November 22nd Psychic Diary

Sunday’s Psychic Serendipities: I had a flash today of the future, and what I felt coming in the U.S. was a huge wave of reconnection in the hearts of people about what it means to “be an American”, as the battle for the identity of America continues. The only, final solution that worked was giving to the poor. Systems needed to be created that were inclusive. Only policies enacted that made life more equitable and less miserable, and that made an immediate difference, would bring peace, economic relief, and gain.

As soon as I wrote this down, it was time to get ready for a client. They turned out to be someone deeply involved in Covid19 research and vaccine distribution, and were debating what institutions to partner with, the criterion for them being: which one has departments that serve the poor and underserved? Who already understands the importance of that ? It was their observation too that this is what needs to be done.

New Festival April 20th 2017 in Las Cruces New Mexico

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New Mexico is forever the Land of Enchantment, and its aura of mystery and spirituality still draws people here. The skies are beautiful and the air smells great…that’s getting to be rare! It’s also calculated to be the worst run state in the country, according to a USA report. Concerned citizens and lovers of New Mexico are in various ways taking things into their own hands, and one of the most fun-sounding ventures is happening in the southern half of the state, a brand new festival to celebrate new sources and new ideas called “The NM Education, Art & Music Festival.”

Las Cruces is home to the two day nm420fest beginnng April 20th at 4:20 pm. The line-up of educators, activists, politicians, musicians, artists and healers is yet to be announced, but I know I’ll be at the festival Thursday, April 20th at 6 pm, giving an intuition mini-workshop and psychic message circle.

On Friday, April 21st, I’m available for in-person psychic counseling and spiritual healing sessions in Las Cruces. To book a private session on Friday April 21st, please get in touch at 505-982-3294. Cell phone/text at 505-577-4012.

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