All About Being Creative with Your Life in 2024

Working on the art piece that is your life unfolding day by day, making it better and better …this common wish to make things better for yourself requires an action in 2024: to think in terms of being creative with your life, and imagine some things you want to accomplish for your own self by the end of the year. Consider your desires, and make a list!

If you want to see what your intuition has to say about what you want to accomplish within yourself, you can try this automatic writing exercise. Your imagination and intuition will work together, and all you need to do it is your imagination.

Get pen and paper, and pretend you’re writing one of those yearly newsletters to a real or imaginary close friend.

At the top, date it  December 26, 2024 or a year from whenever you’re writing. If you’re drawn to date the letter eighteen months or two years ahead, that will also work for 2024.

Then write your greeting, and give them an update on what you were working on in the last year.  Tell them whatever comes into your head. Let your imagination fill in the blanks. In your imagination, for instance, if your goal for yourself was to exercise more in 2024, maybe you’d finally found a partner to exercise with, and by the end of the year you were doing it regularly.

Psychic Insights about Creativity in 2024

A way to stay happy in 2024: Have a plan…make a plan for this Capricorn-flavored year. Take on projects, embrace necessary structure,  and imagine the route to what you want to produce this year.

Project Advice re the omen of Mercury retrograde as the year begins: First fix structural issues, then forge ahead.

May 2024 is “go time” for many. There can be a karmic return to a role that is like a rebirth, an incarnation of that role in this life.

Harmonious, Productive 2024: Especially for couples and creative partners.  Committed people are willing to work together and achieve greatness “that takes two”. People can change their fate this year by getting significant help.

Plan to get better at something, more knowledgeable, and more professional…”Mastery” is key to success for Creatives in 2024.

Re creativity in 2024:  It’s fed by adventure and the new adventures and experiences you give yourself. It is an exciting year to feel creatively connected to others,  and meet new challenges that grow your skill set…very good energy for entrepreneurs!

Summer 2022 Psychic Horoscopes

This first pictograph for June 2022 done in the beginning of June or late May,  mysteriously remained impossible to copy, so I made another one for my Spring newsletter. This first one had a message that maybe I didn’t want to relay… even though it shows tremendous artistic and creative activity and all the opportunities June promised to bring to individuals,  it also portends violent events, and a lot of bad news. In the U.S., the Supreme Court has proved this right, as it’s the bringer of sobering restrictions and big steps backwards in the last 10 days.

Creating in Chaotic Summer 2022: if you do not have a clear idea of what you want to create for yourself, what supports creativity and successful action is a very striking level of letting go of things,  removing things, cleaning out things, and destroying structures that are constricting or now feeling heavy to bear.

What’s valuable this summer is the inner expectation to succeed.  It sharpens your eyes to opportunity, and magnetically attracts your next best step.

For Everyone in Summer 2022: Join, join, join! Learn with a group of like-minded people, join your friends, find new friends… there’s a lot of shuffling around of relationships this Summer,  and quite likely for the better. Reach out to new people to find alliances and build support. Where do you belong, where is your support, who do you want to be among, are questions on peoples’ minds this Summer.

Guidance for the Fire signs, Aries, Leo and Sagittarius, for summer 2022:  Expect to be cleaning up,  as well as having to create new systems and order. You might need to deal with loss, or something that requires you to do a lot of stuff, and sometimes you wonder if you’re doing the right thing.  You’re feeling like you should be prudent. There’s lots of “work in progress” to get a bunch of stuff done this Summer. You have to make a sacrifice to get into a good position. (The spirits, say, knowing the success that follows your not-so-glamourous summer:  “…with breaks for fun, of course!” )

Guidance for the Water signs Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces, Summer 2022: There are more plans to travel now, and serious thought about where you belong and what you want. There’s more of an outreach to new places… you’re entertaining quite a few new thoughts about life this summer! You may need to be separated from people dear to you, but communication can still take place – don’t worry about the distance.

Guidance for the Air signs Gemini, Libra and Aquarius Summer 2022:  There are inevitably new developments in your life, and you just have to flow with them. You don’t have to be scheming and planning to have real change take place.  New beginnings, and also new ways of making money, will occur to you. Keep up your health through it all – healthy habits are your very best friend!

Guidance for the Earth signs Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn, Summer 2022:  There is opportunity galore for the earth signs! All kinds of creative and powerful  people and circumstances can come into your life, or you can find backers for something you want to do. You just somehow get into a better position with the structures around you, and what it is that you want to create. The signs are also very good for travel and setting up bold plans for yourself. Last April’s success can be built on this Summer.

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Wednesday Night Tarot Starts February 2nd at 6 pm MST

A Tarot Reading Practice Class for Personal Guidance. This interactive class helps you to develop intuition, learn about yourself, and learn the language between you and the tarot.

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February’s Wednesday night classes feature the tarot,  a useful tool for interpreting the world, understanding the past, and predicting the future! I’ll touch upon the story structure of the tarot and what purpose it serves; the story structure of divination in other systems to compare;  a brief tarot origin story, and the original use of the cards and a higher purpose they still have today.

For the first exercise, we’ll work with the element of water in an association game with the minor arcana, designed to get your imagination and intuition going, and develop familiarity with your own symbolic language. No experience needed!

Please bring a notebook for the intuition exercises.  Wednesday Night Tarot classes are on February 2nd, 9th, 16th, and 23rd.