m posting this jaw-dropping tale on April 1st: although it’s a case to truth being stranger than fiction, it is still the strange and beautiful truth.
I don’t want to spoil it, so here’s the link straightaway to the blog of one of the best storytellers around of actual events. The truth is, Forrest Fenn happens to run into some unbelievable scenes.

If you like this story, you will love “Thrill of the Chase”, Forrest’s autobiographical adventure stories–and if you are clever, it could be worth is to you to read: you’ll find the clues to an actual buried treasure sprinkled throughout the book.

Forrest Fenn’s Southwest picture books have been entertaining my clients for quite awhile. People can look at the art in my living room while they wait for their appointment, or get lost in nostalgia for the beautiful America captured in Fenn’s large photograph book, “Teepee Smoke”. Both books are available at Collected Works on Galisteo and Water in downtown Santa Fe.

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Forrest Fenn’s new book reveals buried treasure in Northern New Mexico

Art collector and author Forest Fenn, a legendary Santa Fean who has led a life of adventure, will be signing a book of his memoirs at Collected Works, Monday October 25th at 6 pm. There’s more reason to attend than just to hear a fascinating character speak about his life, and old Santa Fe. The author might give off more clues about a “100 per cent true story” in “The Thrill of the Chase: A Memoir: Buried somewhere by Fenn himself in Northern New Mexico, is a bronze chest filled with “gold, jewels, and other treasures,” and it’s meant for the person who can follow the clues in the stories, and figure it out. What a fabulous way to ride out the recession!