Revisiting September’s Pictograph, and Am I Witness to Cyber-attacks on Georgia?

The very thing I feared the American people could not overcome – the corruption, gerrymandering, election interference, etc. – they seem to have overcome very handily, thank you very much. As of now, the United States appears on track to become a democracy once again, unless something even more jaw-dropping happens here. Re future predictions, I’ll resume them when I learn whether the May 2020 messages about Covid19 in 2020 and 2022 are accurate to what actually happens then, or if they are only a projection of the direction we were going in May 2020.

The one idea left out of that 2022 message in the May 2020 newsletter was that the coronavirus seemed “over” instead of spread “o’er the land” as it was described in the 2020 message. In 2022, people were more aware of disrupted lives and economic damage.

Before moving on, I feel like taking another pass at my own inscrutable psychic pictograph for September 2020, with its 3rd panel about what happens after the election. The interpretation of the first two panels are correct so far, about how nobody is helped by a new stimulus package, and how something jaw-dropping happens re the election. But I never knew what the third panel meant, with a spindly 2020 spelled out in Trump’s trademark orange, against a black background.

September 2020 Jawdropping

I wrote: “September 2020 USA Pictograph: (“Jaw-Dropping). At first a lot of talk but no action, a lot of grey area, as in nebulous and not committed, and hard to see or say what’s really happening. This is when election interference and propaganda campaigns ramp up – and what is jaw-dropping is that people are not helped. With all the natural disasters and economic catastrophes, the lack of government help and what people are accepting or rather having to accept, is jaw-dropping. Also jaw-dropping is whatever happens with this election.”

Given the Biden win and the continuing chaos, I understand the last panel to be about the end of Trump. It’s a narrow panel but he’s still in power in 2020, still destroying, creating uncertainty, and still not moving us out of the way of Death. Perhaps he’s replaced by Pence because he appears to no longer be in the flesh – as if only his White House is in power.

Re cyber-attacks and ongoing election issues, I’ve been having a personal experience with my email that I find jaw-dropping. It leads me to believe Democrats in Georgia are being cyber-attacked. (Unless it’s my ignorance about how email works and somehow I’m the one who generated this phenomenon!) Today, November 17th, if I try to click on any email link from Jon Ossoff’s campaign, the page turns into one of those red “you’re on a dangerous site” pages; it instructs you to get off immediately. In a separate incident, a reliable source I know tried to join a Zoom class to help Democrats in Georgia, but the entry process appeared to corrupted; it didn’t allow them to join the training. It looks like Democrats in Georgia are the victims of online sabotage!

Constituents’ Power and How To Wield it This Week

It worked in Montana: “Constituents” yelling to their elected officials and at the illegitimate Trump appointee postmaster, getting in the postmaster general’s illegitimate face – and in Montana he stopped trucks from hauling away peoples’ mailboxes before the election.

Around the country recently, mail sorting machines have been removed and destroyed and thrown into dumpsters. Last night on Rachel Maddow, co-founder of Ezra Levin had a great suggestion for how to stop this from happening, and how to save the U.S. Post Office, and thereby, the chance for a fair election. He explained that Democrats have power in this situation, and they should use it, and what would make them use it is if every one of us did this:

What any constituent can do specifically is to take the time to contact the Republican, Independent, Democratic representatives and senators in your state – call/email/write ALL of them, requesting they come back EARLY FROM THEIR VACATION for emergency hearings to save the election and the USPS – to demand the reversal of all these actions and new rules that cripple mail delivery, and give the USPS their Covid19 relief money. The Democrats have the power to hold these illegitimate post office officials accountable, and the time to use it is right this minute! Ask Google for the names and contacts of the elected officials in your state, they should display and it takes less than a minute to do each one.

Time to Get Into the Streets of the Internet with your Pots and Pans
Time to Get Into the Streets of the Internet with your Pots and Pans