Divination and Tarot Reading

People all over the globe for centuries have been interested in two inter-related  things: what’s the best way to live in this world, and what’s going to happen in the future?

Throughout history,  cultures have turned to divination for answers. What’s in their best interest to do?  What are the consequences of their actions?

People have invented complex systems to divine what’s best and when: The Mayan Calendar, the I Ching, the Tarot, astrology, and many more.

Divination systems have symbols associated with phenomena in nature. The diviner learns the associations, and can tell what’s going to happen by the pattern the symbols make.

Tarot cards powerfully stimulate the intuition. Each one is also keyed to different phenomena in nature: elements, planets, colors, etc. If the diviner knows the correspondences, the cards, laid out in a pattern that makes relational sense to the reader, act like an ignition key that turns on their intuitive intelligence.  Working together, the intuition and the imagination can make the jump from staring at pieces of paper to reading a detailed map.

No matter what the method of divination, if you want to read for other people or divine about world events, first raise your own vibration. Soothe your own self with the wisdom and truth you can receive when you ask. That is a good starting place from which to read for other people.

The Tarot History I Learned from my Metaphysical Teacher

I learned from medium and metaphysician Eric Teissedre that the original tarot was used in ancient temples as a tool to know Divine Will. The priests didn’t ask the early tarot specific questions like a client might ask. ( i.e., “What about getting a Master’s degree?” They asked the gods to speak to them through the cards, and give the message they needed to hear. However old the tarot cards are and wherever they came from, they are to this day, an instant way to receive divine wisdom.

As a divination system, tarot cards are magical, practical, and anybody can use them. They can look into the past, see the very big picture; warn, state the truth of a situation, bring divine insight, and see the consequences of an action a person is thinking of taking.  One of its most intriguing mysteries I witness daily, is that people with no experience can accurately tell a story about themselves through the cards. The tarot brings can bring out most peoples’ inner knowing.

In October 2010 I spent a week researching tarot history at the Widener Library at Harvard. I was curious what scholars thought about the tarot and people who studied it.

The library holds a vast store of metaphysical books in its basement,  three floors down. The tarot histories I found there traced its beginnings to France in the 1400’s, although none were conclusive about its origins and use.

I’m much more inspired by the origin story that Eric taught, in which the cards’ symbols were encoded with ancient wisdom acquired by the Egyptians. Tarot card precursors were like tablets with symbols that were encoded knowledge on them,  used in temples to commune with the gods, and gain wisdom and truth.

There are hundreds if not thousands of different tarot decks. I use the Rider- Waite deck because its colors and symbols relate to planets, elements, and other phenomena in nature, allowing the cards to describe circumstances that occur in nature.

Psychic Astrology for Entrepreneurs – May 17th Opportunity

Show and Tell Pluto

May 2024 Opportunities and Error Reveal Season

Pluto is retrograde from the beginning of May until mid-October, so if there’s something not working about how you do business, you will be shown that.  If something in your life is in a state of weakening disorder, its unsustainability will be revealed.

For instance, the day it went retrograde, it came to my panicky attention that I got the starting time wrong for an intuition workshop for eleven people. Depending on peoples’ schedules, getting the time wrong could cancel the whole gig and ruin everyone’s day. I was very lucky it was not a disaster, and very psychic once I got there!

All the things that had to change about how I do business occurred to me on the way to their vacation rental. Pluto retrograde is good for in-your-face experiences with what’s the matter with you, and what needs to be re-created.

Entrepreneurs have to feel their way along when they make changes to their business and what people have come to expect. I made one business change this year that took a very long time make: a price increase on sessions. Inflation was the main impetus. Finally I asked a client what would work for her. She could understand “inflation” and go for raising the price $10 on each session length, but not 10%, for instance.  That’s fine, because as an entrepreneur with some hard-earned self-knowledge, I will always take the simplest route in business  It’s less risky to go by a client’s reaction than any calculation about how  much I need to keep up with inflation.

Psychic Astrology Tip: There is an auspicious day right around the corner, May 17th, when the planets align are activated in a way that promotes the manifesting of dreams and desires. The moon trines first Venus, then Uranus, the Sun, and Jupiter. A stellar day to dream about creating a positive future! (The following days are good, too, if you miss it.) You might spontaneously make your biggest wishes even bigger!



A New Source of Guidance and Full Moon Horoscopes

Seal Stone

A New Source of Spiritual Guidance

I am pleased to introduce a new way of getting helpful messages from spirit! If the guidance for your fire, water, air, and earth signs does not seem relevant, please let me know in the comments, as this new system like all attempts at communication, is an experiment.

It came about on the full moon in Virgo this past weekend. Mercury is the ruler of Virgo, the messenger from the gods to man, and a fortuitous time for the birth of a divination system.  It’s made of five objects with symbolic significance, including the playful seal stone from the Pacific Northwest, pictured above.

As soon as I did a little ritual outdoors to activate them, they were ready to deliver, and this is what I got for each element as guidance relevant to the full moon cycle, for instance, “What is healing now for the earth signs?” February 24th-March 10th.

(For readers interested in the art of divination, messages came from doing two different things. First, by simply holding them all together while focused on one of the elements, i.e. the Air signs. Then, making a design with them with the intention of getting a message from spirit for the Air signs.)

Messages From The Five 

Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Fire signs:  Let other people help you. This is how you can make good progress. Be kind in dealing with others, but explicit about what you need from them. You’re supposed to consider yourself strong and not so in need, but getting ready to offer. Act more and play more, it helps you be more creative. Money and money-making prospects look solid. Something new is developing and so it can feel like there’s a gap in your life, waiting to be filled. Wait ‘til August!

Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces, Water signs:  You’re unusually intuitive and in tune with your personal journey and how to make personally-important progress. Insight deepens. Dreams could be extra interesting, making it a fruitful time to keep a dream journal.   There’s something being shed now, as if you’re getting ready for an inner revolution. On the outside, life can feel quite “as usual”; it’s fine to lay low… and although nothing is different, everything is fine.

Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, Air signs: In the process of getting the Air messages, I got apprehended by the landowner whose ground I was sitting on,  and reminded I was breaking the law.  Anything that happens in the space of a divination process counts as part of it, and the message for air signs is that they have to deal with the consequences of their actions in some way. The world reacts to them. This absolutely does not mean you will experience something negative (think Gemini Donald Trump!). You could clearly see the positive consequences of your actions. Also, you’ll get important news, you’ll make discoveries …it’s a rather decisive time. However according to two objects left out and because the path is still ambiguous, it’s best to spend this time taking care of your health,  and any money issues if you have them. You might find ways to make more money.  Don’t expect to be rah-rah about life. Feel good about what you can do right now, that is all that’s required for future success.

Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, Earth signs: What to look forward to: knowing the fullness of things, and feeling in general more emotionally fulfilled. What looks important to take care of are all kinds of material world improvements. This is a time to work : to  gain strength and be make yourself healthier and better organized. It’s not a time to initiate new things, it’s not a time to goof off, it’s a time work on your own behalf.